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G’day Petals…..

Solar Array Greendale

Well, we were planning it and it has happened.

Solar array with some pruning needed.
 It’s a 5KW+ system and should make us almost self sufficient for electricity.
Which made us think about what it may have been like here in Victoria before it became the “Tardis” State (Where-All-Goes-Backward) and Bully-Boy Kennett tore the State Electricity Commission to pieces, corporatised and then with Little Johnny Howard’s help, privatized it.
Owned by the people of Victoria the SEC actually made a profit and was putting part of that profit into re-newables research like Solar and Wind generation.
This research was one of the first things that “Bully-Boy” Kennett halted.
So now, thank to the imagination and forward thinking of the Liarbrils at both State and Federal levels we, in the Tardis State have a multiplicity of both generation and supply companies.
 Where before there was a single State monopoply with the standardization  and efficiencies of a single standard, each company now “does its own thing” in terms of infrastructure and attempts to make as much profit as it can to send back to its shareholders in either Singapore or Hong Kong!
Could our electricity have been cheaper and less polluting? You bet!
Well we now know, we were really “Jeffed”.

Once services like Telephone, Gas, Water, Electricity, Education and Health have been privatised we have to become complicit as part of the “Market".
We have to “get-our-share” because it’s not a service that is offered any more it’s the opportunityof profit.

“However, the price exacted from the community
for these achievements—reduced government services, declining
health and education facilities, a relatively disappointing employment
performance and the impression of growing social problems stemming
from gambling—has figured in attacks on the government by
its critics. So, too, have allegations of governmental impropriety, particularly
in its relations with certain business interests and in the behaviour of ministers and bureaucrats supplied with publicly funded credit cards.”

However not unlike the present “Tardis State” of play, it didn’t matter what the media might criticise  .. the public’s was not listening…..

Sound like today but in fact was more than15 years ago when “Bully-Boy”Kennett (The Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics) was raping anything of value in the State.

Aye, and that's because the lid there's a sounding-board; and what in all things makes the sounding-board is this --there's naught beneath. Herman Melville “Moby Dick”

Bankers looking sad about a profit
Mourners, early C15th..... or bankers looking sad over profit.

Announced this week….pay-outs to top(?) executives who are ”moving or-have moved-on”…

Marius Kloppers, BHP Billiton:     $75,200,000.00
Allan Moss, Macquarie Bank:       $80,000,000.00
Chris Cuffe, Colonial First State:  $33,000,000.00
John E Flint, Santos:                    $16,800,000.00
John Alexander PBL:                    $15,000,000.00
Chip Goodyear BHP:                    $60,000,000.00
Brian Gilbertson BHP(again):       $12,000,000.00

                                           Total $292,000,000.00

So, that seven individuals and some, allegedly not very good at their jobs, can pocket monies sufficient for funding a school or small hospital is a gross obscenity.
Banker's response (left) to criticism on profits... ( Eglise, Mortemart, France)

Top Tax rate in 1983 was 60%…since 2013 it has been 45%

Advance Australia Fair(?)….or is it toward a new feudal system?

Legal Aid Victoria can’t fund assistance as it has a $3,000,000.00 deficit and a lot of the money went on the defence of drug dealer Mokbel and another crim, Dupas!
So “Tardis” State “Big-Bird” Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) changes the eligibility rules for aid for youth and mental health crime and happily lets them fall through the cracks.

“….thing of naught….” Midsummer Night’s Dream W. Shakespeare

Matthew (What subdivision) Guy has pissed off Yarra Valley residents bypassing an appeals process and allowing another golf course to be built…

It seems that some 40,000 speeding fines are going to be overlooked beacause
Big Bird, Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) in slashing the number of Public Servants to save money finds there are not enough staff to process these fines and is losing millions in revenue.
Another nail in the coffin of the “better-economic-credentials” of the Liarbrils and more proof that ideology instead of common sense produces silly outcomes !

You Don't Have to be Buddhist to Know Nothing: An Illustrious Collection of Thoughts on Naught packs in an intriguing collection of thoughts on the nature of ?. Nothing. The idea of nothing is explored by some of the finest minds in a collection of reflections on the spirit and nature of nothing? new age collections especially will relish this Buddhist approach.  Joan Konner, Editor.

Greendale panorama
Greg Hunt (Liarbril) Federal shadow Minister environment… he of limited (should we say naught?) imagination and of being terminally and factually incorrect, raised a laugh on ABC’s “Q and A” when he boldly stated that “… I can guarantee you that China will never have a Carbon Pricing System!”
Two days later China announces it’s going to institute a Carbon Pricing Scheme to assist in tackling pollution and global warming. Odd that this stupidity doesn't get the run it deserves in the press as this bloke will likely be on the front bench when the Liarbrils win the federal election in September.

"Naught is your science of man, naught is your science of the stars," said the archdeacon, commandingly”. Notre-Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo

On a foot-note:  Shaun Micallef’s “Mad–as-Hell” has returned on ABC TV and given its political insights I’d like to suggest a program switch to ABC management…..
…drop Micallef’s time-slot back to 7:30pm and put “The 7:30 Report” on at 3:30! 
Whether it's a.m. or p.m. really doesn't matter, particularly after L.Sayles' hideously inept interview with Bob Brown over "Sea Shepherd" and the Japanese Whalers in Aussie waters....perhaps a look at the competence of E. Alberici or T. Fullerton might suggest another approach?

Is there naught that we may do to save her? At earth’s Core E.R.Burroughs.

Cheers Possums,

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