Tuesday, 25 March 2014

to The Ballan Autumn Festival 2014

G’day Possums,
Here we are at the Ballan Autumn festival again.

The theme this year was “The 70’s.”

The event was well attended with around 30 more stalls with all the usual activity and events and performers.

Ballarat City Band
Ballarat City Band
Girls with their Dogs
Girls with their Dogs
Vintage Cars
Vintage Cars
Steam Driven Hay-Baler
Steam Driven Hay-Baler

Fuck off we're full
F.. off we're full... and there were some other inappropriate comment.

Faces and chips....and hair

The Belles Of Hudson's Hotel
The Belles Of Hudson's Hotel

The Pony Tail
The Pony Tail: better Ballan than Queensland for them...

Shane at Lal-Lal Photo Group
Shane at Lal-Lal Photo Group Light tent... a solid show.

The Cyclists
The Cyclists

Federal Minister Catherine King
Federal Minister Catherine King... we were not even-handed ...I didn't photograph the Liarbrils, as I couldn't think of anything polite to say.

The Parade
The Parade ans other events...

D & M Traders
D and M Traders: style, style, and more style...

The Art Show
The Art Show was good, hung well in theme, Chris Canning the judge. 

Wombat Droppings or Low Down Politics in OZ

“Rabbutt-the-Hun” faced the media role-playing “I’m the Caring Leader on the Spot” saying, “There was Hope. Hope, there was hope,” that the Malaysian Airliner might be found and spinning that this statesman-like charade might divert attention from Arfur “The Spiv” Sinodinas’ unfortunate circle of friends, renumerations, donations and work choices. Although, when questioned on climate change “Rabbutt-the-Hun” hasn’t an cogent answer apart from The Eric “Vichy” Abetz inspired, “Travail, Famille, Patrie” of clearing old growth forests on World Heritage sites with underpaid unemployed so you can plant Pine trees.
“Rabbutt” cannot dare admit that if he’s wrong and climatically we all go to hell in a hand-basket, then he’s as criminally liable as is a military officer accused of war crimes committed under his command; as are the so-called “think tanks” who push misinformation and promotion of environmentally damaging technologies and practices.

Are the Liarbrils affordable?

Bernie (I-like-a-Queen) Finn, (Tardis State “Where-All-Goes-Backward” Liarbril) runs off into the same la-la land inhabited by Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw (ex Liarbril) as he opines that Paedophiles and Rapists are using abortion laws to cover their crimes, causing Pretend Premier of Tardis State Dennis “Inutilus Rusticus” Naptime to ponder implementing Finn’s other idea of bringing back the death penalty.

How affordable are the Liarbrils?

Split Enz band members deny any familial or intellectual link to Bernie and re-migrate back to the Land of the Long White cloud.

Can we really afford the Liarbrils?

Liarbril Senator, Arfur “The Spiv” Sinodinas joins “Princess” Fiona of Young in providing clearer evidence of how mentally corrupted our Federal Government is.  In removing legislation that mandated financial advisors had to primarily have the best interests of their client at heart, “The Spiv” joins the Kafkaesque slogan circus of “Climate Change is Crap”, “Job Loss is Liberating”, “The Age of Entitlement is Over”, “Black is White and Up is Down”, “Humanitarianism is Whimpy”, “We’re-Not Liable for Anything and We’ve got the Legislation to Prove it,” “Manufacturing is Pointless”, “Women of Calibre are Welcome” “Fracking is Good” and “Nuclear is Green” and now the new Georgie “Sneer” Brandis classic: “We’re entitled to be Bigots!”
“The Sneer” seems to forget as Attorney General that many of our laws exist to forestall physical retaliation for perceived or real slight and is a more civilized way of dealing with matters. But then, he’s a Liarbril and from the “Far North” so peculiarities in his critical thinking are not really surprising. Like his friends “The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel Universe” (the IPA), less than formed concepts of society and civil behaviour are de rigueur in these life-types.

Joe “Cereal, Toyota, GMH, Killer” Hockey was inclined to disagree and reiterated that “the Age of Entitlement” is over. No-one was listening…again!

Are the Liarbrils affordable?

Cardinal George “Graceless” Pell want public money to help defray payments to victims of church abuse… perhaps he could get it from the hundreds of millions spent on Catholic schools?
Henry 2 of England rolls in his grave….again.

How much longer can we afford the Liarbrils?

Cheers, Petals,

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