Friday, 3 November 2017

Oh, the Schadenfreude...

Shane all ends up
Shane all ends up
G'day Possums,
The pics today are from France and may reflect our current national state.

High stench from  the High Barnyard Joyce is dumped as a dual citizen and has to front a bye-election; his deputy, Princess Fiona of Nash is outed too which is causing some real friction within ruling rabble coalition ranks but not as much as the now ex-Kiwi.  Apparently he's still using RAAF aircraft at taxpayer expense (as a common citizen) to ferry him around with his electioneering.
Although,  just when all looked bleak, a little ray of sunshine lights the firmament as  Mal-Addled Roberts of Noe Notion hilarity has been told as well that his "feeling" of being an Aussie is trumped by empirical evidence and he joins his senior adviser in the unemployment queue ...though not on the same rape charges.
Oradour sur Glane
Oradour sur Glane
I was a little more than surprised at some journalists defence of The Harpy, Cash's innocence at her lies x 6 to senate estimates... because she looked.... convincing.
This woman has form in the lying stakes and knows that 80% of the media will give her a free ride, hence her insouciance.
It also turns out that that all the raiders of the AWU offices were not plods!  Will we ever find out... as they refused to identify themselves? Even ASIO identify themselves when rounding up suspected terrorists. 
Democracy in action,  Cash style!
The tide might just be turning as the shambles that this ruling rabble has been since 2013 election is now being commented on by mainstream press more frequently
Goodness, gracious me... Is this ruling rabble, the vaunted "born-to-rule," "natural-economic-managers," "creme-de-la-creme" who can't even fill out their paper work?
President of the Senate "Stevie Wonder" Parry has stepped down as he's a Brit, too!  Not that this was a sudden revelation: Stevie-Boy knew back in August and confided this to other cabinet ministers but was apparently told to keep shtum!  Truffles denies prior knowledge of anything at all except that it's all Labor's fault and that he hasn't had so much fun in ages.

Replacing Stevie will be the next candidate on the ruling rabble senate ticket who lost his higher place on that ticket at last election due to the internal machinations of our favourite ruling rabble fascist, Vichy Abetz.
I'm sure they'll all get along famously down there in Tassie.... wont they, I mean they're all adults, aren't they?
Azay le Rideau
Azay le Rideau
Given that it took the Prof of Constitutional Law from Sydney Uni 3 minutes to ascertain whether Barnyard was a Kiwi; what on earth can you say about the tardiness of these ruling rabble types? Arrogant and born to rule, elitists ?
A Citizenship Audit "is too Expensive, Protracted And Inconclusive" pontificates Truffles, as the unnecessary $122 Million Voluntary Postal Survey for marriage equality begins its final week and Fictions Frydenberg whinges that the finger is now being pointed at him over his mother's Hungarian birth which he reckons is unfair because she was a refugee. Hmmm... and what about the state of the current refugees in the Manus concentration camp, Fictions?

Riding under two historically foreign flags and cheered on by Truffles and Willie Shortstuff, a motley re-enactment crew cantered down into the once Palestinian town of Beersheba to celebrate the brave charge of the 4th and 12th Australian Light Horse to overwhelm the Turkish Ottoman Empire defenders of 1917. No mention was made of the very significant contributions made in this 3rd Battle of Gaza by the British troops and New Zealand cavalry in facilitating the Light Horse's military achievement.
The mythologized version of events was that the Light Horse needed water for their horses but the truth is it was, Beer...Sheba!

...and a little ode to the tune Tannenbaum in the hope of spreading a portion of  early xmas the ruling rabble.

Oh, shadenfreude, oh schadenfreude
Your time is come to mock them all.
Their hubris worn with such disdain
To all and sundry regaled in pain
Oh schadenfreude, Oh schadenfreude
Their antics wasteful must surely cease.

Hoo-roo, Petals,

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