Sunday, 16 July 2017

The mirror's cracked and things are askew...

It's Time.

G'day Petals,
most of today's pics are from areas around the route of the present southern sections of the  "Tour de France," The Tarn and Aveyron, taken some four years ago.

Border Farce Commissioner, Roaming Quisling is on leave, being investigated for possibly being a very naughty boy.
Not for the fact that Border Farce incorrectly sent 2 Australian citizens to Christmas Island or that they stuffed up the raid on Victoria, or that journalists personal details were leaked or that the "darknet" is selling Medicare details and police ID online... but into his personal behaviour...Dodo Dutton, allegedly Immigration Minister was a Queensland cop too, so... "nuffin-to-see-'ere?"
As one wit noted, "Brothers-in-Harm?"
Shades of Mandy "Il-Patrone" Vanstone's  appalling ministerial history ... malevolent echoes of the wrongful imprisonment of Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon. Ms Solon, also an Australian citizen, was wrongly deported to the Philippines in 2001 because immigration officials believed she was an illegal immigrant.
She was later compensated to the tune of $4.5 million.
But Mandy "Il Patrone" still gets to regularly proselytise her right wing political banalities on TV, radio and in the press.
The Devil, Death and Eve, Moissac.
Without any irony, a Brit  right-wing think-tank, the Policy Exchange, awarded Truffles Turdball their "Disraeli Prize"  for "...maintaining Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration program..."
Hmmm... that's gotta be up there in relevance to the environmental award to Ozone Hole Hunt!
Chairman of the Ruling Rabble's Climate and Energy Committee, Craig, Kok-Up Kelly announced that renewable energy costs will kill old people because they will not be able to afford to heat themselves this winter. "People will die".. he said, and should have added that, "...their deaths will have nothing to do with our cutting  the pensioners energy supplement," which was put in place by Labor to compensate for the carbon tax.
Church, Oradour-sur-Glane
In a moment of genuine humour, failed politician and ex prime-miniature, Tony Rabid-the-Hun, Abbott said after his latest fantastical and egotistical outburst to a small band supporters in what looked to be a beer-hall  that: “The last thing I want to do is be difficult.”
Dominatrix, Bloody Idiot Credlin was in furious support of her best client agreeing; and as the Madam of allegedly the best political brothel in Canberra, also provided sorely needed relief to host, Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt by describing (accurately for once), the Ruling Rabble as: “little men with soft, soft backbones, no ticker, no heart and no soul”..... and I don't really think she meant their souls!
Irritated by this dissension taking HIS coal powered limelight in denying climate change and that renewables actually work, Fictions Frydenberg plopped in to observe that Rabid's chewing on Truffles is only going to result in Willy Shortstuff coming out the other end first!
Geez... always blaming Labor!
On a positive note, Philip Morris in losing its case has been billed the full cost ( $25 -50 Millions) of their appeal against the plain packaging legislation brought in by then health minister in the Gillard Government, Nicola Roxon which, since implementation, has resulted in dramatic falls in smoker uptake particularly amongst the young and teenagers.

St Cecile's, Albi

Another "own goal" costing business "bigly" by Le Jongleur Roskam's IPA who arguing against the public health interest pushed this appeal.  Geez... they're really bright these Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe: with friends like that, who'd need enemies?
Hoo-roo, Possums


Mother and Young.

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