Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Last Gasp of the Cornered Beast!

Shane with Monsters

G'day Possums,

It seems the Rabid Right are becoming more and more strident and aggressive.... losing the argument perhaps? They have finally called for the 5 by-elections... nine weeks off... smack bang on the day of the Labor Party tri-ennial conference. Petty, vindictive, high school politics, unfair….. its all been said and its true; this mongrel lot will do anything to achieve their ends.
Hoping to run Labor dry financially and policy-wise and giving themselves time to fully utilise their links with “Cambridge Analytica” and “i360” to target select marginal electorates, there is also the opportunity, if Labor loses a couple of the seats to then call a general election with more confidence.
But on the other hand this ruling rabble is so incompetent, ham-fisted, and blunderingly stupid it could be nine weeks of shooting themselves in the foot, a minimum nine times, too!
And interestingly it looks as though the IPA’s The Gorgon, "I have returned," Downer is going to get a run for her (or rather daddy’s) money as three independents from other states are going across to campaign with her opposition candidate Sharkie….then there’s the Gorgon’s total vacuousness … how is that ever to fill nine weeks of campaigning?
Music for the Gorgon.

What a litany... and what a shambles...QandA (21/5)...THAT Jane Hume... Oi, such smug cant from a deluded woman...soporifically intoning the usual ruling rabble chapter and verse about merit, democratic process and ability in pre-selecting woman for the rabble or rather, not... and seemingly blissfully unaware of just how shallow their talent pool is…. and then The Altar-Boy, Sheridan set to; reprising the catechism of the 50's whilst ignoring the overwhelming supperuration of catholic hypocrites in the ruling's Theatre of the Absurd written by Kafka.
ruling rabble policy agenda

Oh, dear... then another distraction for the MSM to get their knickers in a knot about rather than concentrating on a policy bereft and incompetent ruling rabble, a rabble whose corruption is overflowing like an overfull septic tank.

After The TURC probed an alleged series of kickbacks from employers to the AWU in exchange for workplace deals that allegedly sold out low-paid workers, allegedly saved employers millions of dollars and allegedly boosted the political power of Mr Melhem and Mr Shorten RC Dyson, Cadaver Heydon had these matters referred it to the police... who dropped any charges.
So the ruling rabble have now, two years after the event, concocted a civil case.
Shades of “Ute-Gate” and AFP raids on union offices….This time it’s Cesar Melum who’s being investigated.  
'Nuff said.

The Archbishop of Adelaide has been convicted of covering up paedophilia within his wolf-pack and eventually stepped aside. But not understanding “the Act of Contrition” refused to resign. He’s waiting to be sentenced but will probably appeal first.

So they want chaplains in schools... they want 150 metre exclusion zones around their churches, they want to be political players?
Then effing-well, pay taxes! 

....all lined up
The Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority is refusing to release information about staff travel relating to Vikki Floozie Campion, the one-time adviser but full-time shag of ex-deputy prime minister Barnyard Joyce, claiming it could “endanger life”.

A Freedom of Information request by The West Australian newspaper sought a breakdown of staff travel for the offices of Senator Matt, Mummy’s-Boy Canavan and Damian Dum-Dum, Drum, where Ms Campion was “employed” after she was shifted ( typo? Shafted?) from Mr Joyce’s office. The I.P.E.A. refused to release any details of staff in those offices.
claiming that the release of the information would have the consequence of “endangering the life or physical safety” of the staff involved, or individuals associated.
The Westie had sought a breakdown of about $165,000 worth of travel by staff in Mummy-Boys office from April to September 2017 and details of the $27,000 of staff travel conducted by staff in Dum-Dum’s office from July to September 2017.
The silence is quite deafening…..and I haven’t yet seen the mob with pitchforks and scythes banging on the new perimeter bulwark against democracy surrounding parliament house so who’s in danger?


"It’s the country’s most sought-after interview, and a likely ratings bonanza: the rights to the exclusive chat with Barnyard Joyce and his current partner Vikki ,Floozie Campion." breathlessly PR’d Channel 7 who is apparently paying this corrupt ex-minister and his floozie some $170,000.00 for them to explain who the father of the child is, why they cheated on their respective spouses and how much they enjoy fleecing the taxpayer.

Hmmm... the Gutter Press rolling in it's own faeces again!!

The Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd has been quizzed on his email communication with IPA executive director John Roskam for the strongly partisan opinions they contain. It has been revealed Petals, that formal complaints have been made against John Lloyd for breaches of the Public Service Code of Conduct although the specifics of the allegations or who made them remain undisclosed. Le Jongleur Roskam has been uncharacteristically quiet on this...
The silence is quite deafening….. again.

As Goya painted: " The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters"
Hoo-roo Petals,

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