Wednesday, 13 March 2013

….to Nuptials, Frogmore and Chenonceaux

G’day Possums.

Weddings are interesting events to photograph because the mix of people can create quite a dynamic atmosphere.
This one was a bit like a school re-union as the wedding party had all been at school together and that familiaritymade for a very relaxed mood.

R and T
I thought too, at the extensiveness of the planning involved in this wedding and wondered about the altering “Rites of Passage” we have as our society becomes less cohesive and communal.
The gels
 The venue (The Cosmopolitan, Trentham) was good as was the food and wine
The music makers are due a special mention as it seemed to me they hit just the right note (pun intended) with music that was entertaining, danceable, but not “in-your-face” head-banging…if you want a demo..

Brazilian Music
Yuliya Mik
Brazilian Music
Yuliya Mik
Swingin' along
The following day Mrs Wombat and myself ambled off to Frogmore Gardens near Trentham  to have a wander through on their Open-Day.

Classical Flower arrangement
Zena's Arrangement, Frogmore Gardens
 This beautiful arrangement, made by one of the proprietors, Zena, greeted us on our arrival in the office and it took my mind back to the extensive flower arrangements throughout the Chateau of Chenonceaux.

photo lawrence Winder


Frogmore Gardens ..The Pale garden
The mix of formal and informal is particularly striking in The Pale Garden 

Frogmore Gardens The Prairie Garden
and the Prairie Garden will have to re-visited soon as the Russets of the grasses become more bronze and contrast brilliantly with the vibrant Poplars and dark forest background screen.

Frogmore gardens

A civilised place.
Frogmore Gardens

Wombat Droppings

Vale, “Big Bird”Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens).... he’s been dumped by his own lot as Premier.
Hail, Dennis “Dodo” (Genus: Inutilis Rusticus) Napthine.
But the real premier of The Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backward), the member for Frankston, Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw who now sits on the cross benches (‘cause he’s cross with the Liarbrils for letting the police investigate the illegal use of his taxpayer funded government vehicle to profit his hardware business’) but wields a big stick… although this matter pales to insignificance compared with the tens of millions floating around Eddie O’Bied of NSW Labor…. Shaw was muttering “…Vultures.” at the press the day he resigned from the Liarbril Party. 
Will people like Shaw and O’Bied ever really understand that they are the true Vultures?

Chris “The Whyne” Pyne supports some of the new testing regime for teachers particularly the stuff on “emotional intelligence”…. Does that mean he’ll not run out of Parliament when Craig Thompson has a vote?

George, Cardinal Pell is graceless! 

Sophie “Pit-Bull” Mirabella is shadow minister for manufacturing….. that’s a joke BTW..... ‘cause it’s true.

New work perhaps to go on exhibition in “What Lies Beneath Us”, soon, in Ballarat
Titled: “The Sleep of Reason…..”  More later, if it all pans out.

photo Lawrence Winder
The Sleep of Reason....
Cheers petals,

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