Friday, 18 May 2018

The Days are getting Dark and it’s Not Just Winter.

Shane in a Dark Place
Shane in a Dark Place
G’day Possums,

Bringing Australia into line with Germany 1933, the Ruling Rabble have announced that police at airports can now demand ID's at any time, from anyone, for any reason. When asked ‘”Why?” Truffles tartly replied, “Because they can.” As we don’t have a national ID card this is another fine example of the planning competence from this pathetic rabble: for what do you say to plod when asked? And you say, “I haven’t one” and plod says, “Your driving licence will do” and you reply “I haven’t it on me.” Truffles didn't deny that this announcement was to distract from further unwanted analysis of what is more widely being seen as a “Three-Card-Trick”, budget and that in lieu of a real terrorist “crisis,” a manufactured one would have to suffice.
At the moment, the design and symbol of the requisite armband we shall all be wearing has not been finalised as there are too many variables to take into account.. white, black, brown, yellow, pink, blue etc. (notice… no red) and the arm numbering tattoo system too, is behind schedule. The Zyklon-B based ink being tested is having side effects on the unemployed elderly,  Manus concentration camp refugees and those not yet on the NDIS or New-Start.
Oberst-Gruppen-Fuhrer Potato-Head Dutton has been busy in consultation with Standart-Fuhrer Pezzullo as they seek meetings with the Hugo Boss Company regarding costumes.
Le Jongleur Roskam, Chief Clown of The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe still maintains that “...hard work makes you free...” and is fundraising for Cardinal Pell-Pot’s trial defence of historical sexual abuse accusations
Interesting times eh, Petals.

The Gorgon, Downer, The IPA’s Princess of Banality, High Priestess of Rote Cant and dumped executive member from the Vic Ruling Rabble was heard rapturously whining to the hapless residents of Mayo in a General MacArthur moment, "I have returned!"
There has been no announcement as to whether the electorate enjoy being treated as vassals to this hereditary family who  treat Mayo as a personal sinecure but perhaps the last candidate, Sharkie was a breath of fresh air after the odious Briggs … and maybe The Gorgon has a real fight on her hands....

Australia’s Carbon emissions are up across the board except in the renewable sector... oops...Now, where’s that climate policy?
Hungarian, Fictions Frydenberg, minister for environmental destruction, "discovers" that electricity networks have been rorting customers about the real costs of poles and wires and true to form, blames Labor.
Fictions announced that networks and gas pipeline operators would be investigated by the energy watchdog the Australian Energy Regulator for potentially overcharging consumers by $400 million a year to cover their corporate tax bills. But the Ruling Rabble were warned as far back as February 2015 by S A's energy minister Tom Koutsantonis (Labor) and Vic's energy, environment and climate change minister, Lily D'Ambrosio, (Labor) who wrote to Fictions and also to then treasurer Eleventy Hockey about the issue of “...consumers being ripped off by power companies... but they did nothing about the networks' income tax allowance that permitted the overcharging." she said.
But it is still Labor’s fault.
Bad Labor.

Blackmail charges against CFMEU union officials John Setka and Shaun Reardon have, to the chagrin of The Harpy Cash and her doppelganger, Vichy Abetz, been dropped.
In another embarrassment from this failed political stitch-up of the RC into unions, the ruling rabble needed to wheel out Crackers Laundy to publicly lie in saying it had nothing to do with the Ruling Rabble and it was $80,000,000.00 well spent!
Except that The Bankers are causing more grief than Unionists.
Perhaps the Royal Commissioner, Hayden Dyson could be asked to return the millions he Hoovered up, as he has delivered nothing of real value.
I mean, the Ruling Rabble are always banging on how teachers should be paid on results.

Setka and Reardon are not forgiving types and after having them and their families suffer three years of police and political harassment; and with serious doubts as to the legality of some of the “evidence,” The Harpy Cash, (who is currently being very slowly investigated over another botched Union raid) and Vichy Abetz with his then leader, the Onion-munching, Rabid-the-Hun just might rue the day they jointly embarked on this vindictive folly.

Sophie Pit-Bull Mirabella was awarded $175,000.00 for defamation. Which is a trifle short of the 1/2 mill she wanted in her gnawing assault on the local paper who misreported her "push" but who then later apologised (too late) during her 2016 campaign to regain the seat she lost to an independent.
So, Pit-Bull recovers her "good" name?

IPA shill wants prisoners to be put into paid work instead of community was not reported whether this tax-payer funded piece of quality “research” from The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe’ Abbadon playpen included analysis of pay scales, conditions of employment, OHand S or that if the prisoners absconded they would be sent to the hulks in Port Phillip Bay.
Another shill, Simon The Simple, Breheny thinks that calling a halt to aggressive land clearing in The Deep North is a bad thing.
Over the past 40 years it has been estimated that 50-65% of clearing of Australia’s native forests has occurred in Queensland with detrimental effects of farming to the Great Barrier Reef and greater difficulty in reducing Green-House emissions. Of course, Simon The Simple is a climate change sceptic so that part of the equation doesn’t bother him so economics and profits in a “free” market are of more tangible importance than the GBR.
Which is why I call him Simon, The Simple.
When Le Jongleur‘s away, the mice will play.

Ooh, look over there... a shiny thing……...coin.

Simple Simon Bermingham, (only a relative to the other by avocation) Minister for Non-Education thinks TAFE’s teach only basket weaving and acupuncture....Yes, he did say that.
Which says more about him than he really wishes people to know.

The Australian National Audit Office has serious concerns over the economic value of Australia’s of the $89 billion program’s shipbuilding plans in Adelaide and Perth finding that the government failed to provide sufficient risk assessment of the plans, failed to provide a cost-benefit analysis of projects before approval, warns the projects could result in significant cost over-runs and could inflict major reputational damage on the Defence department and in some cases, despite Defence warnings of “extreme” risk in building some of the ships locally with the broad industrial issues that need to be addressed to achieve productive and cost-effective naval construction programs there has been no government decision on how these reforms might be achieved.”
Paraphrased from: The Business Insider
Now, does that sound like the best of management by The Whyning Pyne or the Smashing Payne, to you, Petals?

Oh, what fun!
The ruling rabble in Vic are having a debt and deficit crisis.
Facing election in 12 months they have managed themselves as well as their federal colleagues have with the aforementioned shipbuilding and the overall Australian budget… now tell me that myth again,…. the one about what excellent fiscal managers they are.

Hoo-roo Possums,


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