Sunday, 9 April 2017

Do I hear a Tumbril Rolling?

G'day Possums,
Truffles in a suit, pretends to  clean down a section of muddy flood damaged wall with  a nail brush.... next he'll be wiping Rabid-the-Hun's feet at some bloody Catlic Easter ceremony!  
Then, with his "Tin" political ear finely attuned he refused a snag sandwich on a street it's perfectly understandable why the  China / Australian extradition treaty was backflipped 10 minutes after saying they had approved it but forgot to tell their trade minister who was at the time extolling its virtues on national TV.... How much more incompetent can they get?  

The pics Petals, are suitably revolutionary, from that rather grim place in Paris called the Conciergerie, where from memory, some 1600 aristocrats and others were incarcerated and eventually went to the guillotine during the Terror, feeling the anger of the oppressed of an unequal society.

 Dane, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and ex-prime minister of that nation eviscerated Frydenberg on QandA.  Asking where, the bloody hell Australia was in world affairs now, she exposed the narrow minded, mealy mouthed and unimaginative rabble that rule us!
Fictions Frydenberg and his back-up The Righteous, Kelly seemed rather quiet on that episode... almost as if they understood, at last, that their trickle-down neanderthal-isms and reverse energy myopia were economically and socially useless and their ravings had also been blighted by the positive humanitarian works of Yunus and Thorning-Schmidt.
Fictions playing at being a "leader" of Alt energy was such a farce...and the audience far too polite!
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
The excuse of a federal treasurer, whose loathe to publish any economic modelling to justify how his  one solitary policy, "Trickle-Down" will work, suggested that journalists should go and ask people at the pub about the benefits of the government's company tax cuts.
As one wit observed, it makes sense to ask drunk people for an endorsement of your policy.
Australia under this ruling rabble is drifting to disaster.....
That case perhaps best exemplified by three of the current "darlings' of right-wing talk back and commentary, the Preening Princess, Daisy Cousens, The Gorgon Downer and the malicious Septic Tank, Helen Andrews. All three were given promo's in  a "puff-piece' in a Fairfax weekend mag which although it was at length, said little about these harridans of the right precisely because they actually have nothing to offer other than their own inflated, and over-entitled egos.
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
As symptoms of a failing society these women are exemplars.
Gorgon Downer thinks the minimum wage should be abolished along with penalty rates for the low paid (this current insanity being pushed by her playskool sandpit club for the intellectually and imaginatively bereft, the IPA) and that Brexit was Britain's finest hour since the Battle of. She is interesting to listen to as she becomes completely flummoxed when presented with the economic disaster the implementation of the IPA wish-list is making of this country and apart from repeating the rote cant of Thatcherism, has little of substance to convey. Which is probably why Timmy the Twat ex-Freedom Man Wilson got pre-selection in a safe seat ahead of her.
The Septic Tank, Andrew's, (whose sole qualification is apparently a degree in religious studies, which tells you much) avows a liking for disputation and conflict and public speaking. The pity being she lives in the past and wants to replicate the feudal system. But then, as Oscar Wilde pointed out, America passed from barbarism to decadence with no civilisation in between; so with her cultural baggage and fascination with make-believe friends, her lack of humanity should come as no surprise.
The Preening Princess is, well... just that!  Terming herself a controversialist she's happy to  blather-on  in what she thinks prettily about anything that upsets people..... a sort of delusional child libertarian who really should just "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" and set her "new conservative rebellion" to suitably shrill noises.
These destructive women offer nothing except pain, poverty and the maintenance of their own privileged positions. They present nothing except the return to a class system that millions have lost their lives fighting to overcome and represent all that is regressive, cruel, outdated and just plain wrong.
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
Comedian Tom Ballard got it right, ".....there's one thing we get wrong in Australian politics.... we don't assassinate them often enough!"
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie

"Ohhh the Pikes, The Pike's are co-oming......remember the Conciergerie...
Hoo-roo Petals


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