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Manufacturing a Festive Season

G’day Possums…
Shane Wombat with Santa
Shane Wombat with Santa, not G.S's.

More ballet rehearsal stuff, again; performance is on Thursday and it’s looking good, hope you enjoy.
BTA Lawrence Winder

BTA Lawrence Winder
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BTA Lawrence Winder
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Wombat Droppings or Low Down Politics in Oz

What I’m finding interesting is the genuine tenor of criticism that this woeful Liarbril rabble is getting and of their almost complete lack of vision for this country.
It’s not coming from the Murdoch controlled outlets, as you would expect, but by many of the more sober and thoughtful blogs. It is exposing deep division in this country that does not auger well for the future. I’m not at all happy to say that things I surmised about 12 and 18 months ago have come to pass and were not just silly rants.
Manufacturing is being gutted and the sycophantic msm are looking sillier by the minute attempting to prop up these incompetent IPA spruikers as the gap between their copy and reality becomes wider.
This recent excoriation of Piers “Toad-Hall” Akerman from Annabel Crabbe,  where  he has joined the chorus line of Let’s-Create-a-Diversion-and-Bash-The-ABC, is a case in point.
“The broader narrative here may well be an ecological tale different from but no less tragic than Nemo's; the politically seasonal loss of food supply for the mature right-wing cheerleader columnist. When Labor is in power, there is red meat aplenty, but when the Coalition rules, these mighty carnivores are obliged to scrape by on a meagre diet of public broadcasters and animated woodland creatures. You've got to make a living, don't you?
And when you think about it, perhaps it's not so silly after all that a writer in the Akerman genre would feel adequately qualified to take on a cartoon pig, whose chief failing - feminism aside - is that she is shouty, argumentative, one-dimensional and just that little bit too loud.”
"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which." Annabel Crabb
Then there was a Ms Parnell McGuiness opining that there should be an enquiry into Unions although she doesn’t know or had much to do with Unions but I-Was-Told- to –Agree-With-This-So-I-Will. Ms McGuinness allegedly runs a company called “Thought Broker” that gives advice. One hopes that their advice is from a better knowledge base than this one evidenced on “The Drum!”

Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

Cory “Bestiality” Bernardi obviously doesn't want to sit next to Malcolm “von Ribbentrop” Turnbull in parliament for fear of catching something…. possibly fleas and also feels, as a backbencher and  sacked parliamentary secretary, justified in telling a minister how to act. This is not to be taken as evidence of a dysfunctional government, no, no it’s just the hurley-burley of a vibrant democracy; it’s only dysfunctional when Labor argue with each other.
Labor were never actually dysfunctional; it was a projection of the sociopaths who are now exhibiting their true worth and last week would have lost an election if it had been held. There is a petition to the GG doing the rounds to sack “Rabbott” and his nefarious bludgers
And, well, it is the “Silly-Season!”
More proof of that sociopathic dysfunction came a couple of days ago when “Rabbott” announced his analysis of his first “100 Days.” Mrs Wombat and I were driving at the time and on hearing that “….. we have shown ourselves to be a competent and trustworthy government….” nearly ran off the road with laughter.
The whole thing is beginning to look like a tableau painted by Hieronymus Bosch.
Does “Rabbott” really believe when he says, “We are a competent, trustworthy government?” After the backflips, lies, stuff-ups and diplomatic gaffes that would have the press apoplectic if it was Labor being as incompetent. Or is it just another Neo-Fascist Orwellianism to batter the minds of the public into submission by repeating lies?
"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which."
More worrying are the Pacific Trade Talks where Andrew “La-La” Robb looks as if he is about to (in secret) let the Americans rip into the PBS and convert Australia’s Health System into the disaster that is America’s and Greg “Ozone-Hole” Hunt thinks that dumping 3,000,000 tonnes of dredging material onto the Barrier Reef will not diminish it; and that letting cattle back into the High Country will stop bushfires. He must have got that last one from Wicki. 
Joe “Cereal-Killer”Hockey is about to announce “…that we’ll all be rooned” as, “It’s-All Labor’s-Fault” that we gave $10Billion to the Reserve bank and not our $24 Billion parental leave scheme for the “Upper-Middle-Class-Needy” or the extra $1.2 Billion going to the States who wouldn’t sign up for the Gonski that we’re not going to implement is all Labour’s fault, too. As is the $20 Million we’re now not going to buy Indonesian fishing boats with but convert into an ad campaign to advertise things we wont be able to tell you…. and it’s all such a mess we’ll have to wait till next May to tackle this “Economy-in-Crisis.”  Take the batteries out of you Bull-Shit Meters Petals, they just might explode!
When you have a satirist (John Birmingham) calling this the “Golden-Age” of  Satire and saying that he should forward his pay to Scott “The-Drone” Morisson as he is the one really writing his satirical material you have to believe that this lot are as bad as being portrayed. It would be funny if not tragic for the country.

Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

There’s to be a Royal Commission into the “Pink Batts” deaths to sling mud at Labor. Not a Royal Commission into The Attorney General “Loose-Lips” Brandis’ use of ASIO to “Nobble” witnesses into Little Johnny Howard’s lot spying on Timor-Leste or the then Foreign Minister, Alex “Fish-Net’s-that-Batter” Downer’s involvement in assisting Woodside Petroleum (whom he now works for) in talks with Timor-Leste ?
Loose-Lips has also turned logic on its head and appointed Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe, Tim "Twat" Wilson from the IPA as a Human Rights Commissioner. The IPA think that the Human Rights Commission should be abolished. Brandis said that "Twat"Wilson will add "balance." Sort of like the balance you have with one person on a see-saw!
  Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

Police here in the “Tardis” State (Where-All-Goes-Backward) are falling over themselves to assist residents in understanding why they really do need the East-West Link for $8 billion. If the residents query why such understanding has to found in a Rugby tackle they are asked for an $8,000.00 fee! This fee also apply to “The Knitting Nannas” who sit in Toolangi trees knitting, attempting to thwart Vic Forests renovation of the homes of the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum.
Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw has warned Santa about staying too long at Pretend Premier Dennis “Inutilis-Rusticus” Napthine’s place or he’ll have another word with “The Speaker”  and call any journalist who asks him a question, a Vulture. So there! 
Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”  

Cheers Possums,

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