Friday, 24 April 2015

Rouen: No Country for High Heels

Shane in Rouen
G'day Possums,

…and as the loquacious waiter from Chalet de Isles who being a native and migrates to and fro to Paris for work explained in a guttural back-of-the-throat-and-through-the-nose manner, “….it’s Ooo-uun.”

Apart from the delights of leaning medieval timbered facades and a city hall being selectively left with the pock marks and cratering from Allied determination in dislodging almost as much of the architecture as they did the Germans inJuly/August 1944, there are the cobblestones…and little footpath steps which in their 50-60mm difference to the path are barely perceptible and can offer surprising steps into space unknown or with only a 1/3 of a foot purchase and ankle twist, the opportunity to make brilliant imitations of a drunken tourist.

This could explain the number of shoe shops…. selling flats.

Gothic Flamboyant

Of which, there are almost as many as there are Bars, Bistros and Restaurants in which to practice the drunken tourist; but I didn’t and watched my step instead.

Rue Cauchoise
Bang, Bang...

Mrs Wombat and I saw some very nice shoes, too. A beautifully crafted pair of handmade men’s shoes were a comfortable E1000.00 and a matching colour Mont Blanc Pen, a laid back E450.00. But as we know …”the age of entitlement is over!” Well nearly.

St Ouen

The Musee de Beaux Art had some fine stuff, a nice Bourdelle “Pomona” and a surprisingly emotional David D’Angers’  Marble, lovely Corot’s, and Monet’s, some wonderful macabre Gericault’s, and Sisley who is much better on longer looking than some of his contemporaries like Renoir…and some huge works by one painter whose subject matter could only be termed the C19th prelude to “snuff” movies. 
Rouen reflections

There are also some very interesting Modigliani's and Villon’s… and a brilliant modern carpet… and added to this was a exhibition of quattrocento panels from Siena showing the rapid development in Italian art during the renaissance and detailing that the then prevailing orthodoxy of the elites getting the rewards and the plebeians, the dross is still current. 


Medieval Plague Mortuary

Judging by the contemporary morals exhibited in a “Last Judgment,” cuddling prelates and amorous aristocrats seem to have more chance of benign judgment than the grovelling peasants who are condemned to genital tickling and other mild S and M strictures in Hell but by the looks on their faces they may well be considering that their Hellish Lot an improvement on their last situation. 

Deeper into Normandy tomorrow,
Hoo-roo Petals,


and some street shots for those interested....


Break Dance

the Mask.

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