Saturday, 9 June 2018

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up…

Shane in King Valley

G’day Possums,

Mrs Wombat and I took a little sojourn to the King Valley so the pics are from there but the dog is for a sculpture so they have nought to do with the content.

Wow, what a fortnight…. the circus is in town!
In topping off his exposition as how his grand project of creating concentration camps for genuine refugees was really a good thing, (as only those who understood knew), the cadaver looking for a corpse, Senator ”Fallujah” Molan positively revelled in his shallow justification of bureaucratic cruelty dressed up as strength on QandA last week.
Around the same time one of the ex Major General’s “finest”, ex SAS captain and now Ruling Rabble member, Handy-Andy Hastie was dumping on his leader Truffles Turdball by telling all and sundry that Chinese born businessman Chau Chak Wing was a threat to our Never-Never Ozland of Pretend Democracy. Handy-Andy, who was investigated and exonerated (cough, cough) for allegedly allowing his troops to sever hands of Afghan dead as trophies (he never inhaled) and who thumbed his nose at the military hierarchy by utilising his uniform in his political advertising may well be suffering a sort of pay-back. It seems a secret report into SAS brutality has been leaked and there are calls for investigations to be widened and also for the findings to be made public. Given Handy-Andy’s exhibited propensity for arrogance this enquiry may have interesting ramifications for his political career.
Feelin' The Serenity, near Moyhu
An implosion of another sort took place too… Noe Notion’s President for Life, The Red Terror, Apoorlin Hamstrung contorted her visage and spat fury at any media she could find after another of her “party” broke ranks and defied her fiats on Ruling Rabble policy. Reprising all the anguish, anger and vileness that historically she is made of The Red Terror presented, perhaps too graphically, a fine illustration of the abject stupidity of some 10-12 % of the electorate. It is interesting to note that Section 44 offender, The Malfunctioning Mal-Addled Roberts famous for his 77 senate votes and marginal grasp of reality has again recently been polluting screens and air-waves with his mindless meanderings and musings almost as if he knew that a dumping was on the cards and that he had “the-sit” for a possible return as scourge of our political life.
Fortunately, a further diminution of the senate’s IQ scale has not, as yet, taken place.
Feelin' The Serenity- King Valley
Demonstrating just why the commercial networks hate the ABC, Chunder Seven put on The Barnyard and Floozie pantomime in a serious attempt at exploiting the “couple’s” newly discovered relevance deprivation syndrome.
At $150,000.00, allegedly for the “grey area” sprog’s education, Barnyard and Floozie individually gave evidence to an inept interviewer as to why our political system in such a parlous state.
Barnyard, with no hint of shame, told that he only went into his section44 bye-election “out of spite” knowing that he would lose his Deputy PM position as soon as his affair was known, and that his fellow Hayseed Party members were “..the absolute scum of the earth.”
For her part, the Floozie showed no interest in the dog’s dinner she was making with this Panto and had nought to say as to how much more talent she brought as media adviser to three ministers, or was paid or whether the affair and its travel were at taxpayer expense….although its existence was perhaps a role model for the insinuation advertised against Barnyard’s potential electoral nemesis, that Tony Windsor was “doing-the-rounds!”
She was certain though, that she was the ‘adult” in the room, contradicting Barnyard when he asserted that he was, thus leaving the viewers with the impression that neither were.
Of course there was no mention of his ministerial disasters: the Murray/Darling, the live sheep trade, and the shifting of the Ag Dept, his fortuitous land purchases , his religious hypocrisy, the expense accounts etc... that could all be left to the ABC to explore... to then be criticised as left-leaning!
It is gratifying to report that the Chunder 7 Panto “bombed.”
Feelin' The Serenity, Bonnie Doon
Then in senate estimates up popped the clown from the south Vichy Abetz who language mangled an attempt to have a DFAT mandarin agree with his assertion that Xtianity is the most persecuted religion on earth. The mandarin treated Vichy with requisite kindness by not pointing out that historically, Vichy’s family “has form” in the religious persecution stakes and that 65% of the population ignoring religion is not a measure of persecution but simply sanity preservation.
It seems that Vichy’s distraction might be either a preemptive “sounding” for the results of the enquiry into religious “freedoms” which will soon be announced or a cover for his colleague The Harpy Cash whom the AFP are taking an interest in but either way, anything this Ruling Rabble indicates an interest in, is doomed!
Feelin' The Serenity, Bonnie Doon2
Playing the Pipe Organ in the back row of this circus were the Neo-Feudalists of The-Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe, aka the IPA. Fronted in one instance by the overly loquacious but vacuous, Simon The Simple Breheny and in the other by Bunter Berg, these intellectually pre-adolescent libertarians babbled along in the background that denying donors to university courses selecting their own paths and lecturers, a denial of free speech and that taxing the rich was akin to the oppression of racism.
They did!
Full, as usual, of straw-man arguments, these contraversialists of limited depth have also been banging the drum louder on the selling off of the one serious news source, the ABC.
How do they fit into a democratic Quisling did in Norway!
Hoo-roo petals,
Feelin' The Serenity, Nillacootie

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