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Viewing Reactionary Aspirational Bogans or minds that evolution skipped

  G'day Possums, it's been a bit busy of late... and the rant is a week behind....
Shane with ballet books
Shane with ballet books

but there has been some more ballet stuff and a film.....
 hope you enjoy..............

Class group
class group


EL Jete
EL Jete

OG Jete
OG Jete


Jack Class
Jack.... Class

  ... and the film about Jack  .... here's a link...  

Wombat Droppings; Low Down Oz politics.

Coal Seam Gas (Metgasco chief executive) Peter Henderson told the media group that the present system ‘serves us well’… long as people are stupid and keep believing what they read and watch in the “Ugly American’s” press.. like,  we’re running out of gas.. that no, the world price we’re going to get isn’t going to push up local prices and when in 30 years we’ve buggered off with the profits and left your water tables and farmlands a mess, you’ll thank us… or not……we really don’t give a F**K!

Prime Miniature, “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” department-of-Credlin has reportedly became more bizarre by declaring that its own advice on how staff should use Facebook and Twitter is a secret… even though this was after it was widely reported across the country.
The Credlin Department's leaked Social Media Policy attracted controversy because it urges public servants to dob on colleagues who use the internet to criticise politicians or policies, even if they do so anonymously, in their own time, on their own computers and in their own homes.
This advice goes further than guidelines issued by the Public Service Commission and other departments, which do not explicitly tell staff to inform on each other…. as they erroneously believe that we still live in a democracy.
Commissioner of Freedom-of-Speech Bubbles, Timmy “Twat” Wilson (ex Liarbril and fellow traveller with “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe”) said that this was just a robust demonstration of the natural strength of our noble historically bigotted individualism but that we all needed to be on the same page of the Horst Wessel song book.
(Copies still available… $5.00 / Foolscap sheet)

Timmy Wilson
"Timmy Twat", style maker
Artists’ on Government grants will only be able to make “Noice-things,” taste-suitable for Reactionary Aspirational Bogans and the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe”, who are running the show for their unidentified backers….shhhh, democracy at sleep.

The Prime Miniature’s Chief Border Protection Sheriff, Scott “The Drone” Morrison, has Canute-like, been proudly trumpeting “the boats have stopped, the boats have stopped”…, except that it's the Patrol boats!  Seems they've developed serious structural cracks and most are now laid up as not fit to go to sea. His boss “Rabbutt-the-Hun” meanwhile, has been steely-jawed, double-clasp hand-shaking in a bandy legged, duck waddling manner around Asia and signing away Oz’s sovereignty to Korean big business. Not seeing the irony of this, “The Drone” Morrison went shopping for another Orange Life-boat as a get-a-way vehicle for Arfur “The Spiv” Sinodinas who is having trouble remembering why he only worked 2.5 hours for a zillion Sheckels and a share of the take from a well known “bent” pollie and his NSW mafioso.
In response to the IPCC report on Climate Change “Rabbutt-the-Hun” quoted Dorothea Mackellar’s 1907 poem “My Country”:,
“I love a Sunburnt Country …A Land of Sweeping Plains .. a land of Droughts and Flooding rains”…. Even Charlie Chaplin couldnt've written that script for that purpose!

Wonderful news: In the Tardis State, “Where-All-Goes-Backward” (Victoria). Independent Schools have now more than 60% more funding than their State counterparts. This means that for 40% of the school population the “Age of Entitlement” happily, is not over.  Those parents “Making-a-Hip-Pocket-Choice-to-Secure-Social-Standing” should be well pleased that the “…burden is being lifted…” by those less well able to afford the expensive but often dubious benefits of private education.
Federal Non-Environment Minister Greg “Ozone-Hole-Wiki” Hunt has decided not to make a ruling protecting the endangered southern brown Bandicoot because, A/ He’s the local member and, B/ if he upsets the developers who want to concrete the rare grassland habitat of the Bandicoot, he might well become a very endangered species, himself.
There was no comment from the parliamentary secretary for the environment, Simon “Mincer” Birmingham as to whether he would receive pro-rata of the Non-minister’s salary for bravely making an environmentally moronic decision that the Non-minister “Ozone-Hole-Wiki” hasn’t the “balls” to face.

can we really afford them
John Stuart Mill once wrote that not all conservatives are stupid, but most people who are stupid are conservative.
(actually …scientifically proven… believe it or not… but then so is Climate Change.
What Crap! )

As the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) are much more than conservative it must follow that they are much, much more than stupid.
This (or something like it) is a new piece from their philosophic fantasist, Arrant-Alana-Dill:  Work is about dignity. Having a job is about dignity. Payment for work is crass socialism. Any job is better than no job. Payment for work is soooo C19th. Civilization is an aberrant concept in the modern commodity market. Self-respect like education, is only for those who can afford it ….. And he’s really paid to think this stuff up and is still allowed to deliver such tripe on public radio?

Abetz Family

(I don’t write this stuff our governments do… and as much as I’d like to see the other side writing some of this script…. they are MIA),

Cheers Petals,


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