Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Penny-wise and Pound Foolish

Shane on a Zucchini plant
G'day Possums,
today's pics are of some produce from our garden and from the Community Garden, Ceres, Mrs Wombat and I visited in Brunswick.

I've never been really keen on eating Zucchini, finding it somewhere between bland and completely tasteless but these are very different; sweet, flavoursome and a nice texture even when baked.

The tomato was grown from seed which originally arrived here from Northern Italy around 70 years ago.  Flavoursome? You bet... and beautifully complimented by the most fragrant Basil and Parsley crop! 

And the Strawberries this year have been outstanding in their delicate sweetness.

All of which is more productive than what now follows.
The hilarity caused by Bestiality Bernardi jumping the sinking Liarbril pontoon so soon after being re-elected on the Liarbril ticket could perhaps only be equalled by Pyne-the-Whyne announcing he was joining a convent but his pathetic mumbling justification for his act of fraud on his electorate should have him watching very carefully for rogue buses.
First of Home Grown
Coming as it did after Sussan The Suss Ley got dumped from the ministry for being too publicly loose with the taxpayers purse and another round of poor poll results, Truffles in response to some needling from Willy Shortstuff decided to have a hissy-fit in parliament.
It was a spray quite within the tolerable range of Liarbril "ethical" standards, pathetic... and what was more pathetic was the rancid cheer squad behind him. What else have they got? No policy , no idea... just schoolyard invective!
The question is long can Truffles maintain being such a bitch?  I mean, won't Chwissie-the-Whyning Pyne get his knickers in a knot at being superseded... or is it just a ploy by Truffles to gain public sympathy at having Barnyard Joyce suffer a stroke on the front bench during one of his ruddy-faced sycophantic manifestations of support and why on earth did the ABC persist in calling this "a blistering attack?"  It was a pathetically bullying rant aimed solely at and for  the benefit of the ruling rabble's recalcitrant right-wingers and performed as a distraction from their daily exposure as the most incompetent and corrupt cabal to ever pretend to be a government.
It was their born-to-rule anger on show, directed at anyone daring to call them for what they really are; would-be emperors with no clothes.
The Ruling Rabble masquerading as Isa Browns
The next day, pushing their ideological idiocy of  stalling the growth of re-newables,  pretend Treasurer Scummo Morrison did a kindergarten-like show-and-tell by waving around a lump of coal. This was intended to embarrass as "Coal-a-phobes" the Labor members opposite. On a day when weather conditions in NSW were extreme (next day bush and grass fires destroyed 36 homes) there were torrential rains in WA and Tassie was having snow, all this little charade pointed out was that our climate-change denying cretins in parliament have really lost the plot.
Ceres Community Garden
Ceres Community Garden
There was Fictions Frydenberg, still peddling the ruling rabble's energy myths to an unconscious  Sabra Lane on 774....bashing the South Australian premier by pretending that another power blackout was caused by wind farms and solar panels rather than the energy regulator suspiciously not turning on a back-up gas plant because  there wasn't enough profit in it's a wonder he didn't say that children were being thrown overboard as well. This was followed at night by a David Lipson "interview"  on Lateline... the program that could be more aptly named "The Dorothy Dixer Hour!" 
ABC no longer reports news... it's now almost un-watchable in its passive tabloid regurgitation of ruling rabble propaganda; and the bias of not showing much of any opposition material indicates just how far The Ugly American's mole, Guthrie, has gone in nobbling what was once the best independent news service around. 
Ceres Community Garden
Expecting "the-Adults-in-Charge" of this ruling rabble to offer the nation anything but the tired cant of free-market, trickle down economics proselytised by the cancerous IPA is a hope too far.
Never before has this country been subjected to such an thorough onslaught of regressive stupidity and financial corruption as we have had for the past four years; never has a country been so degraded of its moral and ethical base so quickly and assisted by an electorate too boorish and mean spirited to meaningfully respond.
The brand is being well and truly trashed and the penny-wise, pound-foolish economics being imposed will take, if ever allowed, years to recover from.
Hoo-roo Petals,

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