Tuesday, 18 August 2015

seeing an implosion.

Shane and House of Cards

G'day Petals,

The house of cards is imploding but more of that later in Wombat Droppings.

Mrs Wombat and I took a little trip t'other day to Trentham... they have a small market there on the weekend so we ambled around with the locals sampling the produce and having a gander.

The Cosmo, Trentham

" The Cosmo" burnt down quite a few years back which made a real hole in the town's economy but it has since been repaired and other places have opened and it is quite a thriving town again.

One of the appealing aspects of Trentham is that for me at least, it has a definite Australian country town feeling about it.
It would not be hard to imagine characters from a Norman Lindsay novel like "Redheap" coming down the street.

Then there were the dogs: so many in fact, that I suspect that the market is only an excuse for the dogs to catch up and socialize.

There are even facsimiles of them which confused some.

Wombat, Trentham

Well, it is in the Wombat State Forest, after all...

The secret Lives of Wombats

...with some essential reading....

Two Fat Wombats

...at the Two Fat Wombats.... casually ambling along the verandah roof...
...as you do.

There are good food places Like La Fermiere, (bookings essential) The Redbeard and the Trentham Bakeries, The Coliban, and the Plough Hotel as well as the Cosmo. Three or four good quality Galleries and a pottery; bookshops and clothing stores make it an interesting place to visit and browse through.

Braced House Trentham

Although this venerable structure has seen better days the bracing suggests that someone is attempting to resuscitate it.

Trentham, worth  a visit.

And lastly my flyer for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. August 22 till September 9.

Wombat Droppings
the chronicle of Australia's slide from egalitarianism into fascism

In his political ineptness, Rabid-the-Hun has shown us with startling clarity just how confused, biased and dishonest the Liarbril “message” is.
One the one hand we will need either a plebiscite or referendum on “marriage equality” but not on sending more troops to bomb Syria.
Royal Commissions can be ordered into past Prime Ministers but not into pollies rorting the system or bankers fleecing their clients.
He maintains our elected representatives cannot make some decisions but hospital / medical, education, environmental and pension funding can be stripped at an ideological political whim.
He pretends he is “Protecting our Borders” by maintaining concentration camps for refugees but with the Pacific Trade Deal the ruling rabble are trading our real sovereignty to China.
His Catholicism will always have priority over and above the national interest and his “middle of the pack” on climate action is not that, it is just very, very mediocre.

The backers of Rabid-the-Hun and his “intellectual” wing, “The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe”  (aka the IPA) must be sorely disappointed that their chosen one turned out to be a false “profit”. He has not only failed to facilitate their rancid agendas but has also glaringly exposed their real motives and their immaturely selfish theoretical underpinnings.

The real pity is … from where is the real vision for this nation to come?

The body language of the ruling rabble in the corridors and on the floor of parliament seems to be one of sullen resignation. They have been chastened by the public disgust at Bronny Pompadour-Kero’s disgraceful excesses, rattled by their leaders backward thinking both on Climate Targets and marriage equality and now are faced with such embarrassing evidence of their hubris as their Cap’ns pick of Royal Commissioner, Dyson Heydon, has been shown to be biased, partial and conflicted.
They will not “name and shame” tax dodging multi-nationals saying that the ATO will sort it but then the ATO has been stripped of 1400 workers and can’t reasonably cope with the load.

There is now a real sense that people have “turned off”.
Rabid-the-Hun announces what is really for State jurisdiction, a “war on Ice” and it sounds hollow and meaningless, “Eleventy” Hockey brays in parliament about jobs and growth but is only going through the motions as he nervously counts down the days to when General Motors, Ford and Toyota close up shop (something he is responsible for) and suddenly there are 500,000 more unemployed swelling the dole queues and there is precious little manufacturing left to soak up the rising tide of despair.
Kelly Shaddupp-a-ya-face O' Dwyer.... on QandA prattles on and on and on and on …and finally comes back to the original point having spent 5 minutes boringly embellishing a slogan!

This ruling rabble is so full of piss and wind it’s no wonder that they’re so dehydrated and breathless.

Hoo-roo Possums,

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