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Wake in Fright

Anguished Shane
Anguished Shane
G'day Possums,
The 1961 novel by Kenneth Cook, made into a film in 1971 and soon to be released as a TV series, "Wake in Fright," I think is a perfectly apt metaphor for the present state of the nation.
Reviewing the shambles of the ruling rabble's cobbled policy agenda it appears like outback paintings of Drysdale, Nolan or Pugh or as Cook writes: "The three buildings made up the township of Tiboonda. All were timber and iron, all built in the monotonous, low box form that characterizes western architecture; all were riddled with white ants and dry rot. They stood in the plain abjectly, as though they no longer made any serious claim to constitute a township."

Much like the "Two-Up" game where  John Grant, Wake in Fright's main character foolishly tries to win enough money to repay his outback teaching bond by betting all his 6 weeks holiday pay; a parliamentary attack on Labor by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop over foreign donations from Chinese supporters backfired badly when the opposition riposted with questions about an entity called the "Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation", set up by a wealthy Chinese supporter...."He turned, staring, and walked out of the building, out into the night, walking rigidly, transfixed by the magnitude of his loss."

Anguished Shane

Health Minister Greg Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge were all ordered to appear in the Victorian Supreme court "to make any submissions as to why they should not be referred for prosecution for contempt." After comments published in The Ugly American's rag "The Oz" claiming that the Vic. judiciary were handing down lighter sentences for terrorists as part of "ideological experiments" and that their leftist bias was calling the law into disrepute.

"The kangaroo had split open and trailed entrails for a dozen yards. Its body was so shattered that bones stood out from the skins every few inches white and glistening."

The brutality of the novels blood-lusted kangaroo hunt  bears real comparison to the open warfare this ruling rabble are waging incessantly on all sections of the judiciary in their rabid attempts to deflect any criticism of their born-to-rule actions. 
$90,000,000.00 compensation has just been paid out to refugees in concentration camps on Manus and Nauru rather than have class actions go to court; an admission of guilt that Dodo Dutton promptly but erroneously, blamed on Labor!

"Joe and Dick started off to look at the damage to the car, but Tyldon lingered, took out his own knife and neatly castrated the carcass."

Anguished Shane

The Vic Supreme court has yet to announce whether it will proceed with the contempt charges but if it doesn't, and accepts the stupid trio's "regretful words" then the rabble have won again in pushing back democracy and the rule of law.

Shades of Germany 1933.

"Three of the kangaroos were dead. One had its leg broken and looked at them with undisturbed eyes.
Joe smashed its head in with a branch he broke off a dead tree.
Grant was surprised that he did not feel particularly upset at the mass carnage. They were, after all, only kangaroos."

This excuse for a government, day by day, further loses the plot of what real governance means. And by adhering to their IPA masters free market script, clearly demonstrate not only their irrelevance as custodians of a "national interest" but also the fact that they are just a continuation of the historically self-centred ruling rabbles who have made lives miserable for millions in past centuries!

"Then he thought, almost aloud:
I can see quite clearly the ingenuity whereby a man may be made mean or great exactly by the same circumstances."

Hoo-roo Petals,

Wake in Fright: Kenneth Cook  (1929-1987) 1961, Published Penguin 1967-1973

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