Saturday, 21 July 2012

... finding gems

G’day Possums,
No, I’m NOT touting for the Australian Olympic teams' attempts to wear gold in London.  

It’s just that t’other day I visited a friend of daughter No1, Paul Stewart.


Paul’s a jeweller who makes bespoke objects of great beauty at his “Atelier Paul Stewart” at 32 Queen’s Rd.  Hawthorn.
Atelier, Paul Stewart

Pauls’ work reflects his interest in the delicate sophistication of Ottoman decoration and he showed us some lovely gems particularly the Australian diamonds.

Australian Diamonds

The Sapphire and Diamond ring pictured was an interesting education.
The setting struck me a almost Edwardian in style and I wondered about the “weight’ of the ring band and its square shape until Paul placed it on one of his fingers. Its weight was absorbed by the finger and the squareness of the band became a subtle contrast to the gem arrangement as it changed shape to the gem clasps. Lovely stuff.

This is real hand made work that has the individuals personality at its core.


Christopher (The Whyne) Pyne thinks that class size is not important in educating young people.
All one needs to do, he says, is to attract better, brighter candidates to teaching…..  saying that whilst Big- Bird Baillieu (Silvertail Incompetens) and his fellow Liarbril social incompetents in Victoria, savage spending on public education and actively pursue strategies to reduce teachers wages and legislate to sow discord through the entire public teaching service.
For someone who bolted out of the parliamentary chamber rather than vote, I wonder what Pyne was taught about civil conduct, manners (unfortunately, a re-occuring issue with Liarbril party members) and the responsibility of office by his school, St Ignatius, Adelaide.
Must have had lousy teachers or too big class sizes.

Catholic Diocese of Melbourne shakes its Crozier at “Greens” and says, “Support Labor” in this weekend’s State Election …. That’s a turn-around that would have Bob Santamaria  turning in his grave…(Psst.. it’s alright Bob, no-one except Big-Bird Baillieu trusts the Catholic Church any-more).

A large slice of Greenland’s Glacier Ice (the size of Manhattan Island) has broken away to rendezvous sometime with Clive (the biggest miner) Palmer’s “Titanic2” on its maiden voyage. Clive’s mates reckon climate change is a myth, too.

Mr Abbott (aka Rabbit) has, mercifully, been out of the country for a bit except that he has been bad-mouthing our defence spending/capability to the Americans in a performance more like a dysfunctional family member at another persons party than a would-be-leader or statesman.

Cheers petals,

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