Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Orthodox Stench of Corruption

Shane in Ferns
Shane in Ferns

G'day Possums,

Mrs Wombat and I had a little sojourn in "Warby" recently and it reminded us somewhat of the town of Glastonbury in England.

All the pics that follow are from its surrounds.

The Ruling Rabble, fellow-traveller apparatchiks and other assorted entitled had a memoriam, a get-together some weeks ago to eulogise their hero and Liberal Party founder, "Ming Menzies" and his "Forgotten People" speech. That in their orthodoxy they had their dates wrong and their "memoriam" was a historical confection was of no import to them;  particularly "Mings" adulation of Hitler prior to the war and who as PM was selling iron to the Japanese just before WW2, hence his sobriquet, "Pig-Iron Bob:" and also the fact that he "went missing" in London for months, leaving Australia completely unprepared for the coming Pacific conflict was of no relevance to them in their re-enactment.
What matters most to the Ruling Rabble is the public facade of respectability, the pretence of fiscal rectitude and the impression of solidity.
This fractured orthodoxy was well demonstrated recently when the monies paid to the ineligible and now sacked right-wing Senator, Bob Day (apparently $130,000.00) have been "forgiven," but the data matching program informed private debt collectors are still chasing down citizen's welfare debts as miniscule as $20.00 with pensioners being hunted, too.

Don't do as I do, do as I say. 
Double standards = Orthodoxy.
Enter, stage right: Trade Minister Andrew, Reboxetine Robb. 
Paid $100,000.00 by a Chinese businessman for his election funding. The day before the Federal election, he signed up to a $880,000.00 pa job with the same Chinese firms who months before were awarded a 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin. Subsequently, one month after being elected Reboxetine leaves parliament!
As this little piece of chicanery was a trifle more news and noteworthy than Silly Sam Dastyari's $5500.00 worth of Chinese "donations," prime miniature Truffles, worried that the stench of their orthodoxy was becoming more apparent:  Asbestos Bishop also had her "seat" warmed to the tune of $800,000.00 of Chinese electoral munificence too,  found some 5 minutes of solace in a desperate "Look-Over-There" moment by blaming Tardis State premier Dan-the-Man Andrews for the Victorian parole board's decision to parole an ice-addled criminal nutter who, claiming allegiance to both Islamic State and Al Queada,(?) murders an innocent man, takes a woman hostage and wounds three policemen before himself being shot and killed.
What a saviour of probity is "terrorism," eh?
It's a Ballarat tradition... there's a Prime Minister's walk in the botanic gardens on Lake Wendouree with portrait busts of all the country's PM's.
It may be unfortunate for the nation that Rabid-the Hun, Abbott ever existed but now he too is there in effigy, stiffly fouling the rural environment. 
Sometimes we need to be reminded of our electoral and educational failings.
Interestingly, Julia Gillard's portrait in this line-up was once the most attacked and defiled but as Rabid's has already had a crown of onions adorn it, I dare say petals, that attention to his visage might well soon overtake that of his bete' noire's.
Watching The Drum (ABC) recently I was again struck how the orthodoxy of opinion has become the mere rote of the narrow, neo-conservative.
Discussing Corbyn's almost victory in the British elections all of the panel, left and right (what was that faecal matter from Quadrant, Cater, doing there btw?) were happily repeating their truisms of how unelectable Corbyn was seemingly oblivious to the fact  that their opinions did not in any way, accord with the reality of the vote!
This is what I had noted during our last federal election:

"Early in the evening during the election broadcast I was looking at the performances of Sales, Uhlmann and Crabb and also noting the growing number of seats that were falling to Labor and sensed that "something is up here" but this panel kept blithely brown-nosing Scummo and often interrupting and ignoring Wong until : Bang: 1,2,3, Tassie seats had gone, then suddenly they were all at sea having to deal with a reality that was way out of their comfort zones. They never recovered and their bias' took a battering for the rest of the night."


The smug, self satisfied repetition of ruling rabble assertions as question, the mindless repetition of neo-liberal theory as substitute for discussion, the banality of the current orthodoxy is deadening debate and dumbing further down a nation not generally noted for the liveliness of its thinking.
 When you see Fictions Frydenberg allowed to blather on nonsensically about energy costs and the failures of a privatized market being the fault of the alternative energy producers and then his opposition being question-cajoled into agreeing to the same you know you're witnessing the proliferation of propaganda by a player not a journalist.
When you hear constant commentary that there is partisan agreement to Finkel's energy review before it is even released you know that you are listening to the softening-up propaganda of what-you-must-believe. Personal opinion and analysis is being corrupted from the start.
When you have to suffer through Andrew Probyn's (ABC 7.30) sing-song "opinion" homily's attempting to rhapsodise right-wing cant ..Oi!
But for once you can only agree... he can't!
Better that Probyn, be given time off to study a talent; a real wordsmith of popular culture like Clive James and discover that James knew not just his word's worth but that with them he drew from reality succinct images of value and meaning.


It has been said that The Ugly American, Murdoch stormed out in high dudgeon from The Daily Mail's London election room as the exit polls began suggesting that his vituperative campaign against Corbyn had failed miserably..... I hope that is true. 
I wonder too, if Lynton Crosby is feeling aggrieved again?
Two elections old boy, two flops....times up?
"There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.
Hoo-roo possums


  1. One of the things which gets me is that they all blame Dan the Man for problems with parolees etc, but he has nothing to do with the Parole Board (remember that quaint historical concept, the separation of powers ...), and recently a former member of the Parole Board has been complaining that assorted bits of useful information, like who is/was on AFP and ASIO watch lists, and what the person has completed in the way of prison rehab and 'de-radicalisation' sessions etc has been with-held from the Parole Board! Hopefully this might get remedied soon, but if the AFP fails to tell state parole boards etc that they have been watching someone etc prior to their conviction, and Corrections Vic fails to tell the Parole Board that someone has been sharing a unit with another radicalised ratbag, or has failed to undertake or complete any of the assorted programmes available to prisoners, then it is hardly surprising that the Parole Board doesn't know! The only sensible change recently to Parole conditions is that now prisoners have to apply for Parole, when they are eligible, rather than in the past, when, as soon as they were eligible (according to the terms of their sentence), they were automatically sent to the PB for assessment. So now they have to ask, and jumo through a few more hoops. But no-one has any obligation to provide, or search for, relevant information from eg the AFP or ASIO or other possibly interested bodies, and the prison system is in such a state of chaos just now, it's a wonder that they manage to get the right bod from the right prison to any Parole Board hearing, never mind getting any useful info about him to go with his application!!

    1. Ta for that reply as it points, out as usual, there is more to an issue than simplistic ruling rabble slogans and finger-pointing.
      Shane W