Monday, 6 February 2017

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs

G'day ,
 with apologies to playwright David Halliwell for purloining the title of his play...

...geez I dunno know about youse Possums but hasn't this last fortnight been a one bonza-you-beaut of  a drongo-swamp of madness?

Quite apart the Orange Frump in the Un-United States giving Truffles the old heave-ho over our people trafficking plans and scotching the Pacific Trade deal and then having a "alternative fact" name change to "President Trumble," poor old Truffles just hasn't seemed the same since the Ugly American and his current Floozy had a sleep-over at our expense.
But about one thing he's correct, he's "....not a political hack!"  No, he bought himself the most senior position going and asked at the Press Club, in relation to the transparency and rules tightening, something he said he was all for; and mainly brought about by-the-way, by the rampant corruption of "entitlements" by his Liarbril colleagues; when asked to be transparent and honest about how much it had cost him; he balked!
Greendale Storm
Approaching Storm
Remember the Godwin Grech farce?  
Experiencing the bowdlerized NBN?
Enjoy the stuffed up debacle of a census? 
Owe any money to Centrelink? 
Time's nearly up for automotive manufacturing, what's another 200,000 unemployed?  
Enjoy paying more going to the doctor or specialists to get essential tests ?  
Finding that free education is now a misnomer and what jobs are available are only for 457 visa entrants or are part-time? 
Enjoying the new tabloid-style-right-biased ABC?  
Not getting paid your real wage?

No, Truffles is no political hack... he's a political, social and economic disaster!
back-lit Vine leaves
back-lit Vine leaves
At the same press club address, in attempting to set an agenda for the next couple of years, Truffles began channelling The Coal Council's  propaganda about "clean" coal and how renewables are too expensive and can't compete with base load by coal etc.  In a pure "I'm-not-a-hack" moment Truffles said: "We've invested $590 million since 2009 in clean coal technology research and demonstration and yet we do not have one modern high-efficiency low-emissions coal-fired power station, let alone one with carbon capture and storage". Now, if that's not an admission of failure and money wasting, I don't know what is?
When he says, "... we, the coalition stand for cheaper energy.." he's talking populist bullshit!  Wind, solar and wave energy have fallen in cost and are now cheaper than coal facilities and under Liarbril policy we are selling our gas overseas with no reserve for domestic use and making very little from its sale.
All that these mongrels really stand for is that their future employers are being well looked after before the electorate actually wakes up!
back-lit Vine leaves
Truffles has destroyed himself to be a weak, cynical, self-serving elitist as well as incompetently stupid and vainly irrelevant in policy.... his reluctant admission of his personal electoral donation to the Liarbril Partry of $1.75 Million and the attempted talking-up of "Clean" coal only prove the point. 
How many of the retarded liarbril voters applauded Rabid-the-Hun's cynical rejection of the "Malaysian Solution?" We are now witnessing where abrogation of responsibility leads.  The press knew the whole time that Rabid-the-Hun was an idiot; they were just towing the party line and only when their editors saw the tide of discontent eroding their profits and an electorate awakening to their spurious credibility did they slowly change their tune. And now it's Truffles turn; whatever potential they thought he had, it's evaporated!
Likened to the Black Knight in the Monty Python scene "It's only a flesh wound.." in attempting to ignore the incompetence of billions of dollars wasted with no record of who authorised the payments to our refugee concentration camps; with his onion eating farce of a predecessor and The Obese Christensen as well as Vichy Abetz yapping at his heels, Truffles now has to deal with Bestiality Bernardi jumping ship funded by our Biggest Miner, Rinehart, to found his own mad, xtian brand of backward looking intolerance.

No, wrong again Truffles, it's not a flesh wound. You survive flesh wounds! 

back-lit Vine leaves

 I think the level of interest in the Orange Frump may be having consequences here.  People more easily criticize another country’s leader but the parallels between Frump's blatantly dictatorish modis-operandi and our ruling rabble are too obvious to ignore, particularly as corruption is about the only thing the Liarbrils are actually good at.
 Frump’s “outside ” factor make him a potent symbol of the rampant and corrupt capitalism which is being overtly practised here and it may be, he will be the agent of its demise.
Whatever the liarbrils say publicly about Frump, the opposite is true.
Their utter displeasure in having to even pretend that democracy is about negotiation and that the nation comes first only compromises their born-to-rule arrogance and that it will ever be questioned is anathema to them.

Although, no matter how angry an electorate can get read, this link and be rather scared....

 ...and if that doesn't worry you then reflect on the notion that "entertainment" is the dominant medium today, not facts. That news has become entertainment and the proliferation of information is at levels where there is too much to take in and digest. The overload allows "alternative fact" to be distributed as quickly and more easily than real ones because in the confusion the appeal to prejudice becomes more pronounced and more easily digested than having to deal with analysis of fact.
Fact: CSIRO has been gutted, particularly in climate science.
Fact: Alternate Energy sources have been stalled in favour of dirty energy.
Fact: ABC has been slashed to the bone and science programs downgraded.
Fact : Public education is being de-funded and University fees are wiping out whole cohorts of bright but disadvantaged and impecunious students.
Fact: Public Health is being whittled away piece by piece ..e.g. Pap Smears costing more will make people avoid tests and where will the disgraced and corrupt Sussan Ley be when oddly, the first clusters of cancers appear in the same years?
Fact: nearly one quarter of Christian and Marist Brothers were paedophiles.
Fact: Two Thirds of all abuse cases came from the Catholic clergy!
Fact: The majority of the Front Bench of the Liberal Party are either Catholic or pretend adherence to a Christian Faith.
When did you last hear them criticize the churches?
Does a "Christian"representative like Cory Bernardi really reflect the diverse Australian society of the C21st or just his own fantasy's and those of his wealthy patron?
Rather,  Brandis a Catholic, has secret meetings in Rome with Cardinal Pell who refuses to front the Abuse Royal Commission in Melbourne in person and whom it's strongly alleged was himself not only a paedophile but also covered up the actions of others.
Have you heard the so-called Christians denigrate Muslim women for their scarf practices?
Has noted Catholic, Kevin Andrews spent time at taxpayer expense having "prayers" with "Tea-Party" Christians of extreme bent?
Are these people acting in the best interests of the nation as a whole?

Let's go no further down the American path!

Hoo-roo Petals,


  1. I thought I'd already reached peak saturation of all that's wrong with this country, while the rest of the world has also taken a fearful turn with Trump's triumph. I've mostly just tweeted on current affairs out of exhaustion and despair.

    Your blog post, however, is compelling reading of just how bad it has become. Like Urban Wronski you have given a fresh perspective. Sobering, frightening but necessary.

    It is the first I have known of you and I am very glad. I look forward to reading further posts, and stay in touch with The Pub blog.

    1. Ta for the approbation... we need to keep hammering these right wing twits.

  2. Wondered if you were looking for more facts or didn't you want to overload the LNP can?

    1. More shit is welcome for their night-can