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..fossils with their pants on fire

 G'day Petals,
some pics from around our fair land before its all sold off to private interests and then some fossils with their pants on it's all....

Wombat Droppings or the Low-down on Oz Politics

Shane making comparisons
Shane making comparisons

Here in the Tardis State, “Where-all-goes Backward”, John Faine (ABC, 774 Mornings), mischievously announced the appalling news that Tim “Twat” Wilson (Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from-A-Parallel-Universe, aka the IPA) might get to host a program on the ABC. 

St.Kilda Beach
St.Kilda Beach

If he does I’m asking the Corporation for compensation for having to purchase a new Bass Tuner for the radio to modify “Twat’s” high-pitched, pre-pubescent whine.
(A voice characteristic that seems de-rigueur for many of the rancid-right males).
Although it would give him a real job for once; that the Corporation could seriously consider putting this biased, mono-concept, partisan right-winger to air to host anything is beyond comprehension, particularly as he has an IPA policy position of flogging the ABC and SBS to private interests. It would be as bad as inviting another Cuckoo into your nest!

Tasmania, East Coast
Tasmania, East Coast

We would also have to know who funds the IPA in order to separate the comment from the advertising and with the overload of right-wing drivel we have currently from 99% of the media we really don’t need more amateurs akin to the limited talk-back talent of Amanda “Il Patrone” Vanstone clogging the air-waves with their bilious thought-bubbles. Maybe if ABC programmed them all together at Sunday, 2:00am as “The Macca, Mandy and Timmy Troll Show?”  It would be a sort of nouveau “Goon-Show”.  Sans  humour.
It is a case in point that is only when skilled practitioners go on leave that you realise just how skilled, balanced and talented they are. How well they are able to maintain, over a number of hours audience interest, consistent thought and theme and are able engage with empathy a variety of guests and talk-back callers where, often under provocation, they have to maintain their manners; and none of this is amounts to much if the basics of radio technique, voice, is inappropriate and the enunciation is not in sync with that voice.
Perhaps the talented Annabel Crabbe?  … her replacement of Leigh“Hissy-Fit”Sales as news anchor was a demo on how-to-do-it in an informative, empathetic and more importantly, BALANCED manner!
Sales’ latest interview with The “Lying-Whyning-Perfect-Prefect” Pyne had none of the rude, rapid-fire interruption and value-ridden, assumed-answer questions that Shorten had to contend with a couple of nights earlier. The “Lying-Whyning-Perfect-Prefect” Pyne grinned and smirked his way through a cake-walk that not once indicated that lying about your policy’s before an election was not only contemptuous of the electorate but a bad thing for notions of democracy nor was he probed over his his silly grinning  I-don’t –care-what-you-say, performance.
Not balanced, ABC!  And again, tonight... (2/12) Sales' let this apology for a education minister lie his way around the truth of the now most recent Liarbril double-back-flip on Gonski. The only thing she had to ask him was, "Who wrote the script, Monty Python?"

"the review was the most comprehensive in 30 years. It took 20 months to complete. It spans 300 pages. It attracted an extraordinary 7000 individual written submissions. Five of the six panel members held the Order of Australia. The government even gave the inquiry and the report their own website:
But they are not there any more. Visits to are redirected to the departmental website of minister Christopher Pyne, where there's no mention of the word "Gonski" at all, let alone a copy of the report or its 7000 submissions."

So now we have an Education Minister who literally "Burns-The-Books!"

One of Crabbe’s recent pearlers: “Joe Hockey: a Cereal Killer!” I’m henceforth going to appropriate it as Hockey’s Nick-Name as it deserves all the spreading that all good shit must!
Joe “Cereal-Killer” Hockey: The man who won’t be pushed around…Ta..Daaaaaaaaa.

Adding to our world standing, it’s been reported that Oz received 4 Fossil of the Day Awards at the Warsaw Climate Change talks and caused a walkout by other delegates frustrated with our obstruction.
We were then awarded the overall, Colossal Fossil.
Ozzie, Ozzie Ozzie, Oi,Oi,Oi!
most from Kaye Lee. The aimn

And then this :  
 “I was an opposition leader myself for four years; I know that that position has some exhilarations and some frustrations.”  To Aung San Suu Kyi, (visiting Oz for the first time) a patriot who has endured 15 years imprisonment and a life in constant fear of assassination
Perhaps the deplorable crassness of “Rabbott” Abbott’s mind demonstrated once more by this utterance, was a line was provided by Mark “Slagger”Textor?

 Was "Rabbott’s" Mein(er) Kampf called “Battlelines” because he's a conflicted Catholic and understands naught but conflict?

But this little ammo replenisher from might be worth stocking for those run-ins with those you can’t seem to find any more: Liarbril voters.
Lies, about-faces and broken promises are as follows:
(for the American reader, Labor: Red, Liarbril: Blue)
Gough Whitlam: 7
Malcolm Fraser: 52
Bob Hawke: 4
Paul Keating: 3
John Howard: 41
Tony Abbott (as minister): 17
Kevin Rudd: 4
Julia Gillard: 6
Tony Abbott (as Opposition Leader): 15 …and counting. As PM ?
But don’t expect them to accept facts, their visceral hatreds have to be indulged first.


The “Right” are now more comfortable in saying they wish only to support "aspirationals".
The big debate then is really another re-invention of the wheel.
What does this nation want to be?
A social-democracy or a selfish and greedy "Tea-Party" feudal system as espoused by the IPA?
I think the last election pointed in a direction for the worse.
Australians’ have shown reluctance since Whitlam for having any lasting yearning for social justice, equity, or understanding of the issues and ideas of nation building.
Labor has been bereft in this area; the Greens the only “left” remaining are too narrowly focused and the "the bogans" are having a field day. 

Near Coonabaraban

I fear we are becoming a cartoon of a nation and unfortunately having made the story-board from left-over American bits (and it’s getting worse) we only have a “sit-com” character and identity where we wrap a flag around our obese selves, daub its colours on our cheeks and practice plastic patriotism at the cricket.

See ya, Possums,


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