Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Peace on earth....and other nastier things...

G'day Possums,

we're in the Ballet studio again... this time to video these lovely dancer's assessments for 2012
As the video is still in the editing stage here are a few stills ....till I can post a you-tube link.......

 And here it is:

and also :

hope you enjoy it.
Ballet, Warm-up

Strange conversation methods....
B. &  R. Pas de Deux......

I don't know whether it's just that you become aware of something... like green cars, and then you begin to see them everywhere.. but the politics in the last fortnight has had its own particular tenor. And it's not "the Xmas Spirit" type!

Firstly there was our local scribe... (he's now a Councillor) ranting loopily about Paul Keating and something about superannuation .....I never quite got the gist of what his rant was as he gets so worked up and furious that you tend to drown in the bile.
And bile it was; the frothing mouth sort and with a pitch that if uttered would be a shrill, demented scream.
I wonder if they pay their journo's and "stringers" "super" at his "rag"?
Maybe, that's what it was about.....hmm.

A "prank" call from two non-descript Aussie DJ's to the hospital that the Duchess of Cambrige was in for health reasons goes pear-shaped when the staff member who put the call through seems to have committed suicide .... both DJ's and their radio station have "priors" for malevelont and anti-social behaviour... and they all now express regret for the results of their lack of taste, manners and general courtesy.... this time!

"Come on Aussie..Come On!

Then there was news that "Slippery Pete" has been found to have no case of sexual harrassment to answer with the Judge commenting that his accuser's case was an  "abuse of process" and  "acts of calculated disloyalty".  "Mr Ashby or Ms Doane contacted Mr Brough (pre-selected candidate for Liarbrils , Queensland)  and they began working with him and [News Limited journalist] Steve Lewis."
Seems Pyne "the Whyne" and Julie "Death-Stare" Bishop are implicated further in this piece of bitchy political pay-back.

Professor Alan Fels comes under a torrent of vituperative attack by suggesting with the release of a commissioned State of Tardis study that the taxi industry could be better than it is. Past premier, Geoff "Bully-Boy" Kennett, the "Dorian Grey" of Vic Politics being chief amongst them
Hang on a minute...Fels has only an academic interest in the efficiency of the Taxi business... you'd think by the severity of the attacks that he had something to gain, wouldn't you?
Kennett's name came up again after a guard was bashed on the steps of Parliament, his gun was stolen and the alleged perpetrator was found dead of a apparently self inflicted gunshot wound. Similar guards are now at our train stations because of the violence there.
Who privatised public transport...Mr Kennett of course!

"Rabbit" Abbott's Liarbrils have gone further ahead in the Polls... the mud dumped over Gillard has worked and our less than acute electorate now look certain to vote in this hate driven but policy free rabble in 12 months time.
Perhaps the backfiring of "Slippergate" might indicate to the public at large that this is not a party to be trusted.... with anything.

But my prognostications are looking wrong.

And another piece of nastiness (on-line) but less serious ...local amateur-with-camera has had his reputation fairly accurately depicted by one of his (very) ex models with support from other femmes who  had a-"mused " with said a-w-c. He shows a similar response to above stories and goes on the attack and fiercely... "F..." ! Like, put it behind you, like, move on etc..... like, like..
Like me?

Can any-one in this country make a mistake any more?
Can anyone apologise ... sincerely?

cheers, Petals.

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