Monday, 4 March 2013

....viewing nice things and the Huns at the Gates

G’day Possums,

Shane at picnic

Or should I say Flying Foxes  as we had a picnic with them at Yarra Bend 

Flying Foxes

before we tripped off across the river to Fairfield to Photonet Gallery for the opening of “Window on the World”, its 3rd annual women photographers’ exhibition celebrating International women’s Day.

Opening Photonet Gallery

 Maria Colaidis’ work to me evoked a sense of Gertrude Kasabier with its soft focus and introspective nature but M.C. did tell me that her reading and looking at Francesca Woodman was part of her inspiration.  Certainly, you can appreciate that in the poses but in isolating the figure from the viewer by the use of textured glass; and softening it and increasing its vulnerability and sense of self absorption the further the figure is from the glass adds a more “Romantic” allure than Woodman’s more observational and documentary commentary on youth and gender.  Also the “framing” setting of the prints adds a further dimension to this work.  

Maria Collaidis

Karena Goldfinch presented photogravures  (a C19th intaglio printing process) that had a Federation “Pictorialist” bent but there was another edge as evidenced in the starkness of the burnt trees in combination with the dead raptor and the, at first, “Romantic” feel of the light barely pushing through the trees but becoming more mysterious and malevolent the longer you looked. The process used certainly suited the imagery and again clearly indicates how graphic in nature photography is. 

Karena Goldfinch

Karena Goldfinch

Kirsten Bowers, Zen Moments


Helga Leunig


Kallena Kucers Edges No V


Michel Cardamone, Images of Lake Eyre

Silvi Glattauer, Wimmera Window 2

Tech on tech....

You could put it down to personal preference but what “worked’ for me in this exhibition were those of a more graphic nature and although some of my favourite photographers are street photographers, in this show it was these that seemed overwhelmed by pieces which had something more than an observational and recording function to impart.
A show worth seeing.
“Window”, A Window on the World.
Photonet Gallery 15A Railway Place Fairfield….

Wombat Droppings
In the Tardis State (Where all Goes Backwards) Big Bird Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) has been digging bigger holes for his Liarbril lackeys… he’s had another hissy-fit  with “Big Red” Gillard over education… “our’s is better than yours even though I don’t really know what yours really entails….so there…!! ”
( we in the Tardis State have any public education to talk about?)… sort of foot-stamping-stuff…. 
But now some-one has really leaked some very sloppy and recorded “merde” about the OPI/ Overland/ police union/ Peter ( I-Know-Nuffin) Ryan… I have said this lot stinks … you no longer have to sniff too hard to get the whiff… Oohhh and let’s not forget we’ve another $50,000,000.00 or so to waste on another Grand Prix.
And let’s also not invite a vituperative backlash by mentioning the “deals” of Un-planning Minister Matty (What’s-a-Green-Wedge) Guy!

Federally, Morrison’s putrid idea about reporting a group to the authorities is not unlike what the Nazi’s did after they occupied countries in 1940…. they just asked people to register for identity cards .. and then again, for more information… first a small directive to give information to the occupying authority; a trickle that becomes a torrent until you are fully integrated and so compliant with the racist machine that without realising you are the racist.
Morrison needs better to understand history and better understand the ramifications of what he is doing to this society.
And is Abetz’ support for Morrison only repeating history and angling for another family Ambassador’s posting to Paris?

I suppose you could call my little video “vilification” and I’d agree with you; but as Mr “Rabbott” has by his support for Morrison’s nasty vileness, sanctioned vilification as an appropriate methodology why not serve a bit back?
“Rabbott” took almost three days to “come-out” and back Morrison.  Was he reading the polls before making a decision?.
This really is a leader?
Vote Bogan…get a Liarbril!
Ships of the Damned, then and now
Already in previous posts I have said that if the Liarbrils win office in September the “Civil” society that some aspire it to be, will be submerged into the sort of vicious bogan mindsets we see evidenced above and interestingly, for the first time in Australia in 100 years we will have this crude racism (White Australia Policy) emanating from the top of our political system.
It’s going to be a very interesting country by the time it saturates the whole society and then has to find new “targets” to satisfy it’s inherent selfishness in order to maintain itself.

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