Sunday, 5 August 2012 the Dance ...again

G'day Petals,

I'm in that awful space of selecting works for a show in mid September at The Bean Barn.

It will co-incide with the Royal South Street ballet competitions and overlap with  a performance photography comp  "Take a Bow", being run in October by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.
Selecting the images is one thing; presenting them appropriately is another.
I would like to extend the "performance " value of the works by making the images more "sculptural": an idea that worked well with some of my French images in the 2011 Foto Biennale.

Giselle movement

Kylie "Flow"

I've still to shoot some new stuff that has this concept specifically in mind and yet to make marquettes to see how the process will develop and how the materials used can be presented and what scale is suited to each work.

Ballet, Swing



I was trying to avoid this topic as the Australian press "wolf-pack" was suitably engaged elsewhere beating up on our Olympic teams' lack of Glitter in London; and with Mr Rabbit seemingly non-existent and almost mercifully silent for once.......
Alas .... there was Q and A on ABC TV... Craig Emmerson (Labor, singer also trade minister), Bob Katter, (Idiosyncratic Rural Conservative, Queensland) George Brandis (Liabril, plagiarist, Queensland), Katie Noonan (Lovely Songstress) and Debbie Kilroy (Activist for the Marginalised, Queensland)...   what came from that event was the distressing lack of Liarbril manners I have talked about in previous posts.

First question from the audience was about The Far Norths', Campbell, "Il Duce" Newman turning his back on performers at a public function within a metre or two from them  to "send them a message" and then his acceptance of a wealthy graziers' comments about Prime Minister, Julia Gillard being "....a useless cow..." or some other hubristic outburst.
Here, Brandis jumped in;  it seems he hates Paul Keating for his parliamentary invective; and thinks  criticism of the Liarbrils' publicly slagging-off at Gillard in this area is unwarranted.
What Brandis obviously misunderstands is wit! And taste!

Next question was, if the said, "Il Duce" Newman's slashing of  funding was a model to be similarly expected from a "Rabbit" regime?  (Didn't I say that recently?)
Now, as a supporter of "foot-in-mouth" Kennett (ex failed CEO of Victoria) who seems to be the advisor to Newman, Brandis understandsthe simplicity of tearing down but not that it takes an intelligent creativity to build things.
Here Katter did what he does best... local, impassioned, parochial but engaging in national issues in a fashion that other "pollies" could well be advised to accept before parroting their media advisors' spin.

Later, I saw "Mr Rabbit" performing for the other-worlders of "The Institute of Public Affairs" (perhaps they could get advice from Scientologists?)  where he was promulgating free-speech by limiting sanctions against press owners who allow and exploit the use of unethical behaviour.
Go figure?
A congruent "take" on this  was Liarbril  pollie potentially headed for Canberra, Malcolm Brough who was castigating Labor for "unleashing it's dirt unit" or some-such, in indicating that he  Brough, was the recipient of allegedly unlawfully obtained documentation in the "Slippery Pete" case: information he allegedly, had asked for!

Pot calling Kettle, "Back-Bum"?
You Bet!
A standard of poor argument with events being twisted to a reality which doesn't exist.

.............cheers Possums,

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