Thursday, 27 April 2017

Aussie Values as a Dog-Whistle

G'day Petals,
Mrs Wombat and I had a little waddle around Melbourne t'other day through the delightful  arcades and also to see the photography shows at the NGV, particularly the William
Shane Flagging Aussie Values
Egglestone and the Bill Henson ones.
I had the feeling there was too much in the WE show which weakened its overall appeal but they certainly expressed the peculiarities of "The South" and its personality. The Henson nudes though not as in-your-face as usual, were lovely but ultimately, I felt, pointless. The landscapes on the other hand were riveting.
The NGV in contexualizing  its collections is a much more interesting place to wander around.
The Causeway Arcade
The Causeway
 I'm not so sure if it's all an Augustinian method of defining Australian values by demonstrating what they are not ....or if Truffles is suffering from early onset dementia but he has decided that "Australian Values" are just what immigrants to this country need to aspire to. Traits like, not beating your wife senseless, speaking only good English, joining the CWA or CFA, polishing the backs of your shoes  and probably, only voting for the ruling rabble; otherwise you'll get deported. Which, given the rates of domestic violence perpetrated by "Dinky-di's  who are barely literate;  we should see the place emptied in no time.
Block Arcade
Block Arcade

Trying on the Mc Carthy-ist, "I know something you don't," line on "Insiders", Anti-Immigration Minster, Dodo Dutton obfuscated around the truth of the latest riot on the refugee concentration camp at Manus Island, conflating events in an attempt to muddy the waters and rejecting any suggestion that his version of events was the gospel one even as it was being pooh-poohed by the Manus Island police and a PNG minister.  
Later, Dodo in a Kafkaesque  performance of Australian Values demanded an apology from ABC for letting himself be exposed again, as a liar.
This ruling rabble Mk2 are the most corrupt, lying, incompetent cabal ever to set foot in a parliament having no integrity or ethics (other than a lack of them), and no credibility whatsoever. These mongrels have trashed any semblance of truth and transparency in this country and have, by their actions and Un-Australian Values lost all authority and need to be sacked en masse!
Centre Place
Centre Place

"From our perspective we see the scheme as punitive, as demonising the unemployed and as being an expensive failure." intoned the St Vincent de Paul Society in commenting about the Work for the Dole scheme, a favourite idea of Rabid-the-Hun  which has been, like his tenure as Prime Miniature, an expensive "demonstrable failure" that does nothing to lessen the nation's unemployment burden and which P's also says, is at risk of creating "a class of working poor" whilst doing nothing to create sustained employment and furthering Australian Values.
Photography NGV
Photography NGV
The Harpy and Minister for un-employment, Michaelia Cash was no-where to be seen again, no doubt off inspecting more million+ investment properties whilst the list of businesses being exposed for ripping-off their staff  by underpayment and poor work conditions grows each week.
NGV, Egglestone
Jobson Growth seems to have disappeared with Australian Values, too.
Isn't it funny seeing the RWNJ's getting their knickers in a knot when freedom of speech is  exercised?
Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted a FB opinion which suggested that as well as not forgetting the ANZAC's we might do well to remember the refugees on Manus and Christmas Islands and the tragedies being enacted in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Yemen that brought them there. This was so against Australian Values  that it  ignited a torrent of abuse from those who are right, like Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt and Toilet-Boy, Jones and others who see  humanitarian expressions as a direct assault on their unalloyed patriotism and narrow-minded nationalism. A petition was started demanding her removal from any work on the ABC and so far has around 30,000 signatures.
NGV Henson
NGV Henson
Timmy The-Twat, ex-Freedom-Man, Wilson the IPA apparatchik now part of the ruling rabble, joined in the fray conveniently forgetting that only two weeks before he was arguing that 18C be repealed  in order that we have more Australian Values like "free-speech!"
Ahhhh... "Australian Values!"  Now, here was a real display of them.
NGV Henson
NGV Henson

It seems that the only true values to be enunciated are right-wing ones, the only way to view Anzac Day is as "The Birth of the Nation", as the defining moment of our country's adulthood and egalitarianism.  Not as a small unsuccessful event within a much bigger one, an invasion of another country that cost 60,000 young lives in attempting the perpetuate the economics of an empire that was about to disintegrate paving the way for the totalitarian regimes now so admired by "the right" and who caused so much destruction twenty years further on.

Australian Values... bullshit, it's just blinkered jingoism and a nasty simplistic nationalism fed to dull minds.
Hoo-roo Possums,


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