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G'day fellow marsupials,

there's a new book on the's the link

Started thinking about work for the new show in September .... ballet images... well let's say ballet based works. Will start shooting in a couple of weeks time once ideas have been clarified.

 ... a friend posted a portrait image she found attractive from the "Head-On" show in Sydney. It was fine except that it was a copy of a Scandinavian photographer's work.
This seems to be happenning more and more...which led me to think about the image above that has been "ripped-off" even to the extent of being used to advertise the thiefs website. It's not that you can't be influenced or practise the technique or adapt the lighting but to present a concept that is literally a plagairised image says a lot about your morality.

 From a fairly recent portrait session with Greta B.

And a couple of images from Paris 

The Winged Victory of Samothrace being a "still-point" amongst the lemmings in the Louvre .... and the delightful St Martin's Canal just awakening for the party... that was a good place....

Politics in The Tardis State 


Tim Smith Q.C. (Judge,Supreme Court) rolls his eyes and seems to shudder when asked in interview about IBAC’s  potential success in limiting corruption. 
Wonders why A/, Baillieu (Silvertail Incompetens) and a Premier of truly Lilliputian stature, didn’t just institute the NSW model and B/, how the Tardis model that will not investigate minor corruption; allows no further investigation of a suspect who says “I didn’t do it!” and shall not be coercive, can possibly work.

Penny Armitage (30 years, Dept of Justice) walks plank to swim with sharks at KPMG. Says she is very sad to go (?) 
Why go? 
Oh, she didn’t say it was to keep her quiet about who told her to ignore advice that Carl William’s life would be in danger in prison.

Sniff, sniff… smell a rodent called Peter (I-know-Nuffin) Ryan?

Sniff, sniff… did the Tardis Govt. pay off the woman mis-Planning Minister, Matthew Guy allegedly dudded over the re-zoning of her land at Phillip Island?

Sniff, sniff is Matthew Guy going to close down the Waubra wind farm?
Will he accede to the side issue demands from those who think that there is "...potential ill health..(effects) from windfarms and use their complaints " make the VC82 Amendment retrospective.." ?
And if so, how much will it cost the State for this creative vandalism? And is all electrical power in The Tardis State to come from Brown Coal?

Sniff, sniff… did the Attorney General of Tardis State, Robert Clarke interfere with the integrity and independence of the Equal Opportunity Commission by refusing the boards choice of chairman? He says not! The three board members (from four) who resigned in protest say he did!

And Big Bird Ted (Silvertail Incompetens) reckons teachers should be paid according to results?
Perhaps implementation from Premier level down might be a good way to see if it works.

In other likely but un-healthy realities, BIG Gina, the Miner-with-the-Most, stamps her foot in a hissie-fit with the Fairfax board…. says she’ll take her toys home if they don’t play by her rules.
Clive (Titanic2) Palmer gives a ROFL performance as a “stand-up” playing a democrat and upsets Mr Rabbit in the process.
The Slippery Pete “Affaire” is to be officially re-named “Godwin Grech2 The Sequel”.
Script by Pyne the Whyne (in lieu of policy development), ‘ghosted’ by “The Australian’s” journo’s, acted by staffers and asst. directed by Mal Brough. This reality/melodrama makes “Desperate Housewives” look Shakespearean in comparison and content.

Gillard and Rabbit are bickering over how best to treat people who are dying to come to Australia.

Indonesians give twenty years jail to Bali bomber assistant… Geez, Schapelle... wadderya reckon?

Cheers Petals,

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