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Shane Framed
Shane Framed

G'day Possums,

we've been to another exhibition
at Photonet Gallery in Fairfield: the 4th annual women photographers' exhibition for International Womens' Day which afforded some good looking and conversations and a much needed distraction from the appalling descent into an un-civil society that Oz is spiralling down to. More later in Wombat Droppings.

Three photographers in this show stood out to me; Julie Hough, Judith Crispin and Tania Gioffre.

Julie Hough, Deanna- Firefighter
Julie Hough, Deanna- Firefighter

Julie Hough's three portraits showed  her direct empathy with her subjects without having that "in-your-face" bluntness that some photojournalists seem to aspire to.
There seems to be an absorption of information from both the subject and the viewer that lets the story unfold in a gently informative fashion. 

Judith Crispin, Le Peintre de Lumiere
Judith Crispin, Le Peintre de Lumiere

The look of Judith Crispin's images, taken in Cafe' Bibo in Ballarat are redolent of a European sense of humanity. Photographers like Kertesz, Sander and Cartier-Bresson come readily to mind because of their narrative quality and capacity for observation. It is interesting to note in comparison with Julie hough's work how differently space is utilised even when the subject is treated, as in "Cafe' Bibo" in a planar manner. 

Tanya Gioffre Untitled 4
Tanya Gioffre Untitled 4

The warm tones of Tanya Gioffre's six gently surreal pieces are counterpointed by the sense of isolation of the white clad figure in space. Although I found the figure in "Untitled 3" a tad awkward in placement, in "Untitled 6" it was interesting to feel that the figure was the source of the light and not the window. An intriguing ensemble of images. 

Julie Hough
Julie Hough
Joyce Evans and Deborah Horner
Joyce Evans  and Deborah Horner

The Well Spring at photonet
The Well Spring at Photonet
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall
An interesting show with a variety of styles and approaches, Photonet, 15A Railway Place Fairfield till March 15.

Wombat dropping or Low Down politics in Oz
"Rabbott-the-Hun" feigns horror at "The Drone"Morrison's 3 Badge General being accused of political cover-up whilst ignoring the murder of a young asylum seeker on Manus Island which is run by an ex military type from Sri-Lanka. Tamil refugees on Manus avoid him with good reason.

 JL David: Rape of the Sabines Where's Wally?

Where's Wally?

In greeting Canadian Pollie "Rabbott" said, "It's good to be here, It's good to be here, It's good to be here, It's good to be here...."  It is not known whether this will be set to music for future occasions. 
Pyne "The Lying Whyne" screeched around Parliament that ".... telling the truth in Parliament was extremely important.." He did not say when this revelation had occurred to him or whether he felt it applied to him, too. 
Princess Fiona of Young is still confusing conflict of interest,  misleading Parliament, and promoting unhealthy foodstuffs with being a honest, solid member of the House and caring  representative of the people.
It is also suggested that if Tony Shepherd's directorship of Reardon Capital  isn't a conflict of interest with his role as Audit Commission Chairman then Pigs can fly.
Joe "Cereal/SPC/Toyota Killer" Hockey opined that paying less for Health, Welfare and Education would improve these services and that bailing out Qantas so it can sack all its workforce, sell its aircraft and terminals which will actually make the airline stronger, more efficient and less likely to crash and allow its CEO Alan "Leprachaun" Joyce bigger bonuses.

Tardis State, "Where-All-Goes-Backward", pretend Premier Dennis "Inutilus Rusticus" Naptime was celebrating  giving away taxpayer money to have 300 call centre jobs in Geelong whilst at the same time 30 scientists are to made redundant because funding has been withdrawn.  Liarbril imagination at work again ...who needs Bionic Eyes, Ears, and simpler ways of assembling DNA fragments when you can staff a call centre? 
Advance Australia Fare?
The Bosses of both Box Hill and North Melbourne TAFE's have they now understand that education is justifiably, only for the upper-middle-classes.... no matter how stupid they are; thereby proving Joe "Cereal Killer" Hockey's point that education is improved with a $300,000,000.00 cut.
The first Unionist to be arrested under the new Tardis State "Where-All-Goes-Backward" "Move-on" Laws has been handcuffed and taken away. Police Commissioner Ken "Did-they-Really?"Lay, said, "Did They?" 
Chris Uhlmann now ABC radio presenter, in response to blog, FB and other criticism of his reportage and questioning style of singing only from the Liarbril Party song sheet said, "I don't give a Rat's arse what people think!"  Which is, although not exclusively a Liarbril Party attitude, pretty much the aspirational bogan core of their values.   

Cheers, Petals,

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