Thursday, 11 October 2012

...enough is enough

Enough is Enough

Finally after two years of the most malignant and vituperatively bitchy comment the conservative trolls have been counterattacked.

And they don’t like it.

They don’t enjoy the spotlight exposure being put fairly and squarely on their rank bully-boy tactics. They don’t enjoy having their collective behaviour dissected and shown for just what it is: the plain bad manners of a boorish rabble.

“Q and A” on ABC t’other night was a case in point. At every turn when Kate Ellis (Labor, Minister for Employment Participation and Early Childhood and Childcare) tried to answer a question, Chris (the Whyne) Pyne (Liarbril) and Piers (of Toad Hall) Ackerman (malevolent troll commentator) either talked over her, interrupted, or engaged others in loud conversation; even Lindsay Tanner (ex Labor) was sucked in by Pyne. It was a disgraceful but salient exposition of the conservatives’ manners and methods.

“Talk back” the next day was interesting not for the amount of people pointing out how boorish Pyne’s, Ackerman’s and Tanner’s behaviour was; but those who rang in to say that the people complaining were exaggerating!
We are seeing a great divide opening in Australia: for twenty years the conservatives have courted the bogan vote with negative, simplistic and popularist themes feeding off their clientele’s inherent selfishness and lack of critical thought.

The shock jocks, the conservative commentators, the politicians, even so-called entertainers like Sam Newman and the commercial radio and television stations have all fed into this race-to-the-bottom mentality where nothing is off limits and taste and manners are a quaint idea from the distant past. Well, they have garnered a large audience but at least because of internet media those who disagree can also have a voice too and who, by the way, are just as large a group but are not an uncritical absorbent mass. As Gillard said in response to one of Abbott’s first attacks, “Bring it on”!
Spike Milligan would have loved it: after all he did write “Hitler, My Part in His Downfall”!

Leigh Sales (ABC 7.30) has been appalling again, badgering Penny Wong (Labor finance) with “When-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife”? type insulting blasts.
Stop it Sales, it’s unseemly and unnecessary behaviour. More like what the IPA think a good technique.

Here in the “Tardis” State where all goes backwards, the Liarbril member for Frankston it has finally been found that he has abused not only gays but also his parliamentary car privileges. It will be interesting to see whether “Big Bird Baillieu, (Silvertail Incompetans) will protect this flawed Pentacostalist from being thrown out of Parliament and causing a bye-election in what is a fairly marginal seat.

Is protecting corrupt behaviour ok to protect a one seat majority?
Shades of Slippery Pete!

Cheers Petals.


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