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...to the reality of Fantasy

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Shane and Dame Nellie Melba
Shane and Dame Nellie Melba

As we said last week we were about to attend a re-union and celebration to remember Betty Pounder, legendary choreographer for J.C. Williamson’s theatre organization. Well we have and it was a good event.

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The brainchild of and organised by Kevin Coxhead, "Sparkle Darlings" the Pounder catch-cry, attracted around 110 people, some travelling from West Australia and Queensland to attend Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne.

"Sparkle Darlings"

Costuming from various musicals were modelled, anecdotal speeches made and there was an AV presentation of “Pounder’s” life before the night got down to some seriously hilarious catching up and reminiscing.

"Sparkle Darlings"

It was wryly amusing to see groups of people taking up poses similar to what they did when young and poignant observing some “come-alive” at the reminiscing and re-living of past experiences.
"Sparkle Darlings"

The banter too; so funny, theatrical, pointedly accurate but well meaning, with many observing that there was in the room the remnants of an era of professional theatre that we’ll probably not see the likes of again… a generation of talents across the board which has been corporatised from existence.

"Sparkle Darlings"

Very few in the room were still working professionally, some were teaching but all I spoke to agreed that regardless of the time spent, the theatre experience was one of the most formative periods in their lives.

"Sparkle Darlings"

What is it that makes that experience so rewarding, and so pervasive?
I think it’s the distillation of a life experience that is being expressed. It is in that expression and distillation a purely classical Grecian sense of order.

Peter Brook legendary English director said once that theatre was pure socialism with a dictator in charge. It was a practise, which in the abnegation of self to a shared and common cause the performer found true freedom. And in that freedom was a reality more potent than the mundane actuality of real existence.
Ahh, Petals, it is no wonder then that if people have this sort of experience you rarely ever find them to be dully conservative in their politics because that way lies the death of creativity, imagination and society.

Wombat Droppings

In a truly Byzantine stumbling meander through history, Chrissy “Bunter” Berg (IPA, Ineffectual) is now blaming Labor’s Chifley and Curtin and a 40’s wartime economy for “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Hockey’s inability to sell his contemporary horror budget of 26 broken promises to anyone at all. He attempted to justify that welfare and social spending is bad idea when the rich few, get less from the many poor…or something.   The typical “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” fruit-loop, surreal-thought-bubbles from his foetid imagination seem only to be looking for a reason to prove his pay cheque is warranted.
They remind me of the Neo-Classical sculptor David d’Angers who, on seeing for the first time in London, the Marbles of the Parthenon asked himself, “…if his career had not been one long misunderstanding, a permanent confusion between the truth he beheld and the life he aspired to attain.”
I hope an art reference doesn’t “throw” these economic and cultural Neanderthals.

The Liarbril/Notional coalition is sounding like a chorus version of Irving Berlin’s “Anything you can do, I can do better,” as they begin to contradict each other over this patched together far right, IPA, free-market, budget insanity for Australia’s social dismemberment.

Prime Miniature “Rabbutt-the-Hun” had need, again to slap down Chwissy “The-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, Pyne “The Whyne” and Joe “Cereal-Killer” for example and reverse their statements that, Chwissy had no ideological problems with chasing after a student debt even if the student was dead and Joe thought it a good thing, too..
Now there’s a duo of front bench catholics with real hearts of gold.
Cold and hard….. and very bad Karma. 
Chwissy has done this so often; the fact that he hasn't been replaced only indicates either the dearth of ability / lack of imagination or both, within the Liarbril party.
Poll results after ten months of their hubristic incompetence show that they are about to implode into a black hole of their own creating as more and more Australians realise just what a mangy rabble these mongrels really are.

The IPA’s history of destroying those they “Help” is well known but some “Aspirationals” just never “get it.”

Others who didn’t get it were all the students at Whitehouse Institute of Design other than the Prime Miniature’s daughter and that of the owner who each received their $60,000.00 tuition fees as scholarships.
On merit. 
Of course.
Really. Truly.
Nothing to do with accreditation, etc?
College President’s a Liarbril donor. So?  Whaddayamean, The Age of Entitlement is over?

As one, Tim Jones tweeted, “We trudge through the dumbest epoch ever and endure the worst PM ever. 
Abbott is just our stupidity made manifest.” 
And Tim wrote that before our taste/intellect challenged Prime Miniature made a mess of his speech about attending the “D”Day commemorations. “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” latest gaffe is a video:  supposedly meant to commemorate the D-Day Landings where he is accompanying six or so surviving veterans to Normandy, “Rabbutt”, still unable to convert from opposition leader mode, railed about the price on Carbon, the mining tax and re-announced being open for business…. sullying the event in the most crass manner possible. At least one wit raised a few laughs commenting,  “I hope in Normandy, he doesn't say, “Stop-the-Boats!”

Oh dear… where are the Adults?

Billy “Poofter-Hunter” Heffernan brings a fake pipe-bomb into the Senate to demonstrate the poor security… like most things he’s done in parliament this stunt also fails to go off amusingly as well.

The Grown-Up’s are in charge?
Clive “Nearly-Our-Biggest-Miner” Palmer of the Pupulist- Partly-Loopy-Party arrived for the first day of parliament in his “Roller,” saying he was saving money not using a taxpayer-funded Com-car.  He didn't mention if he was putting a motion to the Senate that we all get a Roller to save money, as well.
But he had a nice dinner with “Von Ribbentrop” Turnbull (pretend Liarbril / softie) that had Andrew “Blot-on-the-Landscape” Bolt, foaming at the mouth again.
Poor Andrew… foams so often…. should he be humanely, put down?

Comments: recent…re: Von Ribbentrop T,
...wearing a better suit does not make you a better conservative.. it just means your price is higher.
Ahhh, a better dressed, Ineffectual.
....This government is descending into farce... can we have the grown-ups back now?
...whaddaya mean descending? They've never grown up in the first place.

Which is no wonder the overseas press is reporting Australia like this…

or this..

Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear. And this is from those who preached that Gillard, Rudd and Labor were dysfunctional?
Perhaps dear reader, you understand better the attraction to theatre as this reality is too painful to bear.
Cheers, Possums,


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