Sunday, 30 September 2012

..seeing beasts, brutality and abuse

Beasts, brutality and abuse.

Hello Petals,
It has been an odd week …and on balance, one that reflects so poorly on us Antipodeans that we might wonder about the nature of the malaise affecting us.

It’s been a week of violence: verbal, intellectual and physical.

Senator Cory Bernardi (right wing Liarbril loopy, S. Aussie, Senator) opined in a parliamentary debate on same-sex-marriage that these unions, if sanctioned, could quite possibly lead to bestiality being an accepted form of union!

This happened, by the way, after the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney thought that a study into health factors relating to homosexuality would be a good idea!
You know:  you’re sicker than we are, sort of thing!

After Liarbril front-man, Tony “the Rabbit” Abbott wiped Bernardi’s verbal tripe from his head, he sacked him as his parliamentary secretary.

The following cartoon by Michael Leunig paraphrases it all better than I can.

“Mr Rabbit” again exposed his distinct ineptness by castigating the Prime Minister for being O/S and pontificating that P.M. Gillard should have been in Jakarta talking to the Indonesian President about asylum issues.
Uuhhhmm she was Tony… at the UN with President Yudhoyono; discussing these issues.  Oh dear, and he really, really, really, wants to run the country, too.

Sectarian violence erupted in Sydney when blokes stormed around the streets with signs saying “we’ll behead you if you don’t agree with us”, mimicking more violent and deadly groups in the Middle East and Pakistan but giving local police practise in crowd control and using batons and Capsicum spray.
It seems some other ideological twit in the US produced a very bad film about a character whose history is not to be commented on in any way.
All this was happening at the same time as a British Muslim obsessive was promoting the “World Caliphate” in the same city.
Leigh Sales (ABC 7.30) in interview, scored well off the caliphate salesman who didn’t look too impressed with her. He knows that women only have half the brain that men do and in his scheme of things, she’d never be allowed to ask such questions.

Ms Sales then, later in the week went on to blot her interview style with an obnoxiously rude, schoolgirlish and vituperatively screaming rant at ex-Labor pollie Lindsay Tanner about his new book, which questions Labor’s values and future.
Manners madam, you are the interviewer not the subject!

 Alan “Bondi” Jones (loopy right radio shock jock, NSW) as chief court jester to the Liarbrils, entertained their Sydney Uni cabal with some bon-mots to the effect that Prime Minister Gillard’s improvement in the polls had only come through her tearful demeanour over her father’s death and that her father had died of "shame" because of his daughter's lies to the Australian public.
This tawdry, hate-filled little person is a member and promoter of the Liarbrils.
He is a signal and perfect public example of their values, ethics, modis-operandi and horribly, this country’s possible future.

Update, 3/10:  "Bondi" Jones has apologised, sort of.... blaming everyone else... but in the manner of most bullies, couldn't understand why anyone could be upset with him and feels he is the real victim. "Rabbit" Abbott, too, eventually got around to saying that his mentor's comments were disgraceful and a dozen of Jones' advertisers on his radio station have (for the time being) withdrawn their accounts.

Beasties, St Michels, Gaillac

Then there was Kennett, (failed, ex-premier of the Tardis State) extolling how well he’d done in managing to disable this State twenty years ago.
To my mind, the best he’s done is to be the Dorian Gray of Victorian politics!
And be President of Hawthorn Football Club…

And then came the news of the abduction and rape and murder of young ABC radio staffer less than 500 metres from her home and husband.
Missing for days and then the police are led to her body by the alleged killer because of a shops' interior video surveillance camera in assisting in identifying him talking to her.

Some weeks ago, Mrs Wombat and myself were driving back from an emotionally draining time trying to assist a female relative in a abusive relationship.
We stopped at a local pub for a meal as we didn’t have the energy to go home and cook. On going to the toilet after the meal and on washing my hands I saw a sign in front of me which said: If you see your mate assaulting his girlfriend you can call this…. hotline.

Is violence endemic in this country?
Is violence against women endemic?
Is the increasing verbal violence that has been promulgated at a public/political level over the past thirty years bearing fruit in our society?
Are the calls for “flexibility” in the workforce whilst senior executive receive multi million dollar bonuses and salary’s, fuelling resentment?
Is a political system which gives business profit more credence than the welfare and the future of the people also fuelling resentment?
Are the de-personalised and sometimes, hysterical responses in social media, training us to think everything is a bit of a game?
Does our egocentricity and selfishness make us believe that we are cocooned from the real world?
Are we, as Australians, really “social” and “responsible” beings?


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