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Around the traps the madness continues

Hello, you two…this week it's all 
Wombat Droppings
shane with mandolin
Shane with Mandolin
P.M. “Big-Red” Gillard’s lousy timing was on show again trying to increase public funding to pollies election funds. Mr “Rabbott” agreed (in writing) with the deal until his party, miffed at not being consulted, revolted and forced an about-face.
Lesson’s ?  1/ political nouse, 2/ what’s a signed agreement worth? 3/ the Liarbril’s are revolting.
Senator George (Hissy-Fit) Brandis (Deep North Liarbril) had a lovely time saying over and over and over again, “look, look over there…a rabbit!”

Indonesions tell The “Rabbott” that they will not accept any refugee boats he turns back… Rabbott ignores that and blames Labor!
Kelly (Shuddupa-ya-Face) O’Dwyer ( Liarbril Motor-Mouth for Higgins) manages again, on TV to turn a discussion into a ranting monologue.
Sophie (Pit-Bull) Mirabella was seen in Ballarat with a carcass of meat. 
Make that two carcasses. 
She was possibly demonstrating what Australian manufacturing might finally look like if the Liabrils win government.
Photo: Moorabool News, Ph: H. Tatchell

Sophie "Pit-Bull "
 Joe (Oh-What-a-Feeling) Hockey says ''we must return to stable, predictable and honest government to Australia''. But will not release the Liarbril’s budget costings, policy or plans…..“look, look over there…another rabbit!”   

Blackwoods, Wombat State Forest

National Parks in the Tardis State (Where-all-goes-Backwards) are now up for 99- year private leases. Pretend Environment minister Ryan (Dodo) Smith said that this “….will give investors more certainty and a stronger incentive to develop high-quality proposals in our national parks.”
Hmmm … like Coal Seam Gas mining? The chance of being shot by a gun wielding 12year old? Being trampled by some bovine masticating native Heath and other endangered wildflowers? Or being run down by a raging 4WD?
Conservation? Nah….. it’s just not profitable.

Liarbril imagination!
Threats to the survival of the Leadbeater's possum are being compounded by recent Tardis State (Where-all-goes-Backwards) government changes to survey methods and reservation strategies that will result in the habitat of the species being logged and setting back the development of much-needed new habitat by at least 120 years. The new changes are seen as so retrograde that the international journal Science reported that the Leadbeater's possum will be one of the world's first deliberate, government-sanctioned extinctions of an endangered species.
Liarbril imagination!
Louise (Dozy) Asher, Minister for Innovation (Liarbril) has cut funding to a youth service which helps employ troubled young people in hospitality in Melbourne.  The Heat program has been told it would lose $220,000 in funding and its restaurant will be closed. The program has an 80 per cent employment rate for participants. Emma Crichton, from the St Kilda Youth Service, says it has been a successful program and the Napthine Government should reconsider the funding decision. "We run this program on the smell of an oily rag. We are probably the most inexpensive youth service in the state of Victoria," she said. "It is just so efficient how we work this program and it's so important. It's vital that it remains. "Ms Crichton says the participants learn about more than just hospitality. "We also teach them about life and self-esteem and discipline and working in teams," she said. (Source: ABC radio 774)
Which probably balances the cost of Ex-Premier, Big-Bird (Silvertail Incompetens) Baillieu’s  perk of a new car and driver!
Ms “Dozy” seems unavailable for comment… zzzzz….zzzzzz….zzzzz!
Liarbril imagination!

king Kong
A Napthine Rant

Pretend Premier Napthine,(Inutilus Rusticus) has decided that he didn’t swear at Opposition leader Daniel Andrews in the corridor of Parliament house in front of Andrews’ six year old child.  He has also not admitted that they were arguing over the price of a taxi fare as we all will soon have to do or that the “robust discussion” was about sharing of said taxi.
Police were not called as they were busy with two others apparently getting a bit willing in a political domestic in the same building.

Liarbril imagination!

Matty (What’s-a-Greenwedge / Backhander) Guy has said because the developers paid memberships to a Liberal Party fundraising club - a figure of $10,000 a year - they did not pay on the night, so it was not a paid fundraiser. "Team 200 like the 500 Club for Liberal, is a group where you pay your membership fee and you have certain speakers, there is nothing different in this," he said. He said it did not break the ban because "it wasn't a fundraiser where people paid money to attend". "Go back and tell me where I have made a decision that is an advantage to anyone," he said. 
ROFL moment
Mr Guy's attendance at a fundraising dinner attended by property developers will not be investigated by the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission as they have already poo-poo-ed that idea, “What our Matty, corrupt? Balderdash!
ROFL moment, 2
Sniff, Sniff… the stink of the Tardis State(Where-all-goes-Backwards)

Ex Liarbril, Geoff(Fiddles)Shaw thinks (whilst still waiting to see if police charge him for allegedly rorting his Govt car allowance) that back-bench pollies need more than $150,000 a year….. more like $400,000…. and this just after the pollies have voted themselves a pay rise!  
ROFL moment, 3
Liarbril imagination!             
Sniff, Sniff… the stink of the Tardis State(Where-all-goes-Backwards)

Cardinal George Pell uncomfortably fronted the enquiry into child abuse and seemed to have a modicum, a glimmer of understanding that the matter was actually serious for the victims and not just the finances of the church.
It really is a great pity that Henry 2 didn’t sort it out properly in the C12th.
And, anyone reading about the “Rat-lines” run by the Vatican for the benefit of the fascist mass murderers of WW2 should really have a look at Bishop Hart’s and Cardinal Pell’s demeanour in these hearings to have perhaps an inkling of how vile “good men” can be. Men who would tell you what morality, justice and ethics are.

The Collingwood F.C. board probably thought Eddie McGuire’s fine sense of history during the indigenous football week and replication of the manners of a 13 year old female supporter was no reason to sack him. 
Ahhh, Collingwood. What taste, what timing!
What’s next for a Collingwood fund-raiser …. the team in a B/W Minstrel Show?

wind farm
Wind Farm, Waubra

Sarah Laurie who likes to be described as a medical expert investigating health problems at wind farms but has never been called as an expert witness in any official inquiry into wind noise is stirring up opposition to wind farms on King Island.       Academics Simon Chapman and Fiona Chrichton have discovered in their separate research that the power of suggestion has been an extremely potent weapon in the wind energy debate. Their conclusions were that wind turbine syndrome was most likely caused by scare campaigns.

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