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Seeing Good Nature and Nasty Spirit

G’day Petals,

Shane with Oz authors
Shane with Oz authors on this Anzac Day

Popped into Frogmore Nursery , Trentham recently with Mrs Wombat… garden was said to be a little past its best but what a beautiful place….
Zena's Arrangement
Zena's Arrangement

Sunset Garden
Sunset Garden
Frogmore Trentham, Prarie Garden
Frogmore Trentham, Prairie Garden


Frogmore Nursery, Trentham

Frogmore, Trentham
Frogmore, Trentham
Door, Frogmore-Trentham
It really is a stunning place and has developed extraordinarily and is still growing...(DuH).. like all gardens sensitively wrought Frogmore has that balm that envelops you during your wandering... 

Frogmore Panorama
Frogmore Panorama

Wombat Droppings or Low-Down Oz politics

Once “ ….on the sheep’s back…” Now, just the sheep, in accepting and repeating the media engendered, lowest common denominator visceral hatred of Gillard and Labor and expressing it as deeply as they did, the sheep did not ever understand that these “Liarbril Reactionary Aspirational Bogans” would be as equally vicious to them too.
It says much of the Australian herd’s electoral intelligence and particularly now as they continue to take their “news” from “The Ugly American’s” morally tainted journals and media: much, much more about their values.

Wrapping themselves in flags and celebrating the long dead myths of “mate-ship, a fair-go, tolerance and egalitarianism,” the commodification and boganization of Anzac Day continues apace with the politicisation of the Military. Only proving that when you have to synthesize a concept, its reality had ceased long before its promotion became imperative.

Worth a read would be “The 36 Days” by Hugh Dolan; pricking self-serving myths about Gallipoli and also informing young Australians who might read it not to ask the Turks, “Why did you kill Australians at Anzac Cove?” Who politely answer with, “Because you were invading us at Gallipoli”.
I kid you not; flagged wrapped Australian youth have thought that because it was called, (graciously by the Turks) Anzac Cove, it was Australian soil!

“There is a perverse incentive for people to qualify as disabled rather than unemployed…” intoned Kafka impersonator, Kevin “Sneer” Andrews in another one of his Anti-Social Minister, Catholic interpretations of his alleged saviour’s dictum, “Love one another…” A case of Pot calling Kettle, ”Black-Bum” in an Orwellian Dream-Time.

Non-Immigration minister Scott “The Drone” Morrison has said he was not bribing poor third world countries like Cambodia to take up Australia’s responsibility in offering resettlement places to expand "permanent solutions"  (Final Solutions?) for people seeking asylum. "It's not about whether they are poor, it’s about whether they (meaning, us) can be safe," Mr Droned, Morrised on. "That’s the issue. The refugee convention wasn’t designed as an economic advancement program." And he didn’t add, “We do kill them.”
The Drone wouldn’t go into details of the ongoing investigation into the death of asylum seeker Reza Barati, weeks ago, despite new footage showing the violence had escalated considerably 24 hours before his death. “Doesn’t prove anything, they’re fibbers…”  he thought to say, before Peta “ Bloody-Idiot” Credlin frogmarched him away from the reporter and sedated him by having him watch a re-run of the film “Above us The Waves” on a projector being pedalled by three newly liberated Naval commanders who have lost their boats in Indonesian waters on secret government business.  “The Drone” also dismissed the criticism of the United Nations damning the turn-back policy, saying he's "not surprised and not concerned", but really thinking “…couldn’t give-a-stuffed-Rat’s-A**E…naya, naya, naya…. what a smelly bunch of wogs said about our beautiful sunburnt reactionary aspirational bogan country and its sovereign rights, except of course those business signatories to the TPFTA.”

Not long after, Gauleiter Credlin was then seen slapping Rabbutt-the-Hun about the ears for his Anzac speech’s rather odd reference to the British tourists, Bill and Cath as being family but not as important as they once were… or something. He really should stop Clarke and Dawe writing his stuff.

Missing from Brown-Paper-Bag-Man, “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Hockey's speech recently was the biggest expenditure: superannuation tax concessions that are soon to be $50 Billion p.a. growing at 12% with the benefits going to the wealthy. Pssst.. the Age of Entitlement ain’t over, quite yet
It would seem though that not all are impressed with his fiscal fiddling. A Brit journo gave him a good going over, reducing “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” to display what a shyster he is.
Are they criminal in their negligence of significant action against Climate Change? Stupidly blinkered by their ideological hatred of "Social" reforms or just plain, stupidly criminal? These people deserve no acceptance that they "have any adult authority"; their ignorance only deserves ignorance.

It would seem that as soon as “Blot–on-the-Landscape” and his scrawlings are now mentioned, those in the nation with more than half a brain fall about laughing in derision as to the content, style and motivation including much speculation of what is paid for such risible stuff.
To counter this embarrassment of what purports to be the “intellectual philosophy” for the Reactionary Aspirational Bogan “The Ugly American” has imported another odd agent to assist in spreading the Murdoch toxicity more effectively than the aforesaid “Blot.”
Brendan O’ Neill whose ego seems only matched (so far as I have seen) in size by his upper head, variously describes himself as either a Marxist Libertarian or an atheistic libertarian, not as a pommie-wanker-hipster-who-is-taking-Rupert-for-a-ride-for-his-own-self-promotion, which is how he appeared to me when I saw him performing t’other night on Q and A.
His appearance made me think that like the environmental value of most specie of foreign imports into this rare land such as the Rabbit, Fox, Sparrow, Cane-Toad, Cat, Camel, Water-Buffalo and Indian Myna, his loquacious sophistry will Carp-like, only muddy the waters of debate in what should really be a clear-cut stream.
I have little doubt the ”Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) will welcome him (well, as far as you can welcome a competitor when you exist in an individualist construct) as his modus operandi, like theirs, is not dissimilar in its socially destructive intent.

In the “Tardis State, Where-All-Goes-Backward,” pretend Premier Dennis “Inutilus Rusticus” Naptime and his motley band of incompetents, apparatchiks and self serving dozy aspirationals have hit the hustings making a lot of noise promising to do things and more things and many, many, many more things…. One promise thing, made only 40 years ago...was resurrected but with no final date…. so there really is no need to make a booklet extolling their “VISION for OUR FUTURE …BECAUSE After 3 years running things down, it’s still the other sides fault” ….. or something.
We’ve already got shipping containers for prisoners not schools, concreting parkland and the closing down TAFE colleges, the maintaining of a loss making car race whilst taking funding from science research, though finally waking up that their Corruption Commission is a $70,000,000.00 p.a. waste of money (which is something Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw could have told them for free) and a policy of fiscal insanity on wind farms and a child welfare system in despair and a privatised electricity network that keeps falling over all of which will probably see them re-elected to make things worse… oops sorry, privatised… if that’s at all possible.

Cheers Possums,

PS next week, Music photo’s.

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