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...... Or should that be where?

It’s certainly not fair.

The fabric of this place is tearing, this week a huge sign of the threadbare nature of our Nation was exposed with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the disgraceful behaviour of the four right wing State Premiers attempting to score political points off the backs of all those with disabilities and their carers.
What was exposed was not so much their “born-to-rule” contempt of the most disadvantaged in Australian society but signalling the unedifying, malevolent and destructive hubris that will be exhibited if Tony “the Rabbit” Abbott wins the next Federal election.
So confident are they that the conservatives will win the Federal election that the Premiers threw common-sense to the wind with “Big Bird” Baillieu  (Silvertail Incompetens) literally leading the pack. It is a salient point that Big Bird’s Government has a majority of one (1) in Parliament and it accurately provides insight into his political brains and “smarts”.

Most of them have since backed down; only the public disgust at their unethical behaviour changing their tune. All except Queensland Premier, Campbell “Benito the Clown” Newman, who was heard to utter this gem in relation to the NDIS and the Queensland economy. “I’m saying that if we fail to act in a way we are that Queensland would ultimately be the Spain of the Australian States”.
 He runs a State?

Pentland Hills Near Bacchus Marsh Lawrence Winder
Pentland Hills near Bacchus Marsh Canon 5Dmk 2 w/ 70-200

Here in the Tardis State (Where all goes Backward) the cuts to Technical and Further Education are producing the obvious with campuses closing, staff being made redundant and courses being cut.
The largest manufacturer of Wind Turbines in regional Victoria has just shed 150 jobs as the restrictions on wind generator siting, bites. 

Un-Planning Minister Matthew “developer” Guy looks as though he has put his foot in it again by interfering in a $285,000,000 re-development of the Windsor Hotel.
Halim Group who own Windsor are not happy… think there is “something fishy” going on…. “sniff, sniff….not in the Tardis State, surely?
The bloke wants to be Premier, too.

The ABC is a media outlet you can generally trust to be accurate, fair and unbiased in its reporting.
Except for the Melbourne anchor of TV’s “7.30” current affairs program, Leigh Sales.

I don’t know if she is being mentored by Pru Goward or whether she is still paying her dues to Ch. 9 but her style seems to be increasingly opiniated/bitchy, “Prime Minister, how does the real Julia feel about these constant leadership mutterings?:  a thoroughly obnoxious sequence of  thin questions to retiring (ex-speaker) Harry Jenkins, masquerading as probing journalism (Federal Labor, and a gentleman, too) : and a promo presentation about government evidence presented in “Slippery Pete’s” trial that indicated the opposite of what was actually put forward in the bulletin. 
Is Sales’ a closet member of the I.P.A?   
It’s a form of presentation used by them; intersperse misleading, suggestive or wrong info amongst true stuff which the audience generally doesn’t notice but it chips away, chips away.
Content-wise she’s certainly no Kerry O’Brien and do we really need more of the Alan Jones/ Kyle Sandilands bogan approach to current affairs?

Is there a silver lining? 

Pentland Hills Near Bacchus Marsh Lawrence Winder
Rainbow, Pentland hills, Canon 5D mk2 70-200


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