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with a Xmas of Spirit

G’day Possums,
Shane and Shai
Red Sails Poster

The new ballet from Ballet Theatre Australia, “The Red Sails” was a sort of “Red Shoes” meets Fellini tripping over “The Red Poppy” in its eclectic musical and choreographic mix. 

 ...and congratulations to Shai.. on her way to dance in Canada

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Olivia G
I have probably said before that the number of shots  taken during a performance often indicates a visceral response to its aesthetic and technical worth. 
BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Shai T
Similarly when doing the post process: you see somewhat more clearly how the performers responded in detail and you gain further insights into the idea of the work.

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Pas de Trois
Perhaps it was the costumes or the groupings but I kept being reminded of Poussin
and, to a certain extent, Caravaggio so have determined to organise a shoot mid January to realise some of the ideas floating about that all this has stimulated.

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Circus Scene

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Stephanie G and Olivia G

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Laura and Emma

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Laura, Jack and Emma

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Three Delicious Divas

Wombat Droppings or Low, Down-Under Politics

Very, very interesting is the almost total lack of Liarbril objection/refutation to any number of severely critical articles in blogs various on this incompetent rabble of a government.... are their nostrils finally filling with the stench of a rotting body which was once a social entity or are they just shielding themselves from the searing glare of their own choice?

In an appointment (without interview) Tim “Twat” Wilson has been made a Commissioner for Human Rights by alleged Attorney General, George “Library Rorts” Brandis. What this “Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from–a-Parallel –Universe (aka the IPA) knows about humans is yet to be ascertained, as do his qualifications but he was consoled by his friend for giving up not only his Liarbril Party but his IPA membership too.  
 It would look odd taking $300,000.00 a year in a job you vehemently argued should be abolished!
The free speech thingy matters little in the context of these Bolt "Dolt" types; there is no point in having them removed by a tsunami of reaction. Better to keep their ilk in place as a poignant reminder of how stupidly fallible paid apparatchiks can be.

We are now to have Codes of Conduct for priests and asylum seekers… the first category indicates, how morally bereft Australians society has become and the latter, how intensely cruel and uncaring we are.

The Spirit of Xmas was evoked when Prime Miniature “Rabbott” heart-warmingly congratulated Holden workers on being “liberated from working” but declined to say when, economically, the country will be fully devastated and there will be liberation for all. 
What they are doing is  “Bully-Boy” Kennett (The Dorian Grey of the Tardis State “Where-all-Goes-Backward”) writ on a larger scale: obliterate the workforce to fragment the Unions, privatise everything within reach, allow the new bosses to introduce low wages and strip back penalty rates, introduce more draconian anti-demonstration legislation …as their hero Menzies once said “A stable economy is one where there are two workers outside the factory for every one inside.”

“I am absolutely determined to change... and we will change within 12 months." A statement ostensibly made regarding the adoption of overseas children but sounding more like one of “Rabbott’s” Freudian slips concerning his rabble’s plummeting poll ratings. A smiling photo op with a celeb or two and attempting a kindness for once that costs nothing whilst slashing and burning everything else:  pardon me for my cynicism.
It all comes down to what is "vision" and "Rabbott's" character is the controlling factor in that.   
Take that, as you will….
Then, if we look at the Corman's, Bernardi's, Ciobo's, Brough's, Pynes' Cash's, Brandis' and Abetz's et al, of this rabble, the vision "thing" is decidedly bleak and it will make no difference if "Rabbott" gets rolled in six months and "von Ribbentrop"Turnbull is voted office boy for the BCA & IPA, as the aforementioned rabble still sit there festering within the remnants of democracy.
One thing they do well though is to clear the "grey" areas... one is seeing with a simpler clarity.

“Rabbott” is prepared to spend $25,000,000.00 of taxpayers’ money in a vicious little political witch-hunt over the “Pink Batts” issue. Called a “Debacle” by Murdoch’s minions, this economic stimulation scheme saw 4 young male employees die from either eletrocution or Heat-Stroke when installing the Batts in ceilings. Blaming the Federal Government of the time for the failings of the employers or the State Occupational Health and Safety Authorities is an interesting move.
Apart from ignoring the 128 other workplace deaths in the past 12 months it also ignores the stimulus to the economy, the ongoing benefits of lower power usage and more energy efficient homes.
Perhaps we could have a Royal Commission into the 2 military deaths caused by “Little Johnnie” Howard’s foray into Iraq to look for what he said were “weapons of mass destruction” or perhaps one into politicians rorting their travel and electoral allowances or better, one into the role Alex “Fish-Nets-That-Batter” Downer played in the Timor Sea Oil and Gas negotiations with Woodside?
I have a feeling that this tactic by “Rabbott” might be over-reach. Ashby-Gate and Thommo-Gate are being found more and more spurious and having brought  Government ministers into the firing line, “Rabbott’ is lining his own side up for the inevitable and bloody pay-back.The Spirit of Xmas.
Keating in suit Abbott in Lycra
Pick the Prime Minister
Scott “The Drone” Morrison in deciding that Orwellian language alone is not sufficient for his “stand-up comedy act” has incorporated “Catch-22” into his repertoire. Refugees in the country (all Labor’s fault, of course) who co-habit to stretch their munificent $250.00 a week benefit whilst not being allowed to work; and who make too much noise, look different, speak a language other the Liarbril-ese or cook anything other than chops and three veg will be deported to Manus Island for re-education and more appropriate summer co-habitation in tents.
The Spirit of Xmas.

 It has not been announced if the rules of the The Augustine Cup cricket match at Lords of Anglican clergy vs Catholic priests from the Vatican are to be amended re: the Vatican side bowling a maiden over!

Cheers Petals and Seasons’ Greetings,


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