Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trashing the Brand

First, the good news….

 “Take a Bow” is presently having a small revival at “Eleven 40”
Yep, that’s right at 1140 Malvern Rd., Malvern;  an extensive commercial studio and gallery space.
Looks good too and I’m finding it interesting how much more aware I’m becoming of how a space can make or break a photographic work much more easily I think, than paintings or sculptures.
Photography is in most cases about minutiae (even if on a large scale) and demands close inspection and its’ mechanistic procedure limits that “sublime touch” that can often in a human sense, project a painting or sculpture into another realm of visual experience. The painter and sculptor have had a control over their mediums in a manner  photographers until digital, have not.
I heard quite a few comments, like that “….it looked better”,  “… was easier to take in”, “a clearer approach to seeing the works”.
One item I thought that did work more effectively was the placement of the “big screen”. In the smaller space that 1140 is, the screen was far easier to engage with than at the “Minerva” where it did tend to get lost in the larger background and with the effect that you felt you had to crowd into it to see it properly.
Psychological?  Perhaps…. also with the forty or so attending at 1140…that number in a smaller space is much more convivial, engaging and entertaining in mood. 

Rusted flotsam King Island
 Nice conversation with D.S. about the formal qualities of Jeffery Smart’s work and the continuation of one with another exhibitor from the Ballarat show about the difficulty of accepting criticism and that others see differently because of a different perspective and aesthetic.

Mrs Wombat and I can also recommend the tucker at the Malvern Hotel, too.

It’s on till Dec 21 so if you can make a visit, please do.

Ohh ….. and there’s a new book…. “Mosaic”…. another performance record which, because of shooting position at the time has caused me to re-think approaches to this type of shoot.


Cray pots King Island

 The past month has seen the federal Liarbrils huffing and puffing and squawking and squealing and trying to blow Gillard down. …only achieving less public respect for politicians and painting themselves into a lack-of-policy corner they may never get out from. Abbott was an embarrassment in Parliament, Bishop’s lucky she has a job as a pollie as her legal attack was pathetic, Pyne “the Whyne” just continued his high pitched nasally nonsense and Senator Brandis minced about, flapping on and on and on and on and on! 

"Love-Nest" in deserted dairy, King Island

 And they think they can Govern?

Abbott’s deplorable, completely childish and negative tactics are based upon an Armageddon approach to Australia: If I can’t have the leadership I’ll wreck the place!
"Love-Nest" wall with list of performers...
 Just muse about how much scrutiny Abbotts’ personal life would take?
Interesting idea given his consistent behaviour and speech patterns.

Prognostication 2: 
Abbott gets dumped just after Xmas but Bishop “gets the chop”, too!
Self Portrait
  All this trashing was fuelled by a press led by those wonderful Murdoch people of integrity who brought “phone-hacking” to an art-form in Britain.

Lonely church, King Island
 Great work and relevance, too…. when the Polar Ice-caps are melting three times faster than predicted and the Arctic Perma-frost is beginning to dissolve. 
Even the Institute of Public Affairs’ coots’ with queer ideas have begun to see this as a problem for our future, now denying they were ever climate change sceptics and promoted the interests of those mining, fossil fuel and anti alternative energy lobbies…
Although to be fair to them they still, when confronted with uncomfortable facts, point the other way and say, ”Look, over there…a rabbit!”
I wonder if, when the world begins to boil these sorts of moral vacuums will feel any guilt for promoting such lack of action?
Currie Harbour, King Island

 If the “Abbott Circus” really want to “go-after” a pollie who’s been crooked, then their own sides’ Tardis States’ (where all goes backwards) Member for Frankston would be an obvious though excellent choice.
He’ll never be brought to book either; “Big Bird” Baillieu’s (genus: Silvertail Incompetens) IBAC “reforms” have made it all but impossible in future, for a  bent pollie to be charged with anything except snoring.
House, Grassy
 Even the Police Union think that IBAC's legislation is Orwellian!
Did “Big Bird”  take advice from Mohammed Morsi in Egypt?
The result’s frightfully similar.

The Dead Hand of Australia's so-called Liberalism: unimaginative, partisan, looking decidedly corrupt, incompetent, pointless and Trashing the Brand to boot!


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