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With Bokeh on a Tour de Farce

Shane with his luggage labels

G'day Possums,

late again... must be something to do with the times we're in, slipping backward , losing any sense of continuity, watching the future evaporate the mist in one of the photographs I saw recently at an exhibition at Bokeh Gallery, Daylesford.

bokeh gallery 10 Howe St, Daylesford
bokeh gallery 10 Howe St, Daylesford

Into the Mist, Sonja Rolton
Into the Mist, Sonja Rolton

 a relatively new space, is holding its 1st Annual Black and White photography exhibition from June 4 - July 2.  There are some lovely things in this show and it is well worth an extended visit to soak up the real colour of photography, Black and White.
Bokeh Gallery 2 daylesford.
Bell Ladys, Terence Bogue
There are works, well for me at least, that kind of make you skip a breath... in the simplicity of the composition, the subtle textural recordings and the mellifluous tonality that seem to affirm one of Shakespeare's lines from "King John"  "... out of thy grace devise, ordain a gentle order..."   
Bokeh Gallery 5 daylesford.
Detritus #1, Jeff Moorfoot
And in another thought, to fix a childhood anxiety in a dreaming space by both revealing and eliminating it in the act of realising it. 

bokeh gallery Daylesford
Osveldo Civetta,  Stairs
Or to see in what were once the technical limitations of photography, a means by exploiting those limitations, to express the nature of the object and transform it into a slightly surreal place in another time. 
This particular piece reminded me of the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto's "U.A. Walker, new York, 1978.

bokeh gallery Daylesford
Sisters, Tim Burder

.... then there are of course the laws of unintended circumstance  and in this work all I could see was that the sky made the composition like a circus tent for its framing of the pastiche on "The Fontainebleau School's, Gabrielle d'Este and Her Sister."

bokeh gallery Daylesford
The Judgement, Jon Harris
Context means much and these sculpture images were quite disconcerting in their promotion of the Baroque values of the sculptures but also in quietly exposing the poverty of their provenance.
There was also  a video by Harris which extrapolated the devastating results of what may seem inconsequential acts of commission or omission and exposure and non-disclosure.

The sculptures had me thinking of similar things seen in the Louvre  

Sculpture, Louvre
Sculpture, Louvre

Small scale Masterpiece works that made me wonder at the time if there was any Marble left in Carrara or if there was pose, theme, compositional  or material handling device left.

Sculpture, Louvre
Sculpture, Louvre

But Harris' photo's were taken in Bacchus Marsh, not the Louvre. At the Marian Chapels on the Hill facing Anthony's Cutting as you travel West......

Marian Chapel, Bacchus Marsh

.....incongruous, verging on the hyper surreal in this setting, these chapels are sprouting all over the hill, accompanied by homilies by the roadsides exhorting the viewer to take it all very seriously.

sculptures, Bacchus Marsh

The white-washed fibre-glass reproductions tell C19th  holy-card stories of the new testament in the most prosaic fashion....

sculpture Bacchus Marsh

and they're not so much placed in... but litter the landscape....

 ... popping up and appearing on the perimeter of an over sized miniature village for catholic Hobbitts.

sculpture Bacchus Marsh
sculpture Bacchus Marsh

Which might indicate that whilst one may have great faith.... that doesn't necessarily coincide with great taste. 

Which oddly, though appropriately enough, segues to the misfortune of our most catholic Prime Ministerial taste, body language  ...errr, um  erp, and language of any sort really in.....


....becoming the last casualty at Normandy by shooting himself in the foot Prime Miniature, "Rabbutt-the-Hun" has endeared himself to the comedians of Canada but severely wounded his country's credibility again by referring to their country as Canadia. 
As fellow photographer and Canadian blogger John Smith  noted me.... and was highly amused that our PM was even sillier than their PM.
One journal, Le Point, wrote scathingly of Abbott’s offensive D-Day speech, which allocated just 30 seconds to the historic military event. Then – enchaîne directement sur les intérêts économiques – linked this directly to his economic self-interest.

Whilst it's pleasurable to engage in schadenfreude over this sideshow I  think the main event is getting a double dissolution.

"Rabbutt's Rabble" were not elected to turn Australia into a theoretical "free-market" social experiment as their masters, the IPA wish.
IPA's Office Boys
IPA's Office Boys
They lied; not only over their borrowed policies but more importantly about the fact that their real agenda was never spelt out to the nation. 
Few actually voted for what they are doing now, so supply should be blocked so they can have the opportunity, after "Rabbutt’s" return from his Tour de Farce, to explain themselves and their real agenda to the people, in detail.

His Tour de Farce is also being called "An Idiot Abroad"... as his ineptness becomes appallingly more apparent.
More and more people are noticing a change in mood and an unwillingness to listen to the "merde" the Liarbrils are spreading.

Hockey sweatingly bleats on to a mostly doddery audience at the Sydney Institute of Geriatric Concepts that all you poor middle-income workers are putting a month’s hard slog in to pay for the welfare bill which is why he thinks slugging welfare recipients in his only budget is a fair thing. He did forget to mention (early onset dementia?) that tax ‘breaks’ for the wealthy, negative gearing on property and Superannuation concessions, again for the wealthy could more than pay the welfare bill by themselves. It also passed his understanding that in a CIVIL society we look after each other and that he has gone a fair way to explaining just how mean, selfish, and “IPA-feudal” his ideas really are. 
This has gone down like a lead balloon so they are now excusing themselves on an inability to "Sell' their budget! The fact is no-one wants it and no-one trusts them.
Even the economic neanderthals, the "Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe" (IPA) are coming under searching scrutiny at last... 

John Roskam, Head "Coots-With-Queer Ideas-from-a Parallel-Universe" was asked ( Faine 774) which of the privatised public utilities was actually cheaper for users than the Govt. model it replaced. He replied, “Would you rather eat in a Govt. run restaurant or a private one?”
Someone later pointed out that as eating out was a choice; water, gas, electricity etc, are not!
He (Roskam) had no answer and these charlatans need to be exposed more often.

Things is hotting up Petals..

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