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Winking a train wreck

Shane at train wreck
G’day Possums,

Too many years ago when this Wombat was more lithe, svelte, fitter, unwrinkled and agile he was a dancer. I only mention this because tonight I’ll be off to a re-union of a whole lot of people who were taught or directed by Betty “Sparkle Darlings” Pounder and searching through images to post online that I shot during those years has re-ignited many memories.
Memories which are the antitheses of today’s Wombat Droppings: “Winking a Train Wreck”.

Ballet Theatre Australia
BTA rehearsal
Tap with Olive Wallace, ballet with Ted Miller,  contemporary with Betty Pounder and then a couple of shows and tours around Australia performing in the chorus. It was a formative experience.

Ballet Theatre Australia
BTA rehearsal
There is something in the dance and theatrical experience that is whole.

It has a reality in its “play” which nothing else comes close to matching; and a sense and awareness of others that is truly social and rarely replicated in “real-life”.

Ballet Theatre Australia
BTA rehearsal
The spatial sense that is exquisitely dance and its total movement quality, is never challenged by kinetic sculpture, which is mundane by comparison.

Ballet Theatre Australia
Pas de Deux
Ballet Theatre Australia
pas de Deux
Ballet Theatre Australia
pas de Deux
Ballet Theatre Australia
Pas de Deux

To work, it must have an inherent honesty….. which is now why we now view a train wreck in......

.....Wombat Droppings.

Going round the bend recently to visit Geelong, the Prime Miniature (for and of the “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe,” the IPA) “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” train was derailed by Federal Police who, (it was asserted) alerted him to the possibility that they couldn't guarantee his safety from the ire of Geelong students who were now less than sanguine over the probability of having to paying $60,00 –$200,000.00 in fees, in perpetuity, for a degree in Barista-ology. 
So he re-routed himself to Melbourne for a couple of talk-back interviews.

This had three results.

1/ It forestalled Tardis State “Where-All-Goes-Backward,” pretend Premier, Dennis “Inutilus Rusticus” Naptime (attending in Geelong to open a new venture) from causing “Rabbutt-the-Hun” more physical damage than the students were capable of as retribution for wiping at least 5% off the sagging Liarbril vote in the forthcoming Tardis State election because of the horror Federal budget.

2/ It allowed many Tardis State natives to hear clearly and then to see (via you-tube) with utmost clarity the emotional and intellectual abyss “Rabbutt-the-Hun” inhabits.
“One-Term-Tony” as he is frequently now called, fully exhibited for John Faine’s audience on ABC’s “774” a winking sleaze factor wholly incompatible with the office he is said to hold.
Not that this should be news to anyone but it’s another and more salient episode in this boorish politician’s history of less than funny gaffes.

3/ Slipping the points at “774,” he shunted himself off to a rival station, the Liarbril, Reactionary-Aspirational-Bogan minded, 3AW. 
Thinking he had at last finally achieved the right platform at this cross-road was no salvation.  Unloading his baggage here turned out to be a confession too far and it was more like dumping the dirty washing of the wrong client, in the wrong order at the wrong laundry.

Getting your own budget facts confused in detail can sometimes be excused but making it obvious that you cannot explain why the poorest in this land are to be paying for the richest went quite a way in stoking the boilers of dissent. 
 In making obvious to all how un-christian, anti-social, mean-spirited and IPA-market-oriented the rails these Catholics would have us travel,  many in the audience were letting off steam.

Which is possibly why Matthius “Horse-Shite” Coormann thinks that we like frogs as the water warms to boiling, will “get used to it all and accept our fate..”  of being reduced to the status of serfs.

Then, as if it were not possible to get better came the news that Speaker of Parliament Bronwyn “Call-me-Madam, Pompador” Bishop was inviting us all for a knee’s-up in the Taxpayer funded Speakers Dining room. For only $1500.00 a head you can aid the Liarbril cause in banning all other political parties from the lower house.
Please bring your own brown paper bag or if you forget it, see “Arfa-da-Spiv” Sinodinas… just behind the Great Hall’s third pillar on the righ; Password: Sydney Water.

Which was followed by the exciting revelation that Rabbutt-the-Hun’s“ daughter, Frances will not have to pay $60,000.00 in tuition fees at the academy she attended when a director (and Liarbril fundraiser) discovered a long forgotten Scholarship, which like Cinderella’s slipper, was not available to anyone else.
Slipping on the rails were two others choice pieces of traffic:

!/  Yank, Bill Morrow, recently appointed to head up the copper-wired downgraded and  bastardized joke of a NBN  has been named in a legal action as “allegedly putting profits before safety and being subsequently responsible for one of the largest utility disasters in Californian history".

And 2/   Sir Michael Hintze appointed by Joe “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Hockey to oversee the government’s Financial System Inquiry has had to repay the British Gov. $43,000,000.00 in back taxes.

He should get on well wif “Arfa-da-Spiv”!

And perhaps Frances can design the Finance System Logo… I’d start with a design idea of a  Hand-in-a-Pocket.

Cheers Petals,
PS: further good reading...

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