Sunday, 19 November 2017

...and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth...

House of Cards
House of Cards

G'day Possums,

The air was being rent with wailing, gnashing of teeth, garments being shredded, ashes thrown and sackcloth worn following the failure of the Lying Lyle's Oz Xtian Lobby "No" campaign against marriage equality when up popped the young grim faced IPA senator, Unterscharfuhrer Paterson with a solution to their woes. Well, as it was apparently written by Lying Lyle, the un-elected senator was really only the delivery boy attempting to foist a set of apartheid-like discrimination acts on the country in an attempt to "improve" and stymie the passage of the marriage equality bill  through parliament. Using the furphy of "religious freedom" Lying Lyle's epistle suggested that flower and cake purveyors, church ministers and civil celebrants be allowed to refuse their services to anyone they thought might be LGBTQI and that parents can take their children out of school and not be taught to use a strap-on. 

This caused such consternation that Chwissie the Whyning-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, Pyne whom many think is still in his closet, had to deny sending a "like" to a gay porn movie on his Twitter account and Matty, Thug Canavan uncrossed his eyes long enough to chime in with a coal-smoke induced offering that Xtian Rock Groups be included in this discrimination, too.
Poor Thug, he certainly is a blockheaded, Deep Northern hetero with little understanding..... to assume that any Gay would want be seen doing the wedding waltz to Xtian Rock, wholly underestimates their verve and taste.

The postal survey in 5/8 time and at a cost of nearly $100,000,000.00 only proved that the polls of the past years were correct and that the ruling rabble's Little Johnny Howard's malicious mangling of the marriage bill nine years ago was just another example of his nastiness and further; the Catlic right wing rump of the rabble have cost the people more than money, they have cost parliament its integrity.
Not that they care.. their only role is to push their own personal agenda's and those of either the Catlic run IPA or their donors/bribers.
Agendas, which as the survey has amply demonstrated, are so out of kilter with common thought that we may come to see this postal survey folly as the real breach in the dyke of neo-liberalism and its further crumbling to eventual destruction.
Prime Miniature Truffles took the survey result as a personal victory but the hollowness of his reality was betrayed by both his body language and bombast.

The disloyal Bestiality Bernardi was his usual graceless self, intoning that the "Yes" side shouldn't gloat and that a 38% loss wasn't that but a victory and he would win in the end.
Poorlene, Please-Explain, Hanson of the Noe Notion Party whose paucity of affection to all ethnic groups not white, Xtian and stupid is legendary was thoroughly confused with the result.  All those she rails against, Chinese, Muslims, Xtian Arabs, Asians, and Afghanis etc  tended to vote that way she did.
Oh, the irony!

Ex Premier, Christine "Eddies Gel" Keneally has rattled the net in the Bennelong by-election taking ruling rabble dual citizen, Backhander Alexander to deuce in the first week of the campaign. Ruling rabble first serves have started down in the clay but might become ineptly unproductive as their constant chipping on the Obied factor could just draw his over remunerated worker with the shocking memory, Uncle Arfah Sinodinas into the unwanted glare of public view again.

You couldn't make this stuff up, could you?
Pics are from the Nutcracker.

Hoo-roo Petals,


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