Saturday, 18 May 2013

..finding more lessons...

 G'day Possums

we've had another go at some of those blurry things ....some of which will be used as part of a new video shot t'other day.

Shane on the Tarkette

Please remember that these are only minimally cropped and levels/ tones adjusted.... otherwise they are pretty much straight of of the camera.

Jack and Ally

Jack and Ally Pas de Deux

 think of Glass..?


Tamra, Jete

BTA Rehearsals
I've also begun preparing my prints for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale in August/September and getting the paper to print on has been quite a task.
Seems the stuff I need is not made any more.  Fortunately I may have located a small stash and hopefully will find out in a couple of days whether some is available... more on that front later.

Wombat Droppings

 Wayne has done his Swan Song with some dignity and not a little fiscal rectitude only to be followed by “Rabbott” Abbott’s budgeted speech …well, it was budgeted: it was short on actual detail and long on spun motherhood polemic, but some of it was quite instructive for future reference in the light of recent developments.

“Rabbott” hand-on-heart, told us how much more “collegiate”,  “inclusive” and “for–all” his rabble will be after they gain power and that the people are sick and tired of “the playing of politics”.
Wow! And what have you been instigating for the past two years, Tony? 
Pity they didn’t have the sensitivity to front-up in Parliament for the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s legislative passage.   Insultingly, they nominated Kevin Andrews as their sole representative. As shadow portfolio of Families, Housing and Human Services, this right wing Xtian has shown in the past all the empathy to social and women’s issues as that of a medieval monk.
But at least “Rabbott” could self-aggrandize to rapturous applause during has budgeted reply about his 1000 Km charity ride…what–a-hero…. the very model of what… a wanker?

Then there was the ”Pairs in Parliament” bad manners episode… where a Labor woman wanted time to be with her ill child and requested a “Pair” to balance the numbers in the House. Liabrils refused on the basis that she hadn’t supplied enough info only relenting when it all hit the news and all the detail was there and they were just being mealy-mouthed again. Christopher (The Whyne) Pyne made matters worse being caught out lying about it... Shades of meetings with James Ashby!   (I wonder if he could lie straight in bed?)

It’s a fascinating thing that no matter how many times this malevolent rabble is exposed the stink just evaporates into the ether…. and then on cue, the Bogans go on “talk-back” and blame the other side, remarkably and relentlessly saying, Labor will play every dirty trick in the book!

The apparent Psychopathology of the Liabrils is quite revealing in that they do seem to blame everyone else for what they actually do; lack any shame or guilt when “caught out”;  are manipulative and domineering and also seem to lack any empathy which allied with a grandiose sense of self and a callousness and glibness of manner in seeing others around them as not as people, but only as targets and opportunities.

Paraphrased from

But the Bogan Aspirationals don’t care… they’re only too happy to numb themselves watching lowest common denominator stuff like “Celebrity Splash”  (1.3 millions on first episode) and maintaining their misinformed state by reading Boltish pap.

Pretend Premier of The Tardis State (where-all-goes-backwards) Dennis (Inutilus Rusticus) Napthine’s and Social Services Minister, Mary (Snarl) Wooldridge’s disability rip-off; scamming the Feds of funds and the disabled of a decent future again presents us with another example of ministerial titles as an oxymoron!

And let’s not talk of the Tardis State’s commitment to Education … another Private school to be built at taxpayer expense and another tunnel-too-far!

Petals, it’s all like watching an accident happening in slow motion.


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