Saturday, 6 October 2012 the frame

I've just recieved news that 2 of 3 of my submissions to the Ballarat International Foto  Biennale ( competition for performance photography "Take a Bow" have been shortlisted as finalists.
see link for further details

Giselle Act 2, Myrtah and Wilis

Giselle Act 2

(the following material from the current exhibition) ......Invitation to the Dance.

A title borrowed from a film Gene Kelly produced
and starred in which was at the time and possibly still is
one of the most innovative dance films made.

At photography’s inception capturing movement
was impossible and even a subjects’ head for a portrait was
clamped into place to limit any blur through movement.
In all art forms the attributes of  the medium modify
and inform the methods and conceptual paths the artist can take.

Photography’s 150+ year history has culminated in our present
digital cornucopia;  a veritable feast of image making equipment
and modification and manipulation methods which allied to the
quality and longevity of the final print is releasing the production
of new forms of expression in graphic art.

There are a variety of performance modes in dance and each
can be realised in photography through a variety of techniques
which hopefully give true expression to the qualities of the
choreography, the dancer and dances inherent theatricality, a
theatricality that is in part the ability to suspend belief: to make you
believe a woman is a Swan or a spirit and that weightlessness
is normal.
It’s the illusion of human aspiration achieving completeness.

And politically....very briefly....
after Alan "Bondi" Jones' shellacking from all and sundry, Tony "Rabbit" Abbott was obviously feeling distinctly without attention so enlisted his wife to give a series of "interviews" to say what a wonderfully warm, caring, and non-mysoginist bloke he is.
The ones I saw had all the naturalness, sincerity and spontaneity of Stalins' Show trials.
You really don't get it Tony. It's not just Julia Gillard you abuse, it's every-one!

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