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..watching the wheels fall off.

G’day Petals,Further pleasant serendipity from France but in Wombat Droppings the spectacle of having to watch the wheels fall off.

Shane Wombat wheels
Shane with Wheels

Co-incidence again perhaps but when having a look through some of the French images which still need post processing I discover that I’m looking at stuff whose shooting dates are within a couple of days of the anniversary of when they was taken.

Jailly, Burgundy, france, Countryside
Jailly, Burgundy
It was a day of just meandering about the Nievre district of Burgundy and making little discoveries like the ruins of the Chateau de Passy les-Tours which figures in Jeanne d’Arc’s siege of la Charitie in 1429.....

La Charitie-sur-Loire, France, Loire
La Charitie-sur-Loire

 ...and the former Benedictine Priory of St. Sylvestre’s at Jailly, a small C11th-12th church, unfinished, which according to local romantic folk lore was built by fairies leaving a “empreinte melancholie” and to the cow that saved a church from fire at St. Saulge....

St. Sylvestre’s at Jailly, Bendictine Priory
St. Sylvestre’s at Jailly

Lurcy-le- Bourg, France
Lurcy-le- Bourg

.... and finding the list of Cure’s dating from 1580 at Lurcy-le- Bourg and on to the op shop in Premery

Premery, france

Loire, france

Forest, Jailly, Burgundy, france
Forest, Jailly

All of which sort of makes the Melbournian appellation, “Jeff’s Shed” for the convention centre a trifle prosaic.
And some from a recent performance shoot for BTA.

Pas de Deux, ballet, classical performance

Male, Ballet, dancer, performance

classical, ballet, rehearsal, performance

classical, ballet,  performance

classical, ballet,  performance

classical, ballet, pas de quatre, rehearsal, performance

Wombat Droppings or Low Down Politics in Oz

Prime Miniature “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” muck-raking Royal Commissions are not quite working out as he and his malevolent rabble had planned.
It is difficult not to come to the conclusion they are just monumentally vindictive political exercises and a gross waste of money.
The case of the “investigation” into the Unions particularly, is more likely to bite back at the accusers. The fact that police had been informed of certain activities and have not acted; then comes the statement to the Royal Commission that inducements were offered to “Get Gillard”… and the Royal Commissioner who is investigating events of 20 years ago says that this evidence from 5 years ago is not relevant! Or that the ruling made by the commissioner relating to cross-examination of witnesses bears more resemblance to “ordeal by fire” or “Ducking.” 
All would seem not relevant to what appears an a-priori judgement and a serious diminution of the standing Royal commissions can have.

The Sharks are circling main witness Kathy Jackson.... and "Phone-Card" Reith may be in the water, too... anyone smell blood yet?

The wheels are falling off.

Another bad look was “Slippery” Pete’s accuser James “He Spoke to me, He Spoke to Me” Ashby deciding not to press his case in the High Court as it appeared it was going to open a real can of worms for both Chwissie “The-Whyne-and-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect” Pyne and the other player in this malicious saga, Mal “The Mongrel” Brough. How does an ex DJ get a law firm to waive/absorb its $1,000,000.00 fees? How is he going to pay for Slipper’s costs that are likely to awarded against him?

The wheels are falling off.

Remember the fabled Labor Budget Crisis?  Well Joe “Cereal-Toyota” Killer has made a real Liarbril one in his first and only budget… a real doozie!
The Banking boys are now saying confidence within the community is so bad that it is impacting on the economy. That, if “real” people are fleeing retail and are saving more as they become more aware of the huge shift in costs in health care as Medibank is dismantled and pensions eviscerated with unemployment going up when education is being slashed then the merde is really hitting the fan.

Mrs Wombat opined t’other day that the increase in Uni fees just might be to the detriment of private schools. Parents having to make a choice between an expensive secondary education for their social standing and a very expensive tertiary one for their children’s future, may well choose the latter as giving their children best opportunity.
When this comes to pass it will be wonderful to see how these Liarbril, wrongly self proclaimed, “superb-economic-mangers” will argue away the private school school bleatings about having to fold up and go bankrupt for lack of clients and the remaining State schools are screaming in need of more funds for their sudden intake of “privilege”.
Then, hearing a right-wing financial commentator on radio express similar thoughts, you really do know…

The wheels are falling off.

On Q & A, last week (16th) the final question of the night to Dee Madigan, Author and Advertising person…”Dee Madigan, if you could offer one solution to turn around the un-sellable budget what would it be?" Dee Madigan, "You can't. It's shit!"

The “right’ seem like socially undeveloped children; terrified that someone is taking away their toys by welfare distribution.
Defence Minister, “What’s-‘is-Name” has decided that another way of eliminating Unions is that tenders for new Naval craft will only be offered to Spain and Korea, as our shipbuilding facilities are A/ not big enough and B/ we are not competitive enough. That this will cripple the shipbuilding workforce is of no concern to “Rabbutt-the-Hun” our “Infrastructure” Prime Miniature.

The wheels are falling off.

“Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” daughter Frances Abbott makes a mess of things…..

Channel Liarbril, 19:00: Episode #1243: " Lives of the Entitled." Watch a lovely 24 yo have her daddy rescue her from a foolish decision to " independent." And see the tribunal complaint system subverted and the innocent party unjustly foot the bill!

19:30: "The Doleful Comedy Hour." Two teams of 20 per side battle physical challenges and each other for the prize of a single job.
Watch the losers digging the “Naptime” East–West Folly, in the new series “Green Army Blues.” 10.30.

The wheels are falling off.

Then there was the news that security had been beefed up around the main suspects.... Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and Bishop and a demonstrator threw himself at Bishop's car hitting it with his banner... causing "Rabbutt" to bleat "How Un-Australian.." it all was... conveniently forgetting his own putting his fists through the wall, either side of the head of a woman who had defeated him in a student election....bloody hypocrite!

The wheels are falling off.

Let’s not mention the Middle Eastern mass Diplomatic response to West Bank name changes or paying a sliding scale to have refugees go back to their strife-ridden countries or “Tardis” State (Where-All-Goes-Backward) Pretend Premier Dennis “Dodo” (Genus: Inutilus Rusticus) Naptime giving the Chinese $25,000,000.00 for processing Brown Coal and limiting Solar and Wind energy!  This, at a time when Germany is 70% renewables in its country’s electricity production!

Hoo-roo Possums,
The wheels are falling off.... and there is trouble ahead. 

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