Thursday, 5 July 2012

...reflecting on Sophie M.

…..reflecting on Sophie M

Hello Possums,
Recent events here in the Tardis State (where all goes backwards) led me to remember again our visit to Musee Rodin last May.

Les Invalides behind Contemporary Sculpture, Musee Rodin

Iris, Messanger of the gods... still so modern.

I have already mentioned a delightful experience there in a previous post, “…on a tangent”.
On the day we visited, Musee Rodin was quite crowded with tourists, a couple of groups of school children, a film documentary crew and seemingly littered with bits of Rodin’s work:  maquettes, plaster casts of limbs, bronzes, marble, waxes and some really quite weird work by Rodin’s tragic mistress, Camille Claudel. 

Narrator and Film Crew, Musee` Rodin

The complexity of visual stimulation and the cultural contexts in this place can be seen in the shot of the narrator and film crew. To the left is the early masterpiece, The Age of Bronze its front reflected in the mirror, then La Defense, a work for a competition Rodin didn’t win but later bought by the Dutch Government as a memorial to those who died at the battle of Verdun. Near the narrators hand, a bronze portrait bust of Jean Paul Laurens, (painter and sculptor) behind the narrator a marble bust of a female, possibly English beauty, Miss Eve Fairfax and between the camera-men a bronze portrait of the painter Jules Dalou. And then there is the chandelier, the reflections, parquetry, panelling and Rococco paintings above the doors of this C18th house. We moved outside to wander amongst the works in the garden…. a visual sorbet if you like….

Young Woman in Hat, Terra-Cotta, Garden

…and  found The Burghers of Calais, The Three Shades and the Gates of Hell…and there….

Burghers of Calais

…fell into conversation with a French woman. We were both looking very intently at some “putti-like” figures on the extreme right of the “Gates” and began to discuss their possible meaning, the turmoil of death and the intensity of humanity being expressed in this tumultuous work and perhaps prosaically, why actual ropes were cast into the edges as well….?

Gates of Hell, Musee Rodin
Gates of Hel,l Rodin. Musee` Rodin,Paris

Three Shades, Musee` Rodin

Wandering further into the garden our conversations with this lovely urbane French woman led to what the Wombats’ did and where they came from etc. The French woman told us she had been doing studies into refugee immigration to France. 

Seems the French allocate places for 80,000 a year but double that actually arrive.
(Italy has 2-3 times that number)

She made no comments like “TURNBACKTHEBOATS” but expressed concern at the refugees plight, future and the stretching of the French economy that was happening in providing services to the refugees.

“But”, she said “…..we have to look after these people …it’s our responsibility”.

Wombat Droppings

Fast forward to Q and A t’other night…. Sophie (Pit-Bull) Mirabella honestly expressed her true worth when Simon Sheikh, director of “Get-Up” collapsed on-camera ….she seemed to be the last to be aware of his state sitting next to him...  and then Graeme Morris, Liarbril "strategist "expressed sincere belief that gloabal warming is a myth and possibly in a flat earth, too!

Carbon Pricing has been set in place and to Mr Rabbit’s Henny-Penny surprise, the sky didn’t fall in but Brumby’s Bakery boss sent an email to franchisee's suggesting they “up” their prices anyway and blame the Carbon Price.

Professor Ross Garnautt shakes his head in dis-belief at the “trivialisation of the debate on climate change.”

Shock-Jock from Sydney with a loose grasp on facts and allegedly a penchant for London Toilets, Alan (Bondi) Jones, came to Melbourne to ginger-up the angry masses with his queer views on carbon pricing. 99.96% of Victorians stayed away.

Compensation for price increases is being given to all except those on $90,000 p.a. or more… so there were a flurry of talk-back calls by people on more than 90,000 complaining as to how unfair it all is “After all” said one, “I try to do the right thing and send my kids to Private schools. What compensation do I get”? 
Uhhhh, perhaps a warm inner glow for thinking you doing the Nation a favour?
Aspirational, selfish, blinkered, nasty, perfect Liarbril individualism in action. 

I once had a neighbour who sat in on classes in three schools to see if they came up to his expectations of a good education for his daughter. They were for Grade 1 in State Primary Schools!

Queensland Liarbrils are fighting over spoils that have yet to be delivered.

sendbacktheboats ! sendbacktheboats ! sendbacktheboats ! sendbacktheboats ! sendbacktheboats !

Australia has given the Indonesians 3 or 4  C-130 transport aircraft.
Why? They already have around 520 aircraft and we….380.
To transport materials filched from occupied West Timor and West Papua?
Refugee boats can’t be sorted out by them either .. they only have 31 patrol vessels. We have 14!

This country has lost its way.

In The Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backward)
UnPlanning Minister, Matthew Guy is in court defending his backflip on the re-zoning of land from agricultural to residential for one Liarbril mate because other Liarbrils mates started bitching about it.
How much is this going to cost the Tardis State?
Sniff, sniff… a whiff of corruption here?
He’s also being noted for ignoring his departments’ advice and just signing off with a “ I want this!”

Man bashed by transport security people refuses $120,000 hush money… wants his day in court.
And he had a ticket…

Big Bird Baillieu (Silvertail-Incompetens) is being sneaky about extending tolls on existing roads.
FOI is not within his ken.
Noblesse Oblige is NOT  Democracy Ted

Cardinal George Pell’s comments re: abuse of children by Catholic religious makes Henry 2’s campaign in the C12th for one law for church and state look positively modern and now very, very necessary.

Seeya, petals.

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