Saturday, 1 July 2017

It tolls for thee....

Shane Wincing
Shane Wincing
G'day Petals,
A  Ms York, Liarbril delegate has said, "....would assume that special needs people would naturally gravitate towards Labor and I know that that's not true" telling the party's federal council that how-to-vote pamphlets should continue to be distributed at polling booths for people with low IQ's, as "they don't all vote Labor". Speaking against a motion to stop the distribution of how-to-vote material at electoral booths, she also said it was important to keep the papers with photographs "for elderly people, for people with low IQ, they don't all vote Labor".
 Proving once again that there's nothing like a misplaced sense of entitlement and superiority to accurately define ones attitude to society and that conservatives are not very bright.
Oohh.. a ruling rabble minion feeling the heat of impending climate doom?
Don Harwin, the energy minister of the NSW Coalition government, has made a dramatic departure from the bulk of his state and federal colleagues by declaring that it was time to move on from the notion of “baseload” power as essential to the reliability of the future grid and underlined the huge gap between right-wing "moderates" looking to embrace new technologies and the Ultra-right conservative Dinosaurs locked into servitude to the fossil fuel lobby and the C19th.
Chair, empty.
Chair, empty.

This was particularly interesting as his neighbour and federal colleague  in Warringah, Tony, Rabid-the-Hun, Abbott who, acutely feeling a lack of limelight, relevance and that his "mission" of returning Australia to the Dark Ages was incomplete, began yet another tilt at again becoming the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had.
Lashing out at all around him and delivering his nihilistic "Manifesto" from a sheltered IPA (The Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) workshop in the Deep North, Rabid declared in a Nayaa-Na, Na-Na, Yaaa moment that not only would he "outlast" his nemesis Truffles Turdball, but also build a new coal-fired power station, make housing more affordable by cutting immigration, ban wind farms, get rid of the clean energy target and build a fleet of nuclear submarines, thereby earning the approval of our biggest Miner, Gina R and other assorted quislings of the dim-witted far right.

His cognitive dissonance is such that he was actually bagging policy he himself had in the past, wrought  and that he courageously (in a "Yes Minister" sense) repeated his Red Peril, Hanson-Lite fantasy agenda at another right-wing think tank, the Cabal of Interminable Stupidity which only served to highlight the Trump-esque delusions of grandeur that are now afflicting Rabid and his cohort of self-serving nation wreckers. His accurate comment that there "....was a pall of despondency over the nation" blithely missed the irony that he, his ruling rabble Liarbril Party, their right-wing think tanks and the Ugly American Murdoch's media are the real cause of the despondency of a nation which is now going backward in every way and at an alarming rate.

Fresh from monstering the Victorian High Court and getting away with it, we now have these far right troglodytes vehemently resisting  any policy response which is socially benign. They will not be satisfied until there is full deregulation and privatisation of all services and that the new feudal system is fully in place.
Do you hear a bell tolling?
Hoo-roo, Possums

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