Monday, 27 May 2013

..being a star

...being a star…

G’day petals,

We’ve been doing some work for a new performance by Ballet Theatre Australia

video console
Shane editing

which has also included a video for the intermission so here’s a small clip as a taster…


This was an interesting exercise as I felt quite uncomfortable moving in as close as I was to the dancers; normally I would attempt to be more “fly-on-wall” and not interfere in the progress of rehearsal or class.
Another point was shooting with a “filmic” sense and constantly thinking of the rhythm of the whole and not just for a single shot.

program cover
program cover

performance is on June 14th  so check BTA’s website for details.

 The Weekly Wombat Droppings

Asked by the Tardis State’s (where-all-goes-backwards) enquiry into child abuse why it has taken so long for the Catholic church to admit that it had covered up these allegations Melbourne’s Archbishop Hart said with a smile, “Well, better late than never.”
How’s that for contrition and an example of pastoral care?
We await with interest the response from Cardinal Pell.

Liarbrils from the Tardis State (where-all-goes-backwards) at their State conference, oddly, backed away from pursuing the idea of selling off the ABC and SBS.

Perhaps the head clown of the coots with queer ideas (the IPA), John Roskam whose gang came up with the idea in the first place “got the message” from the talk-back t’other day on 774? Of course, it’s harder for him to control the rudeness of constantly interrupting and talking over other panellists, as nasally high-pitched bad manners seem to be de rigueur for the loopy far right.
Be careful of these types who extol democracy and freedom and still follow the economics that gave the world the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Ford is bailing out of Oz. Perhaps their plant and machinery could be appropriated as compensation for all the taxpayer money they have been given over the years?


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