Monday, 16 October 2017

The Cretinization of Oz.

Shane picking up the pieces.
Shane picking up the pieces.
G'day Possums,

as the ruling rabble shambles increases we hear that defence secrets have been hacked over a 16 month period... "Nothing to see here......(again)" prissily spouts the Whyne and Perfect Prat of a Prefect, Pyne "It's not our fault." Then beady eyed Tudge of Robo-Debt infamy explains why an international security company managing the refugee gulags on Manus and Nauru, Serco, is the ideal entity to handle phone calls from the unemployed and welfare recipients after 1200 Australian staff were made as redundant as auto manufacturing workers.

Rabid-the-Hun, frothing at the mouth with like minded troglodytes in London droolingly mis-informs us with his cherry-picked "facts" that mitigating the effects of climate change is doing more harm than (that which doesn't really  exist) climate change itself; and further asserts, falsely that a little warming hurt no-one. It's a pity that he didn't have the information that in Australia over the past ten years, deaths due to heat have increased amongst the frail by a factor of 25 or talked with a Californian or Puerto Rican.
In another brilliant Onion-moment bon-mot and displaying the full gamut of his empathy and sensitivity for the sexually abused, Rabid quipped that although he went to a Catlic school he was never targeted for abuse...possibly because he wasn't "attractive" enough.
Australian taxpayers stupidly, are footing a bill of more than $130,000 a day to renumerate the Ruling Rabble's legion of barristers as it fights to salvage seven administrively incompetent  ministers, including Deputy Prime Miniature, Barnyard Joyce.
Apparently the final cost of paying the 24 barristers over the course of the "citizenship seven" case could end up as much as $2 million for the Snouts in the Trough. Meals on wheels downgraded, medical fees up .... privatised electricity charges going through the roof,  penalty rates for hospitality workers slashed, industry superannuation funds and other penalty rates under severe attack, further talk of the privatisation of education and now we have to pay for these incompetent federal bastards legal bills?

Economic body’s Fiscal Monitor shows Australia’s 30-year inequality growth is similar to the US, India, China and the UK.  Last month the pretend treasurer, Scummo Morrison opined but refused to release the Treasury analysis that income inequality was not getting worse in Australia, telling his only friends, the Business Council of Australia, that they had found in specific analysis of current wage fundamentals, that Australian wages were growing slowly across most industries in the economy, and most regions of the country, so the slow growth was evenly shared. No wonder he's a "Happy-Clapper," too.
Noted minister for alternative information sources,  Wiki-Ozone-Hole Hunt has decided that Private health Insurance can be 10% cheaper for young people by foregoing  Pilates, Yoga, Bowen's Method and other alternative therapies and medicines.  Based on no cost benefit analysis nor any study of how many millennials will avail themselves of this panacea to private health fund and pharmaceutical profits, or indeed of its efficacy as a remedy, this move only furthers the monopolization effect on treatment. I'm sure that hospitality workers losing their penalty rates, some up to $6,000.00 pa, will be overjoyed at a $0.70c per week reduction in their private health insurance.  And as one well publicly re-numerated mogul from a health insurance company said, "We want to get back to the situation where at least 70% of the population have private health they did before Gough Whitlam introduced Medicare."
Isn't it interesting how under the ruling rabble you pay twice for every single service which then becomes increasingly inferior?
Hunt therefore provides further evidence not only of the paucity of Ruling Rabble commitment to public health with another "look-over-there-moment" but also his possible interest in a board seat, post politics!

Truffle's Turnbull's short-winded energy package will be released as soon as Rabid-the-Hun approves the energy committee of cabinet dog's-dinner after clearing  major troglodyte hurdles in The National Party to the policy's release.
Dumping spurned Chief Scientist Alan Finkel's proposal for a clean energy target and instead, returning to a C19th model of electricity generation Truffles is expected to announce vintage Knitting manuals for all and more matches for the coal-fired bar-b-q. In what was supposed to sound a positive note Truffles and Fictions Frydenberg announced that there would be subsidies for turning your air conditioner down or off to which one wit commented that "... would it be acceptable as they currently didn't have an air conditioner, to buy a dud second-hand one and claim the rebate for not switching it on?" Similarly, in the Wombat's Mt Gambier Stone house which rarely exceeds 26C after days of extreme heat can we claim a subsidy for building appropriately for the climate?

The ruling rabble were policy bereft before they achieved control and since have only been the most predictable economic, environmental and social debacle possible. And who does one blame ...? Not Labor as they persistently do but The Ugly American, Murdoch, the Biggest Miner, Rinehart and their funded IPA, particularly  its chief proselytiser John, Le Jongleur, Roskam and his bevy of ABC acolytes who continue to muddy waters and misinform at every destructive Quisling step as they lead the Ruling Rabble and nation to oblivion!
The cretinization of the nation under these anti-social, free-marketeers is almost complete but when their time is done, as it nearly is and Labor returns to power attempting to reverse these mongrels last four year's negative actions, I can already hear the self righteous wailing of the Murdoch right wing press chorus telling us again the sky is falling in because equality to them is like a crucifix is to a vampire.
Was once a great country... now perilously close to imploding.
Hoo-roo Petals,

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