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Down the gurgler…

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Emma, Gypsy
Emma, Gypsy
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So you think you can dance?
So you think you can dance?
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Wombat Droppings

John Roskam Head “Coot-With-Queer-ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) admitted, that he knew of no evidence that privatisation of the State Electricity Commission (unusual, him not knowing everything), was in any way to blame for the health disaster engulfing Morwell from the open-cut fire that has been burning for a month.
Many years ago I put a friend in contact with economic/political journo Kenneth Davidson who was writing pieces on the poor economic results from Private/Public Partnerships and the dubious benefits of Privatisation of State assets.  This friend an ex-electrical fitter with the SEC, had taken a “package” when it was privatised and then returned ten years later to do similar work contracting across the private/foreign owned electricity suppliers had expressed how shocked he was at the poor state of the infrastructure he found after starting back.
Incompatibility of equipment between sub-stations and poor maintenance from where the first American owners had literally stripped out their profits before on-selling the business to the present Asian owners.
Living rurally, the burrow used to have one or two blackouts a year under the SEC now it’s 3-4; the last being a few weeks ago when we were without power for 13 hours, caused by a transformer fire on a major highway. The most memorable “outage’ was one Summer 5 years ago when our power was fluctuating wildly. We rang our local electrician who had just re-wired the kitchen, and he asked us to go outside and check the pole that serviced our property. We did and observed its transformer crackling and sending showers of sparks down to the dry stubble below. That day would become known as “Black Saturday,” we rang the electricity supplier and told them of the fluctuation and they said it would be four or five days before they could get to us, we then told them about the sparks and the crackling and they arrived in 25 minutes. They also intimated that we should be discreet about mentioning this episode.
Privatisation is for private profit not public service. The Morwell fires have been worse than they should have been because the site has not been re-habilitated as it should have been and its fire suppression infrastructure has been stripped out.
It is interesting to note that it will be the taxpayer, the public who will probably “foot-the-bill” for this fiasco not the privatised owner.

From John Roskam’s Bio: “Working for Don Hayward [the Victorian Education Minister 1992-96] and David Kemp [the Federal Education Minister 1996-01]. You can’t shut several hundred schools [in Victoria] and reduce teacher numbers by 10 per cent without sophisticated leadership and deep, intellectual commitment to policy.” 

“Sophisticated leadership”? “Intellectual commitment”? In order to cripple State education ? To replace language teachers with satelite dishes and T.Vs, then cramming 100 primary students into a single class? Sophisticated, my arse!  If that farce of an exercise (which lasted barely three months) was intellectually sound, Roskam really should seek clinical help. Then his fellow “Queer-coot”, James Paterson pops up with the hysterical notion that Western Capitalism is better at protecting the environment than a “Command” economy! Psst, James heard of Bhophal? Heard of  Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Exxon Valdez, Libby Montana, Gulf of Mexico, and of course you’ve heard of Agent Orange?
Welcome to the parallel universe of the Tobacco, Murdoch and Rinehart mining sponsored IPA.

5000 Qantas workers are to lose their jobs as the airline spirals to earth and four of its board, over four years, waltz away with $54,000,000.00 in re-numeration.

Joe “Cereal/SPC/Holden Killer” Hockey and “Rabbott-the-Hun” are telling us “the Age of Entitlement is over….”
Abbott claimed expenses entitlements for six months in 2013 of $474,707.15. 
Remember Tony Abbott rejected a cash injection at SPC citing workers entitlements are excessive (at just $116,427 in 2013)....
One of the curious benefits of Abbott’s and Co’s ranting about wages and entitlements is to highlight the 150% over common wages executives get…………. not really something they want to have too much made of…except of course Gina “Our Biggest-Miner” Rinehart who has beached herself again to spout more drivel about wages and conditions not being close enough to third world levels for there to be a level playing field.
And now a nice little compare and contrast …the first is Liarbril harridan Senator Michaela Cash and Greens Senator ScottLudlum
Michaela Cash to me, epitomises much of the rank nastiness of the Liarbrils whilst you can make your own mind up about the Greens Scott Ludlum

Everything is “… having a conversation…” no it’s not it’s telling you what you’re gunna hear, right!
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