Friday, 18 April 2014 a National Crucifixion

Shane not with Grange
Shane not with Grange

G’day Possums,

As this entry is about some odd, nasty and evil people I thought that illustrating it with some medieval French sculpture might be appropriate.

They are from various parts of France  

Angel Keeping score, Lyon
Angel Keeping score, Lyon
In a martyrdom worthy of this Easter season NSW Liarbril Premier, Bazza O’ Farrell crucified himself at the ICAC “show and tell” party in Sydney. In forgetting that A/ he had received a 1959 (his birth year) bottle of Grange Hermitage worth nearly $3,000.00 a few years ago and B/ also forgetting that he had not only sent a “thank you” note for it and then failed to log it on a register of gifts, Bazza has been widely praised for being a honourable man in stepping down as premier. Notwithstanding the fact that if the $3,000.00 had been in cash, it might look like a bribe and that the “gift” came from a less than “cleanskin” lobbyist whose then boss (ex Labor pollie “Shonky” Obeid) ICAC is investigating and who wished the NSW government to favour it in water infrastructure dealings, some people think he has been hard done by. Gerard “Geriatric” Henderson sallied forth to Bazza’s defence claiming that the earth really was flat and that all enquiries, Royal Commissions and other police investigations are only meant for Labor pollies and their socialist fellow travellers and that this one had gone far too far as Bazza had only had a memory lapse and was a good bloke!
After this “defence” it’s hard not to think of the Sydney Institute that “Geriatric” runs as more of a nursing home for the frail minded and deluded than a serious right-wing-think-tank!

Conservative critic, Dijon
Conservative critic, Dijon
In keeping with this mood of forgiveness and doubtless probably fearful for the future, Sarah Henderson fronted ABC’s 7.30 with, “The ICAC investigation into corrupt Labor Power-broker, Eddie Obeid has caught one from the other side….” How about a bit of quid-pro-quo here Sarah, “…one from the other side?” You do mean Liarbril don’t you?  Or is the intimidation emanating from the Liarbril’s becoming too much for ABC staff or are you too just happy singing from the Liarbril song sheet?

The incompetence of “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” operations is becoming more apparent as Australia is “Opened-For-Business-and-Despoliation” and the Great Leader continues publicly, to be an awkward and bumbling National embarrassment.

Brawling Knights, Angouleme
Brawling Knights, Angouleme 

It's like watching a performance of "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" except this black comedy is really happening here and now.

It seems incredible that a person of "Rabbutt-the-Hun's" lack of capacity, Orwellian vision, humanity and seemingly, Kafka-esque intelligence has got to "lead" this country.

Mayhem in Paradise, Vezelay

 From dismantling a world class broadband scheme (keeping “The Ugly American” happy) and turning it into three system piece of rubbish that can only be equated with returning rail in each State to its original and different C19th gauges to dumping thousands of tons of silt on the Barrier Reef to withdrawing Heritage status from old Growth forests in Tasmania so they can be logged; to preferring Coal and Fracking to Wind and Solar. The mindless contempt the Liarbril’s as a whole show toward this nation nearly beggars description whilst their anti-democratic (let’s keep “Blot-on-the-Landscape” happy) and anti-intellectual stances (Pyne “the Whyne-the–Prefect-Prat-of-a-Prefect” as Education minister) is applauded by the Reactionary Aspirational Bogans whose vote they have assiduously courted for the past ten years. 

Corbel, Poitiers

Applauded most loudly is the sheer cruelty of the illegal asylum seeker policy with its politicisation of the military and the increasingly draconian legislation seeping across the country to damp down protest while the tentative dismantling of Medi-Bank goes almost unnoticed and the de-funding of the world class research centre, CSIRO and the public broadcaster ABC is straight from the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-A-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) Handbook of Lunacy for an Uncivil Society or 75 Things that Abbott must do.

Welcome to the national crucifixion, the beginnings of Australia as the White Trash of Asia, a place “Rabbutt-the-Hun” and his IPA rabble have lead us to in just six months.

Cheers Petals,

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