Friday, 14 June 2013

seeing the Prospect before us

G’day Possums,

Shane on September
Shane on September

Some rehearsal shots …performance stuff will be up soon.

Ballet rehearsal
Emma, jump

We’ve produced another video and seeing it on the “Big-Screen” for the first time was quite an experience.

projection on screen
Da BIG screen
The lens quality of it was very good and segments which deliberately had no sound, generally, worked. What took me by surprise was a quality, something akin to scale in sculpture that became apparent in one or two sections.

Ballet rehearsal
Ally and Jack

Making a sculpture you are always aware of the pieces’ intended destination; the light, reflections and any other factors that affect the way a work is visually altered by its environment and therefore altered aesthetically.

Ballet rehearsal
Laura, jete

In film it would seem to be rhythm that best equates with sculptural “scale”.

Ballet rehearsal
Olivia and Gus

When the rhythm is “out” it’s almost as if the mind drifts away from the narrative by presenting another thought (or no thought at all) until the original rhythm is picked up and you are returned to the journey.  Like scale, rhythm is inherent in the structure from initial concept through to final title and any deviation or hic-cough in the flow disturbs the viewing experience, which is quite literally magnified on the big screen.
Timing, composition and relationship to previous and following scenes all seem to be part of this rhythm mix and a somewhat instinctive faculty in balancing these elements, important.
A complex business but enjoyable to tackle…. Video may be seen at…..     

Wombat Droppings

Pyne the Whyne
Prefect Pyne the Whyne

Christopher “The Whyne” Pyne got caught out lying to camera again…ABC had a lovely time, I think, refuting his bullshit.
Shades of, “I-didn’t-meet–for-an assignation with Ashby.”

“Rabbott” has promised that the Liarbrils will definitely “STOP-THE-BOATS” in their fist term….yeah, right… and bangs on about not being a divisive government…which although untrue, sounded fine until you started reading a Mal Brough (oops, there’s that Ashby coot again) fundraising menu on FB and realised that the new definition of BOGAN is “Member of Liberal Party”!


Joe “What-a-Feeling” Hockey feigns a four-year-olds’ pout and whinges, “BUT SHE CALLED ME FAT, mummy!”  Or in other words.. Oohhh, look over there …a rabbit!
Steve (Smack-em-down) Ciobo, Liarbril, Q’land opines that people are lining up to “slit Gillard’s throat”…. Hmmmmm such delicate language skills that as Tim (Queer-Coot from IPA) Wilson says “… just the hurley-burley of politics”. Really Tim?… Not offensive ? Not inciting others to similar comment?
Alan “Bondi” Jones is still doing his malevolent and execrably putrid best on radio, this time over “Menu-Gate”, blaming the victim for playing the gender card …sort of like blaming the Titanic passengers for drowning themselves.
One of his shock-jock ilk  (Sattler, Perth) was suspended ( late news ...his radio station sacked him) for his offensive comments to the PM’s face on radio but you have to wonder when the Liarbrils and their conservative media will reap the whirlwind of this legitimisation of hate they have been so adept at cultivating and sowing.
‘Tis a pity that their policy development doesn’t receive the same attention but then, any distraction will serve their purpose in hiding the truth of their plans.

Here in the State of Tardis (where-All-Goes-Backward), Failed ex-Premier Jeff “Bully-Boy” Kennett (The Dorian Gray of Tardis State politics) uninvited, put his hand up to be the saviour of the under-performing Melbourne F.C.
One M.F.C. supporter said succinctly, “I’d rather we kept losing”.
A sentiment more widely appreciated than “Bully-Boys’” exploration into cognitive dissonance. But then, this syndrome seems endemic in the conservative side of politics.
$70,000,000 is being spent on incarceration modules on railway stations and more prisons; this being announced at the same time as pretend premier Dodo (Inutilus Rusticus) Napthine doesn’t announce cutting $2,500,000 and effectively closing down successful programs for marginalised youth.
Well, at least there’s accommodation for them and a bonus for the privatised prisons if they don’t re-offend within a certain time. A scheme, by-the-way, poo--pooed by the sentencing and parole authorities as open to rorting.
Perhaps a scheme thought up by ex-Liarbril Member for Frankston, Geoff (“Fiddles”) Shaw?  Who is still under police investigation…. allegedly.

The new $3,000,000,000 freeway to nowhere that solves nothing is going to be a win-win for the developers. The taxpayer is to pick up the tab if road usage isn’t as predicted!
Dontcha just love the economic competence and forward thinking of the Tardis State Liarbrils?

Build a 30 km rail link to the airport? Nah, too hard.

Matty (“What’s-a-Backhander”) Guy, State of Tardis (where-All-Goes-Backward) mis-planning minister t’other day praised “Bully-Boy” Kennett as being the saviour of the Art Deco, Regent Theatre.
My research indicated that it was the late Rupert Hamer, Premier at the time and not btw a friend of Kennett. And let’s not forget the bans by the Builder’s Labourers Federation for three years, stopping Lord Mayor Ron “Casino” Walker (friend of “Bully-Boy”) from demolishing the place.
Matty was at the time a staffer for “Bully-Boy” so, in best IPA fashion, is probably re-inventing history to praise his mentor.
State of Tardis (Where-All-Goes-Backward) Liarbrils have just celebrated 100 days since deposing Big Bird Baillieu ( Silveretail Incompetens). There has been a lot more noise but the policy has remained unimaginatively retrograde.

Cheers Petals,

stage rehearsal

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