Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Delphic Ruminations

Shane in his Budgie Snugglers
Shane in his Budgie Snugglers

G'day petals,

John Clarke, satirist par excellence has died.

Many, were the heartfelt eulogies for this very talented and funny man, with the notable exception of from those of the Ruling Rabble who were too busy farnarkling about in their usual dither to offer just a whimper.

One of my best remembered of his Clarke and Dawe 2 minute dialogues was the one which was not written by them but just a repetition of what Abbott and colleagues had said during the week... outrageously funny and dispiriting at the same time and a true indication the low level of ruling rabble politics.

News Corp Australia sacks most of its photographers and subeditors to cut costs.....

Keer- rist... does that mean the bogans who buy these rags willnow have to learn how to read?

Dunolly Cemetary
Dunolly Cemetary
Noe Notion senator Mal-Addled Roberts is the latest to weigh in after a planned parliamentary to Afghanistan delegation including the Red Terror was scrapped after the trip was flagged on the ABC.
"Their ABC put our digger's lives at risk so as to execute a political hit on Senator Hanson. The ABC have declared Jihad on Aussie diggers. They have a fatwa on Pauline Hanson," Senator Roberts ranted to Facebook on Wednesday.
"The ABC's actions in revealing the ANZAC day visit to diggers shows their willingness to collude with ISIS and other terrorists in identifying Australian targets, including troops.
"The ABC has for a long time been harbingers of terror apologists. This proves their Jihad sympathy."
So the 77 vote One Nation nutter wants the government to cut $600m from the ABC budget because of their 'leftwing bias', and accused SBS of having too much gay and multicultural content.

Which makes so much sense to their limited minds that the only political parties to be criticized are the centre and left ones.  Make sense...particularly if you're a fascist and are not really gay-bashing their newly elevated secretary, Jiggles Ashby !
So apart from banning contact with the ABC and SBS, Mal-Addled has now included Ch 9 ...why, I don't really know or care  but Mal-Addled's decided that Kochie on Ch7 at Sunrise is the place for them.... talk about the Bogan's finding their true level!
Engine room, HMAS Castlemaine
Engine room, HMAS Castlemaine

As it is Easter and being a Catlic,  Rabid-the-Hun tilts at windmills once more re-enacting his own resurrection.... says he has a plan, a five point plan to finish the country off.. only to be told by colleagues to, "...piss-off Tony !"
Some speculate that Rabid-the-Hun wants Truffles to lose the next election so that he can say "I-told-ya-so" and regain the leadership of the ruling rabble.
I don't think it will work this time around.... what was painfully obvious and is now more generally understood, is that the Ruling Rabble under Rabid-the-Hun, both as opposition chief scout and more particularly as prime miniature were a disastrous policy free zone, with the exception of the poorly implemented IPA "free-market" thought bubbles.
They have corrupted everything they have touched and can be widely seen as incredibly and wilfully corrupt and incompetent.  He was on his bike.... he should have stayed there.....and which only stimulated Pyne the Whyne, the Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, to publicly lament his colleagues inability to hold-their-water on the temporary thought bubbles which pass for policy by pissing on them all in his inimitable half-cocked, whining, mincing manner.

So Truffles, attempting to divert attention from Rabid's Delphic utterances of Labor winning the next election, announces that jobs are to be for Australians, reversing a decision cutting red-tape on 457 work visas made only two years ago by the Harpy, Cash.
Like all of his announcements it sank within 24 hours, being seen not only as a xenophobic Trump-like "dog-whistle" to placate the far right voters drifting to Noe Notion but also an admission and of just how incompetent the Ruling Rabble are and providing another demonstration of what a mess they have made of apprenticeships, education and training, migration and employment in just four years.
And the jobs? Well, there's one for every 17 unemployed and soon 250,000 vehicle makers and ancillary workers will be flooding the "Centre-link" Offices as a direct result of the Ruling Rabble's  "free-market" ideology.
This lot are more than "on-the-nose".... they are putrid!
Hoo-roo Possums,

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