Tuesday, 19 June 2012

...to the Dance

Shane as a Wili
G'day Possums,

we recently attended and photographed a ballet performance.... so thought I'd dress up.... gives you the "willies", eh?

Suffice to say it was a very good performance and congratulations to all: performers, choreogrphers and particularly the Director of Ballet Theatre Australia, Leeanne Rutherford.

There were a selection of excerpts on the program with Giselle Act 2 as a major piece and without writing much more I'll let some of the images taken speak for themselves.

For those interested in tech details
I used a 5D, and 5D mk2, 70-200 f2.8, 50mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 @ 3200 and 6400 ISO.
Suite en Blanc
Suite en Blanc
Suite en Blanc
The Talisman
Diana and Acteon
Diana and Acteon
Diana and Acteon
Giselle, Wilis
Giselle, Wilis
Giselle, Wilis
Giselle, Albrecht
Albrecht and Giselle
Gypsy Suite

Wombat Droppings

The Premier, Baillieu (Genus: Sivertail Incompetens)  has had a bit on his plate this week.
Although handing generous bonuses to Liarbril Party supporters who just happen to be property developers is nothing new, I suppose it was a vain hope that the six new suburbs in “Green Wedge” and agricultural areas get at least sufficient developmental infrastructure to offset, to some extent, the loss of farmland. No such hope. 
All are going to rely on existing public transport. Some new development is “proposed” but the track record of this government in following through on promises is bad and as they wouldn’t want to interfere in the developer’s profits, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that proposition.

“Silvertail” irritated a few when it was discovered that, in his words, “a hiccup” caused the overcharging the public $300,000,000 on water accounts and that it had been determined that it will only be paid back when the water companies are ready.
Nothing to do with the government’s dividend of $117,000,000, is it?
Ummm, isn't that close to fraud, Ted?
Only in The Tardis State
Police Minister Peter(I-know-nuffin)Ryan, has been in the news again for all the wrong reasons. It seems that colleague, Bill Tilley secretly recorded a phone conversation with Ryan as an insurance policy because he felt that the Police Minister was “verballing” him over evidence given to the Office of Police Integrity concerning the pushing out of Police Commissioner, Simon Overland.
Ryan said “..it’s much ado over nothing.”
Yeah, right!

Federally, things are looking very interesting in the “Slippery Pete” saga….
It seems to be shaping as another Liarbril “dirty tricks” concoction a’la Godwin Grech that may turn on the accusers and “bite ‘em on the bum.”
Messers Rabbit & Whyne, to deflect some of the heat, attempted, (hypocritically) to scamper for what they thought the “high ground” of moral indignation and criticised a report that PM Gillard has set up a “dirt unit” in her office. So there!
Apparently staff  are being instructed on how to use Goggle to dig info on opposition pollies!
Given their planning ability in other areas they will probably discover the NSW “right’ of their own party in less friendly than the Liarbrils.

Gina Rinehart (the biggest, wealthiest miner in Australia) now has nearly a 20% share of Fairfax .... and is demanding three board seats.....
Imagine, she's in charge of national newspapers and Clive Palmer (another big miner) is the new Treasurer...ahhh.... democracy in action, well at least till they get the jobs. 
Then, who knows?
cheers Petals

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