Thursday, 13 September 2012

to see slash and burn...

G'day Petals,

it's Spring... 

and here are three very recent ballet shots to celebrate it... psst... advertising for a Summer School Intensive at Ballet Theatre Australia in January 2013.
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Well, there's the nice stuff done..

now on to the Slash and Burn of


Slash and burn, slash and burn.
It seems the only thing political conservatives do well is destroy.

Presently, Australia’s public education, public health services are being slashed by State governments in Victoria (the Tardis State) NSW and Queensland, intent, they say, on “balancing the books”.
A few commentators have said that this is a dress rehearsal for Tony “rabbit” Abbott and his ideological rabble when they come to power; which is probably true except that the states are allowing him the opportunity to slash much further and deeper into social spending than we will ever have seen before.

And although Abbott’s been “outed” again; this time by David Marr’s Quarterly Essay as a brutish and misogynist student activist who seemingly believed in nothing but power for its own sake and though, on one hand, it is nice to know that some things never change, on the other, will it have any meaning in the electorate?
Historians have said that new wars are started by old men for old past causes and hatreds. Mr Rabbit seems to adhere to that point by carrying on like an unreconstructed 1950’s DLP’er (I know 50’s is currently retro fashion but Bob Santamaria still as a hero ? Good grief)!

Which at least takes some attention away from the flip-flopping that the Federal Govt. is doing again, now over the big re-named marine vacuum cleaner from Holland.

At least here in the Tardis State, (where all goes backwards), “Big Bird”, Baillieu (genus:Silvertail Incompetens) has done something positive:

He’s changed the slogan on the state’s vehicle registration plates! 


That almost rates with his environmental efforts in changing the bulbs in the traffic lights.

Psst,….let’s not talk about the $350,000,000 taken out of Technical and Further Education and the subsequent loss of thousands of jobs and the closure of courses seriously affecting regional economies; that TAFEs are now talking of selling campuses to make ends meet. Or the predictably organised Union bashing (though, the CFMEU are their own worst enemies) or the planning disasters or the teacher/nurse bashing or the reduction of the solar power tariff or the increase in the crime rate or the threat of legal action by the gambling companies for loss of revenue, (another Kennett deal gone pear-shaped? As with public transport, water, electricity and education?) Or the fact that FOI requests are late in four out of five instances and take three times longer to process than is required or that National Parks are being turned into private resorts or just read this
This, is a competent Government?

Aus’s biggest, wealthiest and loquacious miner, Gina R., (whose business life started out with $25,000,000 float) has commented approvingly of African workers being paid $2.00 a day and sees this as a possible model for Australian wages.
She also finger-waggingly opined to other mine owners that if Australians wanted more money they should stop drinking, smoking, fornicating, going to the footy and eating pies, picking their noses, going out on Saturday night, wearing clothes, eating and should just find a better job and work harder.
Geez Gina, how perceptive and socially relevant you are for the C21st!
Sorting your own family problems out before tackling the countries (as you see it) might be more valuable and productive for you.

How feudal is her attitude, petals?

Cheers, Shane

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