Sunday, 17 June 2018

Return to Khaos

Shane listening to ABC while it still exists.

G,day Possums,

The ancient Greeks maintained that before the world was formed there was the void, which they termed, Khaos.
As Australia as a civil society is unravelled by the Ruling Rabble, as it is tainted, soiled, besmirched, bowdlerised and made feeble in the face of the world are we witnessing our return to chaos?

I have included with my rant, quotes from two journalist’s articles and an artist-photographer/poet, which to me encapsulate a similar mood concerning the direction in which this country is heading.

Photo’s are from France to leaven the gloom of this post....

Alleged environment minister Fiction’s Frydenberg, wags his finger at the electricity company's for ripping off their customers, conveniently avoiding the fact that it was his state Ruling Rabble colleagues who were the ones who privatised what the public once owned and that this ongoing and glaring practice of malevolent capitalism is what the Ruling Rabble actually aspire to in their so-called, “free-market”.
He descended further into farce when, with Dan van Holst Pellekaan, (SA energy and Mining minister with training wheels) they claimed that falling electricity prices are the Ruling Rabble’s doing and not the previous Labor government who had invested heavily in renewables.
This nonsense is probably of no help to The Gorgon, Downer in her pallid bid to reclaim the family sinecure of Mayo from the upstart, Sharkie: happily, polls are not looking good for the IPA’s dull one from Victoria.
IPA colleague, Alan Meerkat, Tudge has backpedalled on draconian English tests for citizenship… obviously, Alan, Alan..has been whacked by polls suggesting that “dog-whistling” about immigrants is still poor policy in what’s left of our civil society.

The newly minted plastic Attorney General (and latterly suspect state treasurer of WA) the un- Christian Porter looked uncomfortable in interview when spouting that new security measures are meant to protect us from foreign terrorist elements disrupting or undermining our society and body politic. Obviously, he realised he had just defined the last five years of the Ruling Rabble regime and the continued support offered by The Ugly American, Murdoch and his papers.
Part of his package seeks to allow multi-national and other big business’ a right to instigate defamation action when criticised, for example, polluting a river, poisoning their clientele or other grotesqueries and it offers more belligerent police action should demonstrators take their concerns to the street and block traffic.
Without a hint of irony this paragon of the law said that, “I don’t have a concluded view. I would wait to see the legal research and see the types of options that might be available.”
Now doesn’t that put your minds at rest eh, Petals?
Ruling Rabble, Gang-Bang Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney unanimously votes to sell off the ABC….. to a media type, a collection of staff or whichever Chinese pops up first. …. except for rural and regional broadcasting……….sigh……...!
Why do these mongrels always, always want to return to the beginning of the last century?
Why do these IPA controlled non-entity's fear diversity and balance so much? Is it because they know that diversity is essentially democratic and that their view of the world is untenable?
Well at least, “Vote Liberal: Lose the ABC” can’t be construed as a lie during the next election campaign.

Prime Miniature,Truffles announced that Australian taxpayers were to foot 2/3 of the bill for the Solomon Islands to have a State-of-the-Art internet system. Playing catch-up after this incompetent Ruling Rabble de-funded aid into the Pacific and idly watched while the Chinese happily filled the vacuum, Truffles saw no irony in that the Solomon’s will get a better system than us, earlier, faster and not copper like the atrocious one he’s foisted on his own country.

And now for some voices more eloquent than mine expressing similar thoughts….

The AWU raid may look like student politics, but it has a nastier edge: banana-republic stuff, power wielded without consideration of civil society. It is a small part of the wider decomposition of Australian politics, and of the Western right more generally. The Liberals are, and always have been about the assertion of power. In the postwar era, against the rise of the productive state and working class movements, they championed free-market liberalism as an answer to the growing problems of social democracy. Now, they prefer racis – sorry, “national security”, and vast subsidies for the fossil fuel sector. Whether it’s attacks on unions, or the spruiking of the Ramsey Centre, the kitsch piles up, to the point where the right’s true character is revealed: a party of state order and repression, for whom the openness of markets and social life are a secondary consideration.
These are the people who rule us, and who, in 95% of seats you must choose between if your vote is to count. This is bathysphere politics, the mutual race to a deep bottom.” Guy Rundle: The Saturday Paper, June 9-15 2018.

“…. Alan Jones in a fawning interview with Howard on 2GB…. were both oblivious to the irony of their complaint: that the very process of interrogating our society, its institutions and values, is the essence of the civilisation they purport to defend.
The dogmatic insistence of the Ramsey Centre – that its curriculum should be immune from such interrogation – is evidence of a failure to embody the values it seeks to teach.” Mike Secombe: The Saturady Paper, June 18-22, 2018.

I've got to say that I'm done with priests and prophets. They're all men and they all work in the service of hierarchical and usually patriarchal systems - no better than bankers. And believe me I have met the lot of them - 30 years of spiritual musical chairs. Then it occurred to me that if I removed from my mind everything a male authority had ever told me about how I should see the world - I had no idea how I would see the world. Because there is one thing that priests and prophets do really well and that's convince you to surrender your autonomous eye. I'll never do that again. Maybe religion is dying out now because we've got social media to tell us what to think so we don't need god now. It is so hard to decide to look, really look, with your own invalidated and not very famous eyes.” Judith Nangala Crispin. Poet / Photographer-Artist.

Hoo-roo Possums,


  1. Good one, as usual. Rhetorical question - what the hell is this sequence of words trying to say?
    “I don’t have a concluded view. I would wait to see the legal research and see the types of options that might be available."
    WTF is a 'concluded view' - occluded view is one of the things he suffers from . ... he 'would wait' if ??? ???? This bloke is illiterate! There are normally other requirements for a sequence of words to be considered a sentence besides a capital letter at the beginning, and a full stop at the end. And that doesn't take into account meaning, either apparent or implied. Far canal! And he is allegedly the Attorney-General. Any dodgy neighbourhood solicitor could out-legalese this rubbish, never mind a decent lawyer. What a crock!

  2. Ta K, ....yep aren't they reduced to gobbldeygook more than usual as their fortunes fail?